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Team Guide by zHidan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zHidan

Easy Kill ...

zHidan Last updated on February 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Good Build

try out this build its very good i have sure that its good i allways use it and you can kill alot by just useing this build i did a good score and the game was 3v5 and we win that game because i tryed new stuff like makeing wargs for hp and boots of mobiley but im sure you run fast for the kills you would not get there with other boots and Its a good build for lvl 25-30 cuz they have money to buy the stuff you need like runes if your lvl 10 and you have the runes then you can play im not saying lvl -25 cant do this im just showing a e.g for lvls and IP one good thing is that yi is cheap and he does alot of damage he good for people who know how to play him people who do know how to play can just kill whenever they want but new people dont know any heros and yi is a good starting hero for the noobs if they want yi and dont have a build try this one out its a good build i end up with nearly 3k in the end lvl 18 and YI NEED LOTS OF FARM THAT IS SO IMPORTANT

[Dorans ring helps when laning a LOT. As long as you learn Meditate at level 3 or 4, you'll be fine.

Warmogs works very well with Yi, as he is a brilliant farmer,
Atma's impaler will give your decent amount of attack damage - certainly enough what your current level.

Frozen mallet speaks for itself - Attack damage, a great unique passive and all that HP, which add perfectly to your stockpile of AD.

Now to bring in the pain - BRING IN THE INFINITY EDGE!! This speaks for itself!!
Just to finish things off, sell your Dorans ring and boots of swiftness/Berserker Greaves and add two Phantom Dancers! Since the Phantom dancer provides 15% speed of its own, you won't have to rely on those grubby boots any more.

Crit Chance without masteries/runes = 98% (Atma's - 18%, Infinity Edge - 20%, Phantom Dancers - 30% each)

Crit chances with 21/9/0, yet no runes would be 100%

I've never fully completed the build, due to the lack of time given (enemies surrendering), but I know it would be absolutely perfect.

Yi would have about 3600-4100HP (You'd get about 80AD from Atma's impaler)
Dancer adds a fair share of AS.
Infinity edge adds a LOT of AD
Ghostblade add on the DPS.

I've only used my build twice, but it's been successful both times.
Another reason why this build is pretty effective, is that it enables Yi to tank turrets by himself, meaning he can be destroying enemy turrets while the enemies are at your Inhibitors.

I recommed ignite and exhust because ignite to kill simple finishing off and exhust for slowing enemys so you hit them alot

He with red buff is very good and with blue buff not so good red buff slowes and gives more damge blue gives mana regan and mana which yi doesnt need and that is just useless to get blue usefull when you reach lvl 10+ but when your 5 7 its not very good to get blue that will just waste your time to get gold YOU need gold and you win so if your doing noob with yi you can still be good if you get alot of minions.


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