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Evelynn Build Guide by lefze

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lefze

Evelynn The low level pubstomper

lefze Last updated on November 22, 2011
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Hello. im gonna show u how to really **** up the game for ur opponents. First of all, u need to know that ur the squishiest champ.. EVER. Even annie can take more damage than u can with tis build lategame. but who cares? the enemy. Cuz theyll be looking 4 u everywhere. they will ward every ****ing bush, their whole team will be carrying oracles. thats the reality. for now. theres comming a stealth-remake, that will **** up evelynn even more than the remowal of her stun. EVERYONE will have natural oracles, or, if u are too close to a enemy champ, he can spot u. Gonna be a nightmare lol. many of u may be thinking, that when this happens, u will need a lot of suvivability, right? hopefully ur wrong. Cuz what IM thinking, is, it doesnt bother me that anyone can see me, if i can kill them in 3 hits/1.5sec. And i have to say, i have played around 150-200 games as eve. i know what im talking bout here. my top-score as eve is something like 40-4-20. And thats pretty sick!

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Pros and Cons


- stealth.
- EXTREME BURST. (one of the highest in the game)
- easy to master.
- if u get fed, ur unstoppable.
- summoner level 1-15 is like playing with 3 years old opponents.


- easily countered in higher ranks/ ELO.
- bit hard to play lategame when everybody moves in groups.
- S Q U I S H Y ! ! !
- looks like a girl with frog head.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: Why I chose mpen for marks? stupid question. only viable choise lol.

Greater Seal of Evasion: NEVER used these b4. Dont even own them. But, i know no one uses Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power, so put these here for some kind of defense early game. might wana change them to Greater Seal of Health. ur choise.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power: again, obvious choise. But for those who cares bout utility, go for flat mp/5 a.k.a greater glyph of replenishment.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power with these + ur marks + ur tome, u will kick *** from the beginning. just remember never to initiate.

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10-0-20. why not 9-0-21 like evrybody else? cuz i need Burning Embers AND archaic knowledge.

why i dont have any points in utility mastery? u dont need neutral buffs. thats why. but the regeneration ****, thats a must.

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Items and build order.


Optional Items

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: if you are facing a very tough team, u should buy this instead of one of the Archangel's Staff's. this gives you enough hp to use another 1 or two sec's to kill a enemy and a slow.

Zhonya's Hourglass: if you are facing a physical damage team, buy this instead of one of the Archangel's Staff's. nice bonus armor.

Personally i ALLWAYS buy sheen first. But if you are against a ery easy lane coupple, buy Mejai's Soulstealer first. other than that, the buildorder is different against different teams. but you should never be building 2 items at the same time, exept for when you are building ur boots.

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How to kill.

Allways stealth before approaching an enemy, obviously. This way they wont react and run/cc you. If you are trying to kill an enemy with oracle, you pop your ult and ghost, run in, ravage them to proc your slow and enable lich bane, auto attack to proc it, and hate spike/auto attack them to death.

In teamfights you allways stay behind their team to avoid skillshots and aoe ults. And when you see a gap between their ranged carry and team, you kill the carry. Disengage, stealth and then do the same thing again.

Avoid engaging champions with stuns alone.

If you see an ally in the river or near the river with problems, use ghost/ult and be there in seconds.

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Shadow Walk: very nice passive. makes you able to attack people with low hp right behind a minion wave or tower dive without thinking about enemy minions.

Hate Spike: a very good farming/ last hitting tool. when attacking champs, u can use this to pull off a double slow, but remember to allways have a enemy champ between u and the minions, otherwise u might risk hatespiking minions instead of champions. (Im not sure, but I think it now automatically hits nearby champions instead of minions)

Shadow Walk: this is what makes eve eve. this makes you invisible for up to 50 sec. also, the first person you attack gets slowed by up to 50%. USED TO STUN BEFORE NERF. **** RIOT.

Ravage: your highest damage ability. the reason you dont need much mpen, as it has a mr/ armor debuff. you should initiate with this skill.

Agony's Embrace: Pretty useless for killing ppl. used for chasing/ escaping only. refreshes when someone on the other team dies. Heals you when you get an assist/kill. Before the nerf it used to heal for +- 60% more.

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Summoner Spells

With eve, i allways use Ignite and Ghost.

No point in flashing when invisible, and no point in exhausting when you slow with the first ability/ autoattack used after unstealthing.

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you are a squishy stealth champ that will kill squshies and carries with somewhat low max hp in 3 hits. if u are fed, the enemy team will surrender at 20:00.