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Evelynn Build Guide by Anathema49

Jungle Evelynn guide (below diamond)

Jungle Evelynn guide (below diamond)

Updated on June 19, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anathema49 Build Guide By Anathema49 5,088 Views 0 Comments
5,088 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Anathema49 Evelynn Build Guide By Anathema49 Updated on June 19, 2019
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Champion Build Guide

Evelynn guide (below diamond)

By Anathema49
Early game (pre 6)
Early game is ev's weakest time. You want to start red, then move to krugs then take the chickens because of your superior clearing ability and passive health regenaration. In case you have autism, you clear jungle camps by charming them and then hitting your q repeatedly. After that you will have level 3 and you can gank midlane if they are being pushed. if midlane is pushing dont gank, just go to your blue. If you take your blue go immedietly for scuttler because you clear scuttlers fastest in the game. nobody else can take a scuttle as fast as you. but be very careful of enemy junglers. if they are contesting your scuttler, concede it and dont die.

Scenario 2: You take your red side and go to take your blue but it's being invaded by an enemy Jarvan. you have 2 options 1.) ping agressively for your team to help you so you can take your buff and maybe even kill jarvan. 2.) if your team fails to respond, immedietly go to his blue buff. in lower elo option 2 works a lot of times but it will not work in a higher elo where you have to rely on option 1. if your teammates DONT help you and you CANT go to his jungle because you're sure its warded then simply take whatever camps you have left in your jungle and go b. good thing about eve is she can thrive even without farm lead.
Mid game (post 6)
Congratulations, you have reached level 6 and you're now officially a champion. Sneak down to botlane and try to get a double kill. Invade some twitches, or gank any other lane. you want to gank when you have ulti. when you don't have ulti just farm. Presence of mind + ultimate hunter will allow you to get fast ults.

If you DO get a double kill on botlane or a kill on midlane, harass your teammates into doing a dragon.
Late game
You are an assassin in late game, it can be pretty difficult because enemy team starts to group up. you dont wanna kill people in groups, so just like all other assasins you need to lurk in enemy jungle and random bushes and fish for unsuspecting victims.

if your team wants to fight you flank. (get behind the whole enemy team) and try to kill an adc or apc from behind and quickly ult away. they will chase you and most times even kill you but if you sucessfully manage to oneshot a carry AND force them to focus you, your team will have no trouble killing the rest (unless they are autistic, then just try to run away stealth reset, let demon shade heal you up and go in again. and repeat infinitely until enemies are dead).

if you manage to kill 2 or 3 of their teammates and one of them is jungler go take baron.

if you take inhib dont overstay like a ****** and get killed, go b or take enemy jungle camps.
Additional notes
Important info:

-what is very important is that, when you charm (and the charm is fully charged of course) you hit your fist q. your first q gives you additional damage and guarantees a kill. if you dont hit your first q and there is no teammates to finish off the kill when you dont have damage - run away. eve without cooldowns is a dead eve.

-always, ALWAYS at ANY point of the game keep 2 control wards in your inventory

-dont gank losing lanes pre 6, no matter how much they cry, if they fed too much (over 5 kills) dont gank them even after 6

-mute everyone upon entering a game

-dont duo que up with whiny premade that demand early ganks. you will set yourself behind and often get double killed by lets say enemy jax on toplane. if people cant understand how your champ works and respect that, you're better off alone

-never land a q if your charm isnt fully charged, unless you are chasing down someone on very low hp

-if you can't hit a q - charm proc while ganking someone who's hiding between minions just walk up and e - charm proc. then proceed to q

-remember that you are not a support. if you see a lot of enemies chasing down your useless overstaying cs hungry adc, leave him. you dont want to try to peel and die in the process

-if you are decently fed in midgame (6+ kills), leave the other kills for adc and midlaner when ganking. but dont focus on it too much and risk enemy getting away. do it only if its a guaranteed kill.

-my highest rank is d3 so for people above that elo (master+), i cant guarantee some of this things will work since idk how people play there

good luck and enjoy your sneaking
League of Legends Build Guide Author Anathema49
Anathema49 Evelynn Guide
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Evelynn guide (below diamond)

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