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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by Pitufito Dell

Evelynn, the shadow behind your head

Evelynn, the shadow behind your head

Updated on May 10, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pitufito Dell Build Guide By Pitufito Dell 5,604 Views 4 Comments
5,604 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Pitufito Dell Evelynn Build Guide By Pitufito Dell Updated on May 10, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Hello, it's my first detalied guide, I'll making this because Evelynn has a lot of potential, but people only says "Eve nerf to doom, don't use her", and dodge if you select Eve :(.

Well, I want this guide to sucess, I play Evelynn whit this build (tried to use her hybrid and AD, but this way is by far better), so AP Evelynn is the choice.

I spect to cover every aspect that I believe important of Evelynn, if I miss something, please tell it to me.
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Pros / Cons

+Inmense amount of damage when you get Lich Bane
+Very highs chances of runing away from a lost battle
+Executes people that is trying to run away from battles
+Can kill a carry in 1/2 second.
+Very fun character to play if used in a clever way.
+Decimates towers when if you have a minion near you to cast you'r Q
+Enemys let's their guard down if you Pick Evelynn. Chastise them for that fault.

-Terriblebad squishy Early-Mid Game
-You'r team losses the hope whit ease if they don't understand what are you building
-People often dodges from you
-Almost imposible to kill a heavy tank
-Difficult to master
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The Runes that I use whit Evelynn, are kindda special... Gp5 Seals and Scalating AP Glyph you may ask, well, I use them, I don't want to give information of things that I think that works, only things that I know that works.

Are used for early harass, you have farm near 0, so causing damage to enemy champions is priority, while your carry farms.
Extrange runes indeed, but I love them, because I can stay jumping from lane to lane, killing only a few creeps, and still get my Gp5 items early to get my build fast.
Evelynn before Lich Bane causes very little damage, so I bet for scalating AP glyphs, because Lich Bane causes a lot of damage once you get it.
Maybe you'r lossing some damage, but whit these you can get your build faster than most.
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GP10 Items

I love how GP5 items works, and I'm including these on almost every non-carry champion, from 2 to 3 of them (even the four).
Some numbers:

You start whit 7.3 GP5 from runes and masteries, so you get 372 extra gold in the first 10 minutes (not counting the first 1:30 minutes of match), in these first 10 minutes spawns 53 minions on every lane, killing them all grants 1071 gold aprox. So whit only Runes and Masteries, whit 0 farm, you get 1/3 of the farm of the carry.

Well, in minute 4, 7 and 9, you get the three GP5 items listed if you are doing good, the maths:
You must spend 2390 gold on the three items. You start whit Regrowth Pendant, so you need to get 1955 gold aprox to get them all from the minute 1:30 to the minute 10. Passively, you generate 13GP 10, so plus your runes and masteries you have 1035 passive gold in these 10 minutes, so you can get your first GP10 item whit only generation at minute 4:30.
Now you have 25.3 GP10. From this minute mark to 7:30, you get 455 gold, so you must have 10-20 farmed minions, to get your second GP10 item, not so much really. Now you have 30.3 GP10 From this time to the mark of 10 minutes, whit 10-20 more creeps, you can get your third GP10 item, so you have 35.3 GP10 passively, it's like killing 2 creeps every 10 seconds (or the same that getting 5/6 creeps per wave).
All these numbers don't take into account any kill or ***it even.
From the minute 10 to the minute 30, you get 4236 FREE gold, a lot really.

So wiht these numbers, I say, GP10 items are spectacular in Evelynn, because you aren't getting CS at all.
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Evelynn needs Lich Bane to cause damage. So, before minute 20 whit no kills, you lack of damage. Don't worry, after this, your damage rockets up, and is very bursty.

First I get one of the GP10 recipe items, and one of each potion. In the first 10 minutes is important to get 3/3 GP10 items, and whit some luck, basic boots.

As a first item, get you'r Boots of Swiftness. I choose these over Mobility ones because them let me chase and run effectively, and not need to get out of combat like Mobility, it's important to have the ability to enter and leave combat when you need it.

