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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sheepyamon

Evelynn, Death never looked this hot!

Sheepyamon Last updated on July 24, 2010
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Hey everyone, let me introduce myself.
Im Sheepyamon, a somewhat fairly new player on League of Legends with only 150matches played in total, but also one of those who use most of their time theorycrafting when he first set his soul into it!
So here i will give you my 2cents to this game, and a guide on how i play Evelynn, The Widowmaker, the cute little deathbringer who shows up from nowhere to slap your arse to kingdom come when you least know it!

General Introduction to this Guide & Explainations

Acronymes for abilities:
HS=Hate Spike
SW=Shadow Walk
Rav=Ravage that's right
MaS=Malice and Spite

Acronymes for Items and General Words
LB= Lich Bane
BoM=Boots of Mobility
MS=Mejai's Soulstealer
RcS=Rylai's Crystal Scepter
MR=Magic Resist
AP=Ability Power

Now that the Acronymes are out of the picture there are a few other thing's i will take a look on during my little guide here, to start of with i can say that this guide is ment for everyone, not only new players but also experienced ones alike, just to give them and all of you another perspect of view on how i look at this champion and the game as a whole and her role on a team! Hopefully i might even get a few to try her out after reading this guide.

So These are the other things i will go through on my in depth guide on
Evelynn, The Widowmaker
-General Playstyle (Awareness, Offensive & Defensive playing)
-Player Role(Read Champion role on the team)
-Pros & Cons

I use a standard 9/0/21 Caster Masteries specc with improved duration on Neutral buffs and Improved Exhaust, Exhaust is great since it lowers the MR of your target and slows them down and additionally makeing them blind so they cant hit you or your teammates makeing this a musthave for me and my playstyle with Evelynn.
Im currently trying arround with a somewhat hybrid kind of Masteries specc for Evelynn and ill update as soon as im done testing with her!
Other than that i belive my specc doesn't need any further explaination!

I always start with Amplifying Tome and a Health Potion, AM for the little extra burst if you are going for a First Kill, and the HP incase they happened to slap you to much.
When you see in my ITEMS Section ontop of this guide you will see that my first trip back gives me Sheen+Boots of Speed shouldn't be to hard staying out long enough to get both, if i have some gold after buying those then ofcourse i bring some Health Potions with me back, they are cheap and can save your life!
From there on out you can see that i get BoM for diffrent reasons actually, not only ganking! They give you enhanced movement 5 when you are out of combat for 5seconds which makes them worthwile when scouting meanign you can cover a larger area while in SW so its a fair buy for only 1k gold (BoS350+BoM650=1kgold)
After that its my MS and ofc if i don't have money to buy the whole item i still get Amplifying Tome to increase my damage.
From there on out its all about keeping your stacks, never get greedy so you are assured to keep them going in the right direction, after you have your Mejai's gankathon is up and its time to Lane switch like never before and help your team mates setup ganks and such! After those items either see if you are getting worked start working on ur RCS starting with the Belt to increase Health(Survivability) or the AP items..
From there i just bluepill whenever i see i have the chance and my team mates are doing fine in their lanes to improve my gear when i can!

Pros & Cons

+High Burst in just a matter of seconds
+Great scouting capabilities thanks to SW
+Great movement speed and immidiate health innsurance capabilities thanks to MaS
+Great Champion to use for Mindgames if played properly

-She is really Squishy early game to late game if played greedy
-If you get caught visible you dont have many escape mechanisms, but this can be countered by learning how to control her during difficult situations.
(You dont run in to kill 1 player when there are 4players arround him and you are the only one on the team alive!) a kill for a death is NEVER justified!
-HIGH cost on the item build!
(But then again, its sooooo worth it)
-How many cons do you want her to have? =(

General Playstyle with Eve
Without having a set playstyle with her she might become very useless so here are a few pointers on how to go arround with this champion, and these are my strategies and pointers which goes for every game and champion alike so it's no copyright going on here, just general information which this guide is all about!

