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Sion Build Guide by DuffTime

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DuffTime

Duff's Build Requests

DuffTime Last updated on October 13, 2011
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Hey guys, Duff again.

So basically, it's hard for me to know -what- champions you're specifically wanting to see information, about, or wanting to know how Duff would build them etc.

So I've decided to make a guide specifically designated for requests.

Here you can ask me how you'd build a certain champion and anything you want to know about what I think etc. I'll be honest, I'm not a master at every champion in League, but I have the advantage of having no "Main," and I try to play every champion once a month.

Thusly, I will probably have a better understanding than most and be able to answer your questions regarding said champions, at least on a basic level and point you in the right direction. If anyone has lots of experience with a champion, feel free to pitch in under the comment's section, but be aware that I might disagree with what is said there =P


Ask me how to play any champion, and I will explain it here!

A guide for the Moba, by the Moba xP

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Example Sion guide.

I'll list a sample Sion guide below.

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Sion in a nutshell

-I take the solo top lane.

-Farm FIRST.


-Awkward play-style.

-Hit 250 CS or better, and you'll be a scary monster.

-Meaty, perfect candidate for an Offtank/Tanky DPS style of play. Good CC, Shield, and built in AD/life steal/AS.

-Your team will need to be aware that you intend to farm for 25 minutes, and be comfortable with the idea that they will potentially defend 4v5 during early game and mid game. For Sion, farm is more important than getting kills in fights, so you'll need a team who's comfortable with a less aggressive stance early while you fatten up.

Taking teleport helps a lot with this, because if your team gets engaged on, then you can teleport to the fight and help out.

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Farm first.

You can't be a truly successful Sion without making use of his passive health gain. You know me, the Off-Tank happy Duff, I love my HP and resistances. Because of the nature of Sion, you can POTENTIALLY make use of the most "Cost effective" resistance items in the game (FH, FoN, etc), by getting FREE health and SIMULTANEOUSLY farming up the gold for your items as well!

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Kills secondary.

Sion is an oddball in that yes, farm is actually MORE important than kills! You're a hummer, and creeps are gas. You need it ALL. You have to be greedy as hell. If you can't last hit, don't play Sion. It's that simple.

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Awkward play-style.

Sion appears to be a straight forward champion with an AP magic damage stun, a shield that blows up, an AD steroid, life steal and AS buffing ult that heals your team. The fact that he's so straight forward makes him just that at a low level of play. At a higher level of play however, AD Sion is VERY strange to maneuver. Your opponents will know what you're capable of doing always, and it will be hard to make an AD Sion an effective threat in lane.

You'll have to play carefully, and ballsy at the same time. They need to be afraid of you, but you can't give away free damage. This will take practice, and well timed stuns and auto attacks. I try to level my E first, and because of that I prefer not to take Sion when laning vrs a champion I know I won't be able to beat at all. You can level your shield to help with last hitting in hard lanes. Throw it on, and run in and sneak a last hit before blowing it up to damage the creeps.This style should only be used when you can't win the lane. I prefer leveling E and attempting to zone and threaten my opponents. Winning lane is as much about getting your own farm up as it is denying your opponent his farm. If it comes down to just keeping even, that's fine- Sion with farm does more than most other champions with farm.

During early levels, feel free to harass, but remember that at level 2 is when your big q + buffed E damage combo begins. That's when you'll get the most damage for your mana spent on Q, which is valuable to remember.

Later, attempt to zone your opponent, if possible without missing last hits.

Ultimate can be used defensively or offensively. It's a very underestimated ultimate, in my book, but then again, AD Sion is underestimated in general I think, because you can't play him the way you play most champions.

His ultimate as a defensive tool, can just be used on minions, auto attacking to regen all your HP quickly, and keep you in lane. If a player dives you, and you have exhaust, there is ABSOLUTELY no reason you should die. Even 1v2 you should either live or get a double kill if you have ult/exhaust. If not, you're just not playing intelligently or carefully.

Offensively, you can bait a player into committing to an attack. try not to drop below 20% HP, but if you have about 1/5th of your life, you might still be safe, depending on your laning opponent and their burst. Try to evaluate how much damage they can do, and if you're safe to bait them. Longer fights heavily favor Sion with his long lasting life leach ult. Just don't get caught by their jungler while you 1v1 early.

Later, their solo top might leave the lane. It's ok for you to go fight if you must, but if you don't -have- to leave your lane, don't! The more farm you get the better, and that HP buff never goes away, it's a permanent gain, even if you untoggle the ability. (Don't ever untoggle it =P)

End game, you should have 2,500 HP or more, just from the gains on your passive. If you don't have that much HP, you didn't farm well enough, and will want to spend time catching up if possible. I prefer to have 2,900 before I add gear, but 2,600-2,800 is fine as well. When you factor in Randuin's and Trinity, your HP totals can be anywhere from 3,100-3,500 or even higher if you -really- go crazy. There's no cap on this skill yet, so you can farm it till your heart's content.

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Why choose this gear for Sion?

Well, in short the gear was chosen to make the most of the HP bonus and built in stats that Sion has between his abilities.


He has built in AD.

He has built in attack speed.

He has built in life steal.

He has built in HP.


The best way to make use of those stats are to add:


Move speed.