Then you have to buy some AP to get the most of Lich Bane, so, when you buy it, you have more damage than the enemy expect. Ahhh... Lich Bane, it's important as I sayd above.
After this, you must focus on getting more and more AP, but whiout lacking of defense. The item selection that I made, lets you have nice Armor and MR, and have a lot of AP (I had 701 last match, whit full build + potions).

The items aren't fixed, (except Lich Bane), but you should focus on getting them, because are, in my oppinion, the best selections (except Deathfire Grasp). Edit: Now DFG is excelent in the build because of the status buff.
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Skill Sequence

I use almost on every match this skill sequence.
Warning! Wall text!

Is a ultra spameable skill, the lowest CD of all skills in the game (0.8 second at the start!), but lacks of damage. Yes... the damage is so low in early levels and even on late game, that you use it almost only to proc Sheen/Lich bane... and add damage up when you need it. Hate Spike is instant and don't reset you'r autoattack timer. The other problem whit it, is that it target the NEAREST enemy, so you can target minions when autoattacking champions... sad. Well, this skill, is spectacular (even when I sayd no before XP) to open at two lone champions on a brush, because if you are stealthed, both get slowed. Also, at high levels whit mid/high AP, Hate Spike causes nice damage (400 aprox at the first target per cast, is like autoattacking whit an AD carry xP). Be prepared to smash this skill when using Evelynn, but always consider that isn't probable that you get a kill whit this. I choose taking it before ulti, but maxing it mid/late.

Ah... the skill that caused all the trouble whit Evelynn. It's your main everything skill whit Evelynn. It's you pre-opener, you'r skill to run away, to roam around, to be a walking ward... all... This skill is pretty nice, is one of the most important things learn how to manage it's CD and how to enter in stealth in mid battle. Usually, I open someone (when I know that I can kill him), burst him fast and activate it as soon as I can, so when I kill the target (or fail to do it) I'm already stealthed. The key is know how much delay damage causes on it, and how much delay you'r attacks cause.
Some tips whit it:
-If you're inside a brush unstealthed, and leave it whit stealth, you'r enemy won't know where you are.
-If you're getting attacked by minions during stealth, there is a Vision Ward. Try to avoid that place or counter ward it.
-If you manage to enter in a teamfight, try to kite people and play hide and seek, entering into brushes or into the fog to cast stealth. Most times, people will follow you, or won't spect you'r return into the fight (I got so many kills doing this, even leaving battle in 100 hp or so, and killing someone that is running away. You heal a little and get you'r ulti back to roam around).
-You can activate it and them recall. You get recall casted stealthed.
-Know all the implications of this skill, how it works and make you'r own tricks and tactics. Remember not abusing of the same trick on a match, because people learn fast.
I take this at LvL 2, because if you take it at lvl 1, people will just ignore you, because nothing is less threathing that an autoattack of Evelynn. Then I get it to lvl 3, because 30 seconds of stealth are in most cases enough to run from one side of the river to the other, enter in a brush, waiting it Cd going off, and entering into stealth again.

You'r main nuke spell when paired whit , it's usually the button you press on every CD, targeting the squishiest target of course. You will use this to open peolpe paired whit stealth, hitting them whit you'r Lich Bane proc, and laugh when they are on 25% his health left and you'r whit you'r ult burning their HP left.
If you are in troubles, always remember to use Ravage on CD. It can hit for the same ammount that you'r lich bane proc, heals you whit Spell Vamp and Shred Target defenses. It does a lot of things, and can be lifesaver. Also remember when you re-enter into stealth during a fight, to reopen whit this if you can to get the slow.
I take it at lvl 1, because it does nice damage even when it's a Lvl 1 skill. The bad side is the mana cost, for our luck, you won't be spamming this skill, because it have semi-long CD. Get it maxed after getting Lvl 3 stealth and lvl 3 Hate Spike.

Ahh... that ult. Is a very good ult. You want to press it in almost every fight, to chase people, to run away, to burst people faster, well... to do a lot of things. The best of this ult, is that you get it Cooldown refreshed on every kill or assist, doesn't matter if you have it active or not (Master Yi is sad). You become a very very very speedy character when paired whit +3 Boots and Lich bane, so abuse of this skill. Ah I forgot to mention, when you get a kill or assist, you get healed for a medium amount, so you can get a last breath before die, or to kill anyone else whit the extra health. A lot of times I was about die, run away in a team fight, seen the Karthus ult aiming for my life, and get two or three kills or assist, get healed by 750 aprox, and saved.
It's a must maxme skill.
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Summoner Spells

Must have. No discussion here. You can stealth, flash over a wall and say good bye to all you'r enemies.

