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Evelynn Build Guide by sapmess

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sapmess

Eve be stealin yo apples!

sapmess Last updated on October 7, 2011
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Hey guys! Welcome to my Dominion guide for the capturer/slayer Evelynn, I'm Sapmess.

This is my first guide, but I've put a lot of effort into it, and if there's something you disagree with, PLEASE let me know!
I'll make adjustments as I go, and if you have any ideas, let me know so that I can try them out and perhaps include them :)

Since the Evelynn nerf that turned her stun into a slow, I've been watching the rare players that decide to play her in ranked games.
Each time I hope to see the destruction that I used to, but it's always a disappointment...

...and then Dominion was released!
After reading Zemiazas's guide on this new map and game mode (here), I was intrigued by the role of the capturer. Every game is full of tanky-DPS champs, or disrupters, but I see all 5 enemies attacking us while their bases gather dust, which is where the capturer comes into play!

I won't explain what a capturer is in this guide, so just click on the link above to know any general information about Dominion, as it's still new.

This guide will mainly focus on Evelynn as a capturer, but also a slayer.

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Pros / Cons


    She's invisible
    Moves very quickly
    It's hard to counter her damage (because she's hybrid, can't just build armor or MR)
    Very good Capturer AND Slayer, without necessity to differentiate in your build!
    Enemy may rage-quit

    If enemy takes oracle, you need to adapt
    Quite squishy... Means: Learn to pick your battles! (More on this later)
    Many items in Dominion include different versions of stealth detect (More on this later too)
    ..trying to think up of some more, but honestly, none of these will present real problems if you're skilled and practiced at Evelynn :)

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There are many things that you'll pick up over time with Evelynn.

This might seem very simple, but you'd be surprised how many people can't do this:
In the last game I played, I found myself 1v2 against Akali and Irelia (after killing their Twitch). They were both on me, and instead of trying to burst one down (and dying), I just pressed Shadow Walk and ran out. Just because it has a 1.5s delay doesn't mean you can't use it in combat! So experiment with this, because I've escaped on <10% health so many times, thanks to Shadow Walk!

Next, and related to the first, is choosing your battles. You're either a Capturer or a Slayer, and neither of these require dying.
I found myself at 50% hp, next to one of our bases, with 2 enemies capturing it. If it had been 1, I would have killed him, but 2 meant I was sure to die.
If your team mates aren't close enough to make the most of the disruption, DO NOT BECOME A MARTYR. It's letting your team down, because either they're counting on you to be capping enemy bases, or they're counting on you to get 3+ kills for every death.
In general: Leave the disrupting to the Disrupters, and take care of your job.

Finally, know who has stealth detection.
Dominion brought out many new items, and a lot of stealth detection, but if you're smart about it, there won't be an issue.

For example: The Lightbringer. If you've been hit by someone with this, then you can't just expect to Shadow Walk your way out in a fight, because they'll keep hitting you, and keep refreshing the 5s visibility!
There's also Hextech Sweeper for AP users, but this one can also reveal an area without them hitting you at all.

The important thing is to know who has these items, because it will possibly change how you approach them. But overall I don't find these 2 items very threatening, because (with exception of the Hextech Sweeper's reveal) you still get to choose if you want to come out of stealth in the first place.

Oracle is a different story though... If an enemy has oracle, don't be scared to ask your team for help.
It's the greatest compliment for Evelynn when their entire team starts walking around with Oracle :)

Last game, their Akali had an oracle (because I'd killed her in the jungle about 6 times).
I knew that if she had the jump, she'd win a 1on1 with me, so I told our Shen I'd need help. I ran in and started fighting her, and he Ulted in to save the day :)
Unless it's their tank that's buying Oracle, it's just a death wish that your whole team would be glad to help with ;)
If it IS their tank that has oracle? Simple solution: Their tank will be either defending bases or attacking bases with his friends. Your job is to be attacking EMPTY bases (or just 1, easy-to-kill enemy), or taking out their weaker champions when they're ALONE. Either way, you're not around that tank, and you don't have to worry about him :)

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Here's a video of some gameplay (at Sandric's request). Note that the score is not awesome, and this isn't my attempt at showing off, but rather some footage of Evelynn gameplay that will hopefully help you out :)

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Proof that Eve can still kill :)
These games I was mainly a Slayer, but still managed to stealth-cap a few bases :)


Also, many people that have tried this guide have had a lot of success, (I'm kind of embarrassed that their scores are much better than my own though)

Here's KBSpitfire's game:

and here's Sandric's game:

As you can see, KBSpitfire was mainly a Slayer, but also had a few caps (coming an easy first on the team).

Sandric's game seems to have been over very quickly, which isn't surprising considering a 6/0/5 score with 7/10 caps that early into the game :)

Please link me your scores, as I'm always looking to expand this section!

And finally, the first person I've seen to break 2k score, with an insane KDR:

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I roll with the basic ArP marks, Dodge seals, CDR/level glyphs, and swiftness quints.

