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Lux Build Guide by Ewokmyweewok

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ewokmyweewok

Everlasting Light

Ewokmyweewok Last updated on July 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, and welcome to my Lux guide. This is my first guide, however I don't expect you to go any easier on me because of that reason. If you like it, tell me why. If you don't, tell me why and I'll try and improve to the best of my ability.

I started playing Lux a few weeks ago and she is by far my favorite champion, as well as the most fun champion I've played. I enjoy playing a support class, but I also love doing damage. That's why I love playing Lux. I play Lux as an AP Carry, and since Lux is a champ who has no trouble getting assists (thanks to Mejais and the AP it provides), it makes your item purchasing very versatile and you can purchase a LOT of wards and such to support your team.

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9x Greater Mark of Insight: Magic Pen, quite obvious. Helps a lot in all aspects, especially early game damage.

You have a lot of options with Lux's yellow runes. I'll list the possibilities.

9x Greater Seal of Clarity: I play Lux very very aggressively, I'm always harassing the enemy early game, so mana regen helps quite a bit. Plus, I hate being oom, and I find that Lux has mana issues... especially early game.

9x Greater Seal of Fortitude: Lux has health issues throughout the entire game, but especially early game. If you get in a bad situation early game, you're basically dead, especially if you don't have Flash. A lot of people roll with flat health seals, but I personally prefer the mana regen.

9x Greater Seal of Resistance: Armor's always nice throughout the game, however I don't prefer it.

You have a few options regarding Glyphs as well.

9x Greater Glyph of Force: Provide additional AP throughout the game. All around great runes.

9x Greater Glyph of Warding: Magic Resist is alright, too. However, you should be far away enough from the enemy team to not worry too much about damage in most cases.

Few options for Quintessences.

2x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude & 1x Greater Quintessence of Potency: These are the Quints I run. As I said Lux has a lot of health issues, especially early game, so the extra 52 health early game does help, believe it or not. Also, I take one flat AP Quint for extra early game damage as well.

3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude: You can run three flat health Quints early game for even more health. I prefer the little extra damage, personally.

3x Greater Quintessence of Potency: You can also run three flat AP Quints for a lot of early game damage. However, your health will be pretty low. I've yet to try three flat AP Quints, but the damage increase is probably very noticeable early game.

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Self explanatory. Your basic 9/21 AP Carry spec. Don't think I need to provide any information, really.

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As you may notice I have tons of wards in my item build. This is because wards are very important and I try to buy them every time I go back (at least 2).

The reason I love Lux so much is because she relies heavily off of Mejais, and it's awesome because Lux gets SO many assists. So since you'll be getting tons of assists, there's a lot of open room to support your team. Meaning, you can buy tons of wards, oracles, etc.

Early Game: I start off with Regrowth Pendant and 1x Health Pot to stay in the lane. I usually always send the other person back before I have to. Basically, I'll get to around level 8 (When I grab my shield spell so I can play very aggressive), and if they haven't gone back by then, I'll do my best FORCE them to go back. It's not too hard, you just have to land all your shots, or get a teammate to help you gank. You can usually get someone to go back and buy by landing your Q>then E> and then Ulting them.

On first back I purchase my Philo stone which allows you to practically dominate your lane, two health pots, and two wards. I have a picture further into the guide showing decent spots for ward placement.

Mid Game: This is where the fun begins. I consider "mid game" when I have Mejais, and T2 boots. Basically, your goal now is to just get an assist/kill WHENEVER possible. Also, throughout the game be SURE to keep Dragon warded at all times. After playing for a long time now, and watching tons of gameplay and tournaments, I've learned that dragon control is probably the most important thing. This is also the time in which team fights will start taking place. For team fights make sure you're always at the back and or away from the enemy team. If in a bad spot, Lux is the type of champion that will die in little to no effort.

Late Game: People say late game is when Lux starts to lose her place, but I don't agree. I love Lux because she's in my opinion extremely useful ALL game. If you have a decent amount of stacks on your Mejais, your Ult will absolutely tear through a team. Same as mid game, for team fights make sure you're AWAY from the enemy team during team fights at all times. Do NOT get caught between everything, or you're dead.

Around the beginning of late game you should have your Deathcap and Oracles to actively smash wards, especially around baron/dragon so you ALWAYS have control. Late game for Lux is very important. You must, I repeat, MUST, do your best to keep dragon and especially baron warded.

If you still haven't won after a successful team fight, or a baron, etc, then buy your Void Staff. If for some reason you still haven't won and the game is somehow dragging on, then buy your Abyssal Scepter and make the enemy team cry. I've personally never gotten farther than the Abyssal Scepter... but if you SOMEHOW still have NOT won, and you're being targeted every team fight, buy a defensive item such as Banshee's.

Brilliance Elixir: Great for endgame to reduce the cooldown on your abilities, most important being your Ult.

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Skill Sequence

At level 1 I take Q first, because there's always a chance of a team fight whilst guarding your team's blue, or a possible gank as you solo lane, etc. I max my E first, as that's your main source of damage aside from your Ult. I then go into Q, and then max the W (shield). I don't max my shield right away because it's not really useful until team fights which occur later into the game.