It's a very good SS for Evelynn, because it adds early levels damage, when you need it the most, and late game utilty, becoming a very good choice.

Other viable options

You can catch someone running away when you don't have stealth, or slow someone chasing you to say goodbye when you enter into stealth. Very good alternative.

You'r like a support, this skill is good, and even better when you use it to choose what path will you follow to run/chase/etc. As a comment, is ultra easy to stealth Baron/Dragon/Blue/Red whit Evelynn, so this skill is good.

If you don't have a jungler, or have one whitout smite, you can get you'r opponent confused if you take smite. They won't suspect that you will steal their buffs from them by just casting smite stealthed. If you're planing doing this, remember to pick Shadow Walk as a first skill.
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Team Work

You are the surprise element of you'r team. Before Lich Bane, people laughs at you. After it, they fear of you.
Usually you run around destroying wards, and yourself become a moving ward. You can call you'r team to kill someone that consider himself safe.
You can save a lot of times you'r team to enter into a loss team fight, by distracting the other team and giving you'r team time to run away.

Playing as Evelynn is fun, but most time you get blamed for not "helping" your team.
Before doing anithing, be sure that you'r Lane Mate, and the rest of the team too knows what are you trying to do.
More explantion in next chapter: Laning, Ganking and End-Game
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Laning, Ganking and End-Game

Laning fase:

Evelynn can't carry as her own, so you want to go bot and "support" you'r carry.
By just turning stealth on, you can zone enemyes, because people often fears ganks in all the lanes when you aren't in any place. For that, is ultra important get rid off the Pink Wards. You can carry pink wards by yourself, and ask other laners to tell you where enemys have their. Usually, in bot, the first and/or second brush have the pink ward (you can notice it if minions hit you when you'r standing stealthed into a brush), but also, in middle of the lane.
In mid, middle of the lane is almost the only safe spot to ward. Top, the same as bot.
Thats you'r early game life, usually, you won't die, and if you'r carry does, he will blame you T_T. Remember to support you'r carry by slowing enemys, stealthing near a brush, hitting someone and running away. Learn how to use the brushes the most.

When you have some offensive power, you can start ganking. Usually you should get enemy blue warded, also some way in their jungle. Ask you'r mates to ward their lanes too, so you can help the jungler to gank, and cover lanes by not being there (sounds weird, but a lot of times I stealthed in a place that I know there is a non-pink ward, then walk into the way of the lane, then retreating back to my lane. So, you are covering Mid by fear, and Bot by precense).
You can get the most of Evelynn by knowing where you'r enemy thinks that you are, but not being there.

In mid game, you are pretty deadly when finishing foes, stealing buffs, ganking recalling people, etc. If you manage to get a few kills before laning fase ends, usually the enemy team will use their gold to buy Oracles. Now you'r team have a 400 gold advantage for every oracle the enemy team buys, but you want to always know where the oracles are. Remember to keep warded key places, such as buffs, dragon, baron, and as a trick, ward the brush between first and second tower, there you see a lot of enemys, also where the minions are.

Late game, you keep doing the same job, remember to always know what you can one-shot, what you will need to fight against, and what you can't kill. Having you'r own oracle now is useful.
When a teamfight starts, you'r job is decimate at least the enemy carry. If you manage to do this, you'r work is done, so, when the enemy retreats weak, you can finish them off.
Also, remember again to know where oracles are, if a Tank have oracle, you should make you'r own rute to the carry, often runing around the jungle. It's like a spy game, is fun really XP.
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Unique Skills

Under construction, I'll try to add some videos of my gameplay :D.
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I want to give thanks to my team, Blood Lycans, because they know how to play when I use Evelynn. Usually is almost imposible to get an entire team adapt you'r gameplay, but when they do, the results are very positives.

Also thanks the comments to improve the guide, if someone can fix my misspells, I would be happy :D
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pitufito Dell
Pitufito Dell Evelynn Guide
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Evelynn, the shadow behind your head

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