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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chozo

Endless Crits

Chozo Last updated on September 15, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The Vampiric Scepter is my first choice because it allows you to stay in the lane for long periods of time. Even though you may be tempted to upgrade Vamp. Scepter, you do not need it. Your lifesteal returns will increase as your damage output increases. I often leave the Vamp Scepter alone until very late in the build.

Next i go for Boots of swiftness. These boots give you a dramatic speed advantage over other players using anything other than Boots of Mobility. You will need this speed for several reasons.
1) TF is very fragile and needs to be able to enter and exit battle very quickly, You may ask why not use boots of mobility, and my reply would be that boots of mobility only give you +5 movement when you are not in combat. If you are already being attacked, it is often too late, you will not be able to escape combat.
2) After wining a team fight you may find yourself chasing down a few stragglers to get the Ace. If you are faster than they are, you can catch up to them, use yellow card. They will be stunned and the rest of your team can catch up and help you take them down.

My third and fourth items are both Zeal. Zeal is an excellent item for any critical strike build. Not only does it give you increased critical chance, but it gives you movement and attack speed. The enhanced movement speed will help you duck in and out of combat more easily and make catching any fleeing foes no problem. And the attack speed is a necessary addition to any physical DPS build.

Infinity edge is a must for this build. By this point you should be hitting critical strikes left and right, so it only makes sence that you would make them more efficient. the additional 50% crit damage given by Infinity edge will skyrocket your damage output. I recommend that you build it starting with the Pickaxe and then the B.F. Sword. buying the B.F. Sword requires a lot of saving up. You will need to start increasing your Physical damage pretty quickly to stay in the game at this point and i think that it is too long of a wait to try and make the jump straight for B.F. Sword, Remember that when you are hitting Critical Strikes, you are doing double damage, so even though you are buying the Pickaxe first you will still get the damage output of the B.F. Sword. After these two items you will have all 6 weapon slots full, so you will have to make the jump straight to Infinity Edge, but by now you have enough of its pieces to bring the price down to a measly 1255 gold.

Any items after this are just icing on the cake. Finishing out the Blood Thirster, and the The 2 phantom Dancers is a good way to maximize damage output, but you may need to throw in a good defensive item to make yourself less vulnerable to enemy champs. Be sure to maximize effectiveness with this item because you will only have one remaining item slot. You will have to make a choice between Magic resistance, or Armor. I personally like to get either the Frozen Mallet for its health bonus, or Guardian Angel for the armor, magic resistance and unique effect.

Strategy and Playstyle Tips

Wild Cards:
To me this ability is quite useless. with only a .65 AP ratio you need ridiculous amounts of AP to even begin to get any use out of it. Its pretty much a waste of mana. Save your mana, don't be a scrub.

Pick a Card:
This is a very important ability. (seeing as it is the only one that you have to actively use) In the beginning, you should always shoot for blue card. The reason for this is you will need the mana so that you can stay in lane for long periods of time, and using yellow card at this point only stuns your opponent for 1 second, for now using yellow card will only earn you perhaps one extra attack, so it is not worth the mana. Try and pair up your Stacked deck and your blue card so you deal massive damage before they can react, then you retreat behind your minions, build up stacked deck and repeat. once your opponent is down to about 1/4 - 1/3 life, you once again build up stacked deck, but this time instead of getting blue card, pick the yellow card. Make sure that you do this far enough away from your enemy champion so that you do not scare them into retreat. do this behind your caster minions so they know that you are out of range and they have nothing to fear. This is where they are wrong. once you have yellow card and stacked deck, you are going to flash in and stun them, making sure to flash to the right or left of the minion wall. the last thing you want is to let your opponent to get away with like 3 hp because you got caught up trying to run through minions. after you have stunned them, get as close as possible to them before you attack, this will ensure that you can get multiple attacks in on them as they run away, and possibly get you another chance to stun them. this is almost always a sure kill.

In late game you are going to want to always use yellow card unless you are mana starved.
Be very careful who you use you yellow card on in team fights, as this person is generally the focus of your teams efforts. After someone has been stunned, its like the entire team gives general consent that that is who they are going to focus on... so try not to use it on the tank. instead use it on someone who has a high damage output, or someone who is targeting you. It is ok to be selfish here, you are squishy and need to watch out for yourself, so if there is a xin zhoa that is always up in your grill (i have this problem a lot lol) target him with the stun. your team will then initiate on him and he will most likely die, thus removing the threat to you.