#1 Map awareness will keep you alive, and will keep the other team Skeetzo if you know how to use Evelynn's mindtricks, for instance, she has SW which makes you invisible, and this certain spell makes a distinct sound when you use it, so try SW'ing in and out of the bush in your lane in the beginning, the other team will see that you are doing so and stop worrying about you.. THATS BAD for them...
Say you Shadowwalk INTO the bush, head straight over your lane, lets say you are on top.. then go mid and kill that Ashe who have been pesturing your mid friend for so long, and then vanishes, comming up on top again!

What happened?

1.They were calling miss on you the first 2-3times you just shadowwalked in and out of the bush ontop, thinking you just did so to scare them.
2.After saying miss so many times and reappearing ontop like nothing have happened they get tired of it and stop calling miss until you kill someone
3.Makes for a perfect excuse to why you should NEVER EVER stop saying miss arround the map!

Use this ability to play a mindgame with your Enemy!

#2 She is Really Squishy and needs something to stay alive, an Evelynn dying due to beeing greedy is a useless Evelynn, if i got the choice to pick between 2 diffrent Evelynn players.. one having 45kills/30deaths/10assist and one having 6kills/0deaths/25assist id pick the last one anytime... the diffrence is, yes the first one have more kills making him a greedy player.. making him less usefull due to beeing greedy and towerdiving due to garen having 200hp left and dying after having killed him...
which makes that player useless for the team!

How to rule this out is: Map awareness like stated in #1 playing offensive when NEEDED. and defensive when you are supposed to!
Like i said earlier, A kill is not justified by dying right after!

#3 Knowing what items to use and when! Did you think evelynn is awsome if you stack Phantom Dancers because it's awsome on Garen? Or do you really think Infinite Edge is sooo good for her since Master Yi melts faces with it?
Then please go read on those guids instead, Evelynn will end your life if you ever think she will wear any AD(Attack Damage) items..
She is a purebreed Ability Power user and should be treated as such!

In the Item section you can see in what order i buy things, and these are very situational, and you can also see i added a RCS, thats purely for the renown fact that Eve does kick butt, but she is abit squishy this minx, so we add abit more Cream to her and she can stay out for alot longer!

#4 Scouting Well this is determined by what setup the other team is running, an example on this is with my masteries i have choosen to increase the duration on neutral buffs from monsters, therefore check if the other team has a jungler, you can often tell if they have someone with Smite they are pretty sure to be jungling so be sure to pay attention to this and ofcourse remember to check ur map all the time, use SW for what it's worth!

Player role
You are the team Scout, this means you have the ability to scout arround for missing players checking team buff monsters(Golem, Lizard and Nashor)
And generally beeing where things happen to make your team feel comfortable with you, if you see someone is missing dont continue killing minions in your lane, go on a scouting trip until you find the missing players then report back, if you don't people will feel uncomfortable with you because you aint doing your job properly!
Dont think so much about getting kills until you know your team can handle the situations, you will get the kills as usually you will not die more than them if you play Eve properly, Scout surroundings, report spottings of players and help your team out!
That stun your SW gives can be used _Defensive_ and _Offensive_
If you see your friend is getting chased by a Tryndamere with full health go after him and stun him, 2seconds might be enough to save your friend from his certain death! use it and play Evelynn to the best of her potential and your team mates will love you and your oposing team of heroes will be scared whenever they can't see you!

This concludes my Evelynn Guide, i hope you enjoyed reading it and i hope i could help some people understand some of her game mechanincs abit better and how to use them to your advantage, other than that i will take any criticism with ease if they are backed up with facts, and i will try to comeback here to answer any question regarding my build, my items, masteries or anything you might be thinking about!

Hope you took pleasure in reading this guide and
for future refrence i will see YOU on the battlefield of Justice in due time!

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Kind regards, Sheepyamon