With the build listed here, you have an active on Youmuu's which synergizes well with Sion's ult. We have massive damage and crit. We have chunky, big resistances to round off the HP buff, and heavy crit items. We have an active on Randuin's which is really great when dueling to ensure victory.

If you CAN'T remember to use actives, switch Youmuu's for a Phantom Dancer. You could also even switch it for an Atma's impaler.

Almost nothing can 1v1 a truly farmed end game Sion with this gear, while ult is on. It's damn near impossible.

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Optional gear variances.

Here are some options for different gear that vary from the main build provided, should the need arise.

If I don't list it here, there's a good chance I don't like the item for my AD Sion.

- Banshee's veil. Easily one of the best items to counter certain champions like Singed, Ashe, Annie, etc. Use your judgement in game to determine if you'll need this. Chances are, if you need BV, you will also need your FoN, so consider switching Youmuu's for BV.

- Atma's Impaler. Perfect synergy with your HP gaining passive, and very, very cost effective. I almost replaced Infinity Edge in the main build with this, and even as I write this I am very tempted to do so. I may just make a guide later specific to Sion so I can include Atma's in one of the builds xP But, you can also replace Youmuu's with Atma's, each attack that crits will deal a crushing amount of damage. This item was made for Sion.

- Ninja Tabi. Mostly a ranked play note, if you have a rune page with dodge yellows and even quints, and you see scary auto attackers on the enemy team, use that page with Ninja Tabi and Randuin's and you'll be damn near unstoppable. You can upgrade the Philo into Eleisa's for mid game tenacity, and then simply sell it and complete your build later. (You'll have to judge whether dodge or tenacity means more to you. You could also even build a cloak and dagger.

-Thornmail. I have never yet bought this on Sion, but I can imagine with 3500 health, that it can be a viable situational counterpick purchase. DON'T make it a priority buy for all games, but you see some dominating auto attacker or two and a thornmail would be good in that moment, go for it. You be the judge though, since Warden's mail actually protects better. Thornmail is a "Offense is the best defense" pick, so if your opponent doesn't deal enough damage to kill himself on you, don't waste your time.

-Wriggle's lantern. -Highly- underestimated item for any AD who plans to solo top lane. use it as lane sustain, and free wards. Great counter pick for other AD champions who can sustain themselves well in a lane. As your health steadily rises due to your CS'ing, the armor value becomes better and better as well. This is a good pick for Sion in terms of lane staying power, which is what you REALLY want. It also helps you land Dragons and Barons before your opponents can react. Sion with Wriggle's can solo Baron at a reasonably early point in the game, which is a huge threat to your opponents if one or two of them die mid game. Wriggle's helps ensure a strong early/mid game, and you'd sell it later.

-Spirit Visage. Again, a cheap counter-pick to magic damage. Passive offers decent synergy with Sion's ult, and CDR. I think I've only ever bought it once, but it worked. Cheap, situational early mid game option. You will sell it later, so generally speaking, I wouldn't buy this.

-Frozen Mallet. Great item. Don't be the guy who thinks the passive is wasted if you already have Trinity Force. It's a big difference to apply slow on every hit than just 1/3 of hits. Also, FM's slow is slightly stronger. If you hate the idea that much, you can swap Youmuu's for FM, and Trinity for a Phantom Dancer if you so desire.

-Guardian Angel. One of the best all around survivability items for any champion with built in bonus HP or shields. (Sion, Cho Gath, Malphite, Blitz, etc.) This is an exceptional defensive item for Sion, and should not be underestimated.

-Quiksilver sash. Having a free removal of all debuffs is exceptional, and Sion's deep health pool makes the most of a very simple and cheap item. I believe fully that this is one of the best buys you can make on Sion, this item is so incredibly good.

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You'll be a fairly legit Offtank if you can get your farm level up. If you can't, you'll be a bit more towards the realm of Tanky DPS, but you'll still be no joke in the damage area.

The main difference between a well farmed Sion, is how fearlessly you can play. How many members of the other team can you trick into attacking you, while you life steal in absurd amounts?

With crits comfortably in the realm of 4-500 damage, 500 HP recovered per attack is NO JOKE!!! 250 health recovered per attack on nearby mates is absurd. End game AD Sion's aoe heal per attack with his ult makes AP Alistar's aoe heal look silly.

The result, is you essentially force your opponents to try to deal with you. If they ignore you, you're boosting your team's survivability tremendously via your ult. They will be taking CRUSHING amount of damage as well, there's too many reasons that you must be dealt with. If they focus you, you ideally have 3,500 HP, and deceptive tankiness with your HP, Randuin's and FoN. If you get ignited, it might be the end of you though, you'll have to evaluate the situation.

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Beef up for the majority of the game, and make sure your team knows not to engage too often. Try to still the waters as much as possible, and freeze the game into a farm fest; AD Sion almost always comes out on top in those.

When you're done farming, and it's time to fight, fight with big balls, but realistically evaluate the situation. Know your limits, but push them.

You WANT to take damage in place of your squishies. You want to make use of your life stealing ultimate, but you don't want to get blown up instantly. Fight smart fights, and try to make the fights happen under your terms.

Hope you enjoy my Offtanky AD Sion! Cheers!


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So, get in your champion requests!

I'll do my best to detail the champions of your request, and publish the champions in a somewhat timely manner, but lately I've been busy, so I apologize if they come out a bit slowly.

Cheers, look forward to hearing from you.