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Caitlyn Build Guide by dom

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dom

(Eppiiiic Booom)))Headshot<3

dom Last updated on August 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Expanded Mind
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Utility: 11

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Skill Points

Maxing my Piltover Peacemkaer first is really good becouse its your main source of da,age why Yordle Snap Trap is helping you detect gankers and 90 Caliber net helps you skip trough walls and escape.Even though they are good at high levels.

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Rune Build

Never enough Attack damage for Caitlyn-Mark of Strengh increases it so its good.
I am focusing to charge Headshot much as i can in lane so i am spamming my basic attacks way too much,with critical strike and enough damage it gonna help me farming minions while charging it thats why i take Greater Seal of Furor.Attack damage is main source of damage in late game so it should really be improved in item build and rune build so i take Greater Glyph of Alacity.
Armor penaration helps you alot when killing tanks so you should really have some.(Reason i took Greater Quitesennce of Desonation)

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In offense i take what Caitlyn really needs.Critical,Decrasing Enemies armor(Very useful once you buy Black Cleaver),More damage to minions-Helps me get Lizzard Buff and helps me farming in lane.Utility is very important to Caitlyn.But not fully important.Since she is carry she gonna be focused.Decreased death time gonna come handy.Bonus XP is really great for leveling.Mana regen gonna help me spamming my Piltover Peacemaker but if you think you wont need mana take 21-0-9 getting more gold in utility and 20th offense point for bonus AP.

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Once you buy Yoomunu's Ghostblade and Bereserek boots your headshots are going to be used alot in lane and they gonna deal crazy damage.After those 2 items i combinize both of them and take Black Cleaver damage and attack speed.Once you buy Frozen Mallet you wont be raging no more in /all chat:LUCKER LUCKER.They wont be able to escape from you and wont kill you easily becouse of bonus health.Lifesteal is extremely important especially when i have Frozen Mallet which is health item.BloodThirster+Frozen Mallet-Hard dieing.My final item is Phanton's Dancer its very important,Great DPS,awesome critical chance and movement speed...Awesome item for Caitlyn!

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Laning game/Farming

Use your Piltover Peacemaker on low healthed group of minions but make sure your enemy is in the range of it.Charge headshot on minions but use it on Champions-Great damage.Use your Yordle Snap Traps on key locations where you could get ambushed by enemies.

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Team Fights

When you see team fight incoming place your traps on key locations where your enemies could escape.Spam Piltover Peacemaker on start and focus on single low healthed targets furtherin fight.

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Saving Ally

Yordle Snap Trap-Use it on trail your ally thats getting ambushes is going on.
Use your Net on them if Snap Trap is on Coldown but make sure your position it on right way and have in mind where it gonna bounce you to.

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Spamming Ultimate

Your ultimate is very powerful damage source.Make sure you will use it corretly and in right direction.Make sure your targets allies wont take bullet for it thats why you have position it carrefuly.

Your ultimate is great start of gank.It gonnna unexceptably come from nowhere to you enemy and while they are asking theirselfs WTF you use your ghost come in range and kill them.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is great 1v1 spell also cna save you sometimes and help you keeping enemy in your turret=getting you a free kill.

Ghost-I take ghost not Flash becouse Ghost works perfectly with your Yoomunus Ghostblade and my 90Calber net is flashy enought to replace flash.You can skip with it like with flash.

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Jungler in team,You soloing 2.

I prefer farming with my Piltover Peacemaker from the brush and make sure those 2 wont ambush me by placingYordle Snap Traps on enter and way out of brush.

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Getting ganked

Ok in this chapter ill tell you how to avoid ganking from diffriend kinds of enemies.
Twisted Fate-You see his ultimate marking on map Place your snap trap on it and suprise him once he gets to you!
Malzahar-Save you 90 Calber Net to avoid his Portals and not be silenced.In case e supreses you exhaust him.You will have enought time to kill him and start leading the fight if your teamate is capable doing CC effects on 2 opponets and make then unavalabile to jump in fight.
Getting ganked by-Cassiopeia- She has many disables(Slowdown stun,super slowdown) and her speed boost.So you must be ready to disable her.I use 90 Calber Net to jump over her Miasma and slow her down i place Yordle Snap trap right before her and im staying in range of her ultimate stun-slowdown
Karma-Be ready to use your 90 Calber Net to avoid spirit bond so you cant be disabled(If she cast it on Ally)If you are the target use your 90 Calber Net to lose the range of Spirit Bond.
Jax-Place yordle snap trap fast 1 step before you becouse when he jumps on you he gonna be disables for next 1.5seconds and you goonna be able to run away fast with 90 Calber Net.
Janna-You need quick hand for this-Use your 90 Calber Net on her stay in range of her.Make sure she cant cast Zephyr on you and kill you easily with her lane-mates.

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Doing Baron Nashor

Place your traps on key locations from where your enemeis could ambush you from.
1.Bettwen lake and brush.
2.At brush need top lane.
3. At rpad near Golem Buff.
Now that your safe you can be ready to deffend your teams buff!

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Picking lane-mate

If your teaming up with support champion make it Janna or Sona.They are capable increasing your damage.
If your teaming up with tank make it be Taric or Amumu.They are capable stunning enemies and letting you position Piltover Peacemaker easily.
If your teaming up with fighter make it be BlitzCrank or Warwick.
If your teaming up with BlitzCreank put your Yrodle Snap trap one step before him.
When he charges his hand enemy champion gonna be disables by your Yordle Snap Trap and it gonna let turret deal huge damage.If your teaming up with Warwick place your Yordle Snap trap on place where enemy could be running from you 2.So if they try to escape they are rotted.Also his ultimate gonna help you channeling yours.
If your teaming up with mage let that mage be Kassadin or Karma.Karma can deal damage when enemies come near,help chasing,has very ranged options and good support for teamate.
Charge your ultimate on enemy once Kassadin silences enemy becouse that way the enemy wont be able to attack you while you channel becouse sometimes you lost combat becouse while your channeling your ultimate enemies are dealing big big damage on you.

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For the end

Thank you for reading this guide-I think this is my first one un-****ty :D.
Comment please :D