As far as when to use what, that's situational. If you're being chased down and you know you can't get a kill and you need to run, just Q to stun, and then E to slow (DON'T BLOW IT UP OR THE SLOW WILL EXPIRE). If you're in a teamfight I usually throw my W on my team, throw my E in the crossfire, then use my Ult, THEN press E again to blow it up. DON'T just waste your Q and throw it into the team fight. Always save it for runners/people your team is chasing/or if YOU need to escape.

IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE ABOUT HER ULT: Do NOT just use your ult for kills. Her ult near end game with all your items, blue, brilliance exlir, has CLOSE to a 24s CD.

Spam that ult. SPAM IT.

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Summoner Spells

My two main spells:
: Personally it's a must needed skill on Lux. Your health is incredibly low early game and also throughout the game, so you need this to escape certain situations. It's most important early game, really. Once you start hitting higher brackets, ganks become something that occur a lot. For example, I always try to take a solo lane, whether it's top or mid. When you're solo laning early game, you're very susceptible to ganks from enemy junglers/enemies in general.

Aside from escaping, Flash is also awesome for setting up ganks and getting a kill/assist in general. It's really just an amazing skill that I can't go without.
: As I said in this guide earlier, I play Lux as an AP Carry, but also a support in many aspects. I find CV to be the most useful skill on Lux aside from Flash. It's a great skill for practically everything. Seeing where MIAs are headed, checking the enemy jungler's route, checking to see if any MIAs are near you, etc. I primarily play with good friends, and one of them is a jungler, so I always use it to help him check the enemy jungle so he can easily counter jungle.

As I said earlier in the guide, I play Lux very aggressive early game to ensure that the enemy is the first one to go back. CV makes this very easy since you pretty much always know if you're safe to engage or not. It's just a great skill on Lux.

Alternatives to CV:

: Nice alternative to CV. With Ignite you can be INCREDIBLY aggressive and do tons of damage, however, you're susceptible to ganks, and you'll lose quite a large impact on the support aspect of Lux, and be more of an AP carry with slight support roles.
: Another nice alternative to CV. Helps catch kills and escape ganks. Simple.
: Teleport is nice on a lot of champions, and Lux is one of them. I find it helpful because you can get a lot of assists and ult kills with it by teleporting to well placed wards, or even minions.
: Another nice alternative on Lux because if you're caught in a bad stun/any sort of CC and you get focused, you're dead. Combined with Flash, Cleanse can save your life.

What NOT to use:

: I've always found this to be an unnecessary summoner spell. It may seem like it helps, but it really doesn't in most cases. I'd say it's best on a champ like Rammus, because if you get tower dived you can use Fortify, and then taunt the enemy. It's a guaranteed kill.
: Pro Anivia Pro guide Pro.
: You're not jungling and you're not in any way in need of assistance with last hitting.
: I've still never seen this summoner spell used before. Heh.
: Personally, I don't feel Heal is a decent summoner spell. Easily mitigated in most situations. However, it's all preference. You can use it as an alternative if you want, I suppose.
: You have slight mana issues, but not enough to go and use Clarity. Plus, you're primarily an AP carry with a lot of support elements. Unless you're going primarily support and you have a team with a lot of mana hungry champs (Anivia, etc), then don't use this.
: Nah, leave it to the AD champs.

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Pros / Cons


-Incredible burst.
-Long range on spells.
-Has two forms of useful CC.
-Decent shield spell.
-Almost impossible to miss skill shots.
-With this build she does incredible damage, and also has very nice support aspects.
-Ridiculously fun.


-Health issues throughout the game, primarily early game.
-Slight mana issues, especially early game.
-Before late game when you start getting nice amounts CD reduction, after you go through your rotation you're sort of "useless" for a few seconds.
-Xin Zhao picks on you... a lot....

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See a minion wave? Is it late game and do you have decent amounts of CD reduction? ULT IT.

See a minion wave? Is it early game? Is your mana fairly high? Throw your E into it and then last hit them to death with your passive.

That's really it. Basically, she's easy to farm with.

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Team Work

Thought I'd add this to discuss something. Lux's Ult has a fairly decent range, this can be used to steal the enemy's buffs (primarily and most important dragon/baron). This is when CV comes into play as well if you don't have that specific location warded.

For example, you lost a team fight and you have around 5 seconds to respawn and you notice the enemy team is headed towards baron. You have your beautiful ward there, so you know they're doing it, and the health of baron. You get in range to ult baron when necessary... and then ult it, and then pray.

Same goes for dragon.


1. Watch health of dragon/baron.

2. When low enough to steal, ult.

3. Pray.

You got it: Awesome, now go win.

You didn't get it: Aww :(

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And that's my Lux guide. I hope you enjoyed reading it, because I definitely appreciate any input you may have. As I said, this was a primarily based AP Carry Lux guide with a lot of nice support aspects to help your team in the long run.

Now go shoot giant rainbow lasers!

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Ward Placement

Desired locations for ward placement. It's most important to keep dragon warded at all times, and when late game arrives keep baron warded at all times. Make sure to purchase oracles early late game to smash their wards!