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Evelynn Build Guide by deneddy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author deneddy

Eve underestimated

deneddy Last updated on April 22, 2013
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Evelynn Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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After seeing Alex ich playing eve mid on tournaments, i wanted to test her so i started to play her on ranked mid and like many guides say it's really free elo if you can play her and roam like it should be.

Although you can't win every game, i had some games where i just couldn't carry but she is very strong and alot of people underestimate her.

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Mid Evelynn

Start with 7 hp pots, 1 mp pot and 2 sight wards

Situation 1) When you are in the situation that you can farm good without getting harassed or being camped early game, go for sorcerer shoes so you can start roaming arround even pre lvl 6.

Situation 2) when you are in the situation that you are camped or are against a pretty good mid laner who harasses u till "almost" death. you don't go for sorcerer shoes because you won't have the gold for it go for amplifying tome or the health crystal for an early haunting guise. and start roaming arround.

Always look for gank oppurtunities it can snowball you even if you have a terrible lane.


Now you should have finished your boots and haunting guise you are still roaming around and trying to farm, now go for abyssal scepter and after that you go or

Situation 1) if everything goes well and you snowballed go for deathcap or if you don't want to take any risks take Zhonya's.

Situation 2) if it didn't go too well go for zhonya's first and then for deathcap.

If they have a tanky team with lot's of hp go for dfg it is still good in my opinion.

Late game

Finish your items from mid game like liandra's torment

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Now how should you play eve because in my ranked games when they pick eve i'm happy well most of the times.

First i want to clear some things out:
Map awareness is the key to play eve succesfully!

Communicate with your team:
- ask if they have vision wards or not
- ping or tell them who you're going to attack.

Don't ever try too initiate a fight try to sneak behind them.

Use your ult when they are grouped up, it's an aoe skill for something.

Don't hesitate with your ult if you're going to assassinate someone!

First of all don't try lvl 1 or 2 ganks just stay in your lane till lvl 4 - 5 then start to gank if possible.
Always look for an opportunity you are in stealth anyway so try to get behind them if they pushed their lane.

If everything goes well and you don't need to help necessarily you can stay in your lane untill lvl 6 then u must gank other lanes.

Now if you gank pre-lvl 6 use your E and spam ur Q when u need to get out use w.

Ganks at level 6 like i stated don't wait to use your ult start with R -> E -> QQQQQQ -> E and w to gtfo :D

In teamfights positioning is key!

Always come from behind them they will be suprised and sometimes they get confused in the way that they don't know who to target anymore this can win teamfights

If it's an organised team just try to assassinate the high threats like the adc and the ap carry
like i said the adc and apcarry stays behind the tanks in most cases so when u come behind in stealth you can always reach them but never ever initiate wait for your tank to initiate.

As eve you can turn around teamfights like a flipping coin!

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I hope this guide will help people who are trying to learn eve.

Eve isn't a hard champ skill wise but a good eve knows when and where to gank to help his/her team to win his/her lanes!

Thank you for reading my guide.