Greater Mark of Desolation

    Firstly, this is a very common mark to have, which is never a bad thing. I don't expect you to go out and buy 9 of whatever mark I list, just because I tell you to.
    Secondly, considering the number of players that run around Dominion with tanky-dps champs and builds, Armor Penetration is crucial to staying the scary invisible ***** you are, and not just an annoyance. As I don't take any ArP by default in my items, I find the marks to be very useful. (Of course if their whole team is stacking armor, get yourself a Last Whisper.

Greater Seal of Evasion
    Not as much to say about these.. Can be exchanged for anything, but I personally prefer the dodge.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction
    These are very important as they're the source of ALL of your CDR! These 9 Glyphs will give you a total of 8.1% CDR at level 18, which will make a big difference when you get off that extra Ravage, or your Shadow Walk comes back up just in time to slip away.
    I choose the CDR/level over flat CDR because you level so much faster in Dominion. As a general rule of thumb I'd use the scaling runes over the flat ones.
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
    These I feel are pretty mandatory. With the item build I've listed above (and your ulti + ghost), you'll be able to get to and from bases so quickly that they'll think you're speed hacking. I'm personally a speed junkie too (pun intended), and hate to get kited ;)

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Not much to say about the masteries, pretty basic.

The movement speed in Utility is definitely a great addition, as well as the extra sprint to ghost :)

I warned you: I'm a speed junkie ;)

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Boots of Mobility

    Rather than get rank 1 boots as well as another item (as the majority of people do), I take these bad boys straight from the start, along with my hp and mana pots.

    I find that with these boots and ghost, I can get to their upper base as they finish capping it (assuming only one of them stays behind to capture).

    This means that I can either take their upper base as soon as their champ leaves it (as he'll most likely now be engaged in combat with my team at the top base), or I can head down and take their bottom base if it's unguarded.

    An early cap like this will set them off balance, and hopefully ruin their game ;)

Trinity Force
    Bread and butter of a hybrid Evelynn (not to mention the speed boost ;)).

    I start this with Sheen, followed by Phage. I find that Sheen's proc is an insane boost to damage, and once you get Phage, the extra health and the slow will give you much needed utility.

    By the time you finish building this, you'll be dangerous :)

Priscilla's Blessing
    I take this AFTER Trinity Force, which is perhaps different from other guides.

    Though I strongly believe in Evelynn's role as a capturer, I also find myself finishing games with very high kill counts, and often end up double/triple killing enemies around a base in order to cap it.

    A good capturer is definitely a great and necessary asset to any team, but by building Trinity Force first, Evelynn becomes a serious threat in fights too.

    I also believe that the 15% movement speed boost that Trinity Force gives you is very beneficial to capping bases in itself

The rest is up to you now.

Guinsoo's Rageblade gives a lot of AP and AD, which enhances your killing power, and you'll find that the stacks accumulate very quickly in a fight.

Force of Nature is my default choice for a defensive item. Of course, a default choice for a defensive item doesn't mean anything big in itself, as defense is always situational.
The reason why it's my default, is because of the run speed, as well as the very high magic resist. This boost to your run speed will now make you uncatchable :)

I just threw Hextech Gunblade in there for some extra killing power, as well as the activate slow (to kill anyone that escaped you, as unlikely as it may be).

By now, though, the last item is most certainly not set in stone. Many people find that a second defensive item is beneficial, or others build a Death Cap to hit harder with their Ravage. I find that the Gunblade is a safe choice for most situations though, hence why I've included it :)

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Skill Sequence

I start off with 1 point in each skill, but you could also put 2 into Shadow Walk and 1 into Ravage if you wish. (In order sneak around their bases easier)

Then I focus on Ravage as it's your main damage dealer, while taking Agony's Embrace whenever possible.

Although I "focus" on Ravage, I do throw a point into Shadow Walk every now and then as the game goes on, allowing me to roam in stealth, rather than worry about popping out at bad times.

Once Shadow Walk is of sufficient duration (and Ravage is maxed by now), I max out Hate Spike for the extra killing power, before finishing off Shadow Walk.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

Ghost is CRUCIAL to this build (and Dominion in general). I wouldn't replace this for anything! Don't be afraid to use it either, as people will often see you enter Shadow Walk, only to see you pop up in a few seconds at their unprotected base, at the other side of the map :)

Flash on the other hand is not crucial. I've experimented with Ignite and Exhaust too. I found that Ignite was good for killing power as well as shutting down healers, while Exhaust helped me chase down enemies, and shut down their AD carries.

I still roll with Flash though, as I find that once you press Shadow Walk in a fight that you're trying to escape from, one flash over a wall (or even just away from them), will give you the 1.5second requirement to enter stealth.

This can obviously be life saving! Love slipping away on 5% health and watching their Garen spin around hoping to kill me, probably crying IRL :D

Guide Top


In all, I hope you enjoyed this guide. Even if you don't agree with everything here, please keep an open mind, and I'm sure there's SOMETHING you can take away from it :)

Try the build before you bag it too, as you'll be capping their bases and killing their squishies until they rage quit :)

And finally...

I'm so happy that Evelynn kicks *** again :D