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Evelynn Build Guide by neonlights14

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author neonlights14

Evelynn- AD Carry Guide by NeonLights

neonlights14 Last updated on January 3, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my guide! I made a guide for Evelynn as she is my favorite character in the game. Well actually, she is pretty hard to use as you need to know what she can do and what she can't. But when you get the hang of her, you're basically a killing machine (yep, even Tanks). This guide will teach why I chose the items, the runes and how to use Evelynn properly with ease and fun. So, let's get started!

"I may be bad, but I feel good"- Evelynn

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Summoner Skills

Yep, I chose Smite and Teleport. First, I picked Smite because you will be in the jungle for the early parts of the game. Evelynn is actually squishy until she levels up. Second, I picked Teleport because as I said, Evelynn is pretty squishy in the early parts of the game. So, if the minions kill you, it will take like 10 seconds to revive again. In this 10 seconds, you can already do a lot of things, and the enemy might level up ahead of you. You wouldn't want that, do you? So, you'll need to teleport to catch up to the fight and level up.

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Can easily gank enemies
Not Mana-Dependant


1st Skill Dependant
Squishy in the early parts
Weak in the first parts

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Like I said in the Cons, Eve is pretty dependant on her first skill, which is Hate Spike. That is like one of her best skills as it is spammable and does not take too much mana to use. (plus, it's cooldown time is short) Ravage can come second. Ravage is very helpful for kill stealing (*evil laughter*) and for farming. Her second skill, Dark Frenzy is useful too when you're health is low and you are being slowed down by Supports (especially Sona) and Tanks. Her fourth skills, Agony's Embrace is very helpful for Pentakills as it slows down enemies.

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Evelynn has a perfect combo for doing Pentakills. First, use Agony's Embrace on the enemies and they will slow down. After that, spam them with Hate Spike and Ravage while on a Dark Frenzy. If one of them tries to escape, kite them with Hate Spikes until they die.

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Unique Skills

Evelynn's most helpful and unique skills is her passive, which is Shadow Walk which gives her stealth. This is perfect for ganks in the early games. For example, your AP, Annie is attacking your enemy AP, Ryze. If Ryze is close to death and retreats wherein Annie cannot chase him anymore, step out of the shadows and kite him with Hate Spikes.

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First, buy a Hunter's Machete and 4 health potions. Then ask your teammates if they can leash you into the jungle (I prefer Master Yi). If no listens, then just go ahead to the Golem Minions (if you are on the blue team) and wait for them to spawn. When they spawn, hit the larger one with Smite and spam with Hate Spikes. Put health potions in the process. When both dies, recall. This time, go to the wolves on the mid part. Do the same process. Now you are at level 2. Recall, and buy boots of speed. Now that you have Ravage, hunt any minion you want until you reach level 5. At level 5, you can now go to the bottom lane. Spam with Hate Spikes and Ravage. Recall if deeply wounded. If it happens that your enemy AP's health is weak, KILL HIM. Anyways, buy Haunting Guise. Now you can finally kill! Kill supports or ADR's first. If the enemy player is smart, they will be in the bottom lane. The most common types are Sona, Miss Fortune, Lux, or Ashe. Don't be a greedy noob and chase them all the way to the turret. Otherwise, get ready for harsh comments from other players. Anyways, when you get the money for it, buy the items according to my item sequence. You will need to sell Hextech Revolver and Hunter's Machete later on. When you are at least level 15, you are now a killing machine (considering that you already bough Lich Bane). Tell your teammates to push to the middle lane. Now, no one comes in your way that will kill you. Continue until you destroy the Nexus. "VICTORY".

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See, Evelynn isn't bad afterall. At first, I also made assumptions that Eve is weak. But of course, when I came to realize how strong she was, I was delighted by it. Well, thank you for visiting this guide! Hope ya'll like Eve the way I like her, or even better.|

"I like it when they scream" - Evelynn