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Elise Build Guide by chgask

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chgask

Elise Jungle Guide Patch 5.1

chgask Last updated on January 19, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, how's going? This is my first guide, hope it's useful. Elise is one of my favorites champions for Jungle. She practically doesn't need potions, since she can tank the jungle damage with her little spiders. Even though she got nerfed, and the new jungle is harder ; she still good champion for this season.

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-Good jungle cleaning.
-Good sustain, since the small spiders can tank the monsters.
-Gap closer.
-Variety of way to build and play.
-Can be played on mid/top/jungle/support (Jungle is the best role, others can still viable but not like before).
-% Of magic damage based on the total HP ( Human Form ) / % magic damage based on HP remaining (Spider from)

-CC skill shot
-Takes time to use her abilities properly
-If you build her too tanky, she depends on her team to do damage.
-If you build her heavy AP, she is too squishy.
-Weaker than before.

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PASSIVE : Spider Swarm

It is passive scary for Elise , the Spiderlings have to do 3 things for you in this game :
1. tanking damage jungle camps (including the dragon ) .
2. To be the most annoying things for skillshots .
3. They help you maximize your damage in duels .

Q : Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite

It is the main source of damage .
In human form makes a % magic damage based on the total HP of the enemy champion .
Shaped spider makes a % magic damage based on the remaining HP of the enemy champion .
This is why we always want to start with Q + W in human form and then move to form spider and use the Q + W to get the most damage .

W : Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy

In human form is a skill that makes magic damage AOE also can be used to check areas within walking distance ie it can facechekear with bush for you .
In spider shaped passive attack speed + generates the spiderlings but when the active generates Elise attack speed and in turn the spiderlings heal you .

E: Cocoon / Rappel

In human form is simply a range stun . It is a very useful skill to gank and / or to grab someone who is in a bad position.
Shaped spider is simply one of the best gaming skills . Basically makes you intargeteable for 2 seconds and allows you to fall on anything within range whether it be a champion a minion or monster .

In spider so this skill can be used to :
- Develop insight into the area
- Works to pursue (AKA : Gap -Closer )
- Works to escape
- Can be used to re- position yourself in a teamfight
- Allows you to force fights and make time for your teammates arrive
- Used to divear a tower and you can start a fight you down the tower and take damage when they die just apretas the " E" and the tower leaves you always have to hit and when to hit anything .
- Finally you can use to dodge skillshots such as an ultimate Karthus / Riven / Cait / Etc

A: Spider Form / Human Form

Not much to say about this. In elise human way is a champion and spider Range Mode earns 10 Movement Speed ​​.

TIP : When you are moving around the map, go in spider mode.It gives you more movement speed.

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Jungle Item

I see that a lot of people uses ranger with Elise. The reason why I go for the Starker's blade is:
-Elise does not need sustain in the jungle, because of her passive (the small spiders)
-On the new jungle, she needs more damage or something that can help her when ganking.
But if you think you need early sustain, you can always choose ranger and change it, before upgrading, to Starker's blade (since the patch 5.1 lets switch between one type of jungle item to another for free, also trinked)

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How to gank

There are 2 ways to gank with Elise.

The first is starting in Human Form. This type of gank is more if you can get in range of your cocoon and typically good for lane ganks and when they are over extended and you can get behind them.

Basically your going to want to try to land your Cocoon, and then Neurotoxin + Volatile Spiderling them and right after switch to spider form and Venomous Bite + Skittering Frenzy them again. Keep sticking to them with your auto attacks and if they burn a escape just repel to them. Your Venomous Bite should be up again and keep auto attacking them. Switch to human form as those spells will be up again but he should be dead at this point.

The second gank is starting in Spider Form. This type of gank is generally for mid and lanes who know you are there and are trying to escape. So basically get in range for your repel, and repel to them immediately. Cast Neurotoxin + Volatile Spiderling and switch to Human Form, then land your Cocoon and Venomous Bite + Skittering Frenzy them. And as soon as your Spider Form is up again switch and finish them off.

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When ganking lanes

Mid lane:
Mid lane is the most hard to gank, since is the biggest lane, compared to the other ones.
The only ways to gank mid are:
-When the enemy is pushing too hard (Most of the times will be a successful gank)
-When the enemy has no summoners. This will make it easy to gank. But be aware that some champions can still escape. For example: Zed's W, Fizz's Q/E, Akali W/R. So you should wait until they use those abilities, or make sure they cannot use them (Zed will try harass with his w combo,so you wait until that happens... Or you can try kill him fast. And for champions like akali/talon you can get a pink so they cannot escape easily.)
-When your allie has good burst
-When you or your allie has some cc

Top Lane:
There are two basic ways to gank; either going from the river, or by lane.
-By lane: You can only do this if your allie is pushing hard, or if you have a "special ability" like evelynn passive or rengar ultimate.
-By river: This is the most common way to gank. But for a succeed gank, you have to make sure there is no ward on a bush, or that the enemy didn't notice that you are around.

Bottom Lane:
Most of the times you wont be ganking this lane, unless there is potential for a kill, or your objective is to get dragon (if that's so, you will go to make them back or kill them)
The ganking method is the same as the top lane. But you have to be considering that is a 2v2 lane and not a 1v1.

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Always ask for good leash. It doesn't really matter on which side you start, but on my opinion, it would be good on blue side.why? Because usually Elise at low lv runs out of mana really easy and fast. Also, if you start blue, you will have the red buff more time (which will give you more damage when ganking).
-If you start on blue side: Start with the Gromp (smite it), then go blue and straight to red (you can also clean wolfes before going red, but that is up to you.If you are hurry to gank, go straight to red.If that's not the case, just farm.
-If you start on red side: Start with the Golems (smite it), then go to red buff and straight to blue. (also on the route you can take wolfes).
Always when jungling, make your small spiders tank the damage from the monsters. This is one of the advantages that has Elise when cleaning the jungle.

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Elise is a very versatile champion, she has a lot in her kit and brings a lot to a team composition. Even thought she got nerfed, and the jungle got lots of changes, she still one of the best junglers.