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Fizz Build Guide by razorlemon

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author razorlemon

Everyday I'm Fizzlin!!

razorlemon Last updated on November 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, its me Razorlemon. This is my 2nd guide. My first one was on Shyvanna, titled ENTER THE DRAGON!! I don't know much about posting pictures and such on the guides, so its mostly in writing. I'd appreciate any help from readers who are interested in helping me link pics and such so that the tooltip appears when hovered over with the mouse. Anyhow, I play Fizz as a Laner. Fizz has awesome burst damage, you can liken him to be the magic version of Akali. Whether he is easier/harder to use depends on each individual player. I found him interesting AND amazing to use, much like Shyvanna :D As most discussions out there and as the Champion Preview revealed, TIMING is everything in executing your 3rd skill to avoid damage, much like avoiding damage with Shaco's Hallucinate. Keep in mind that although he's a bit squishy, he can still hold his own against beefier enemies, thanks to his 2nd skill; but more on that later. I've got a screenshot of my match history, but I don't know how to upload them so you guys can see it. Like I said, I welcome any and all help to improve my guide writing.

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As for the choices of runes, I chose to go with Magic Penetration Marks, Attack Speed Seals, Cooldown Reduction Glyphs, and Health regen per level Quintessences. Magic penetration marks are there to ensure the enemy feels the pain from your burst, it lets them know you mean business when they see you pole-vaulting over your trident! Attack speed seals are there help increase your base attack speed; put it this way, since you're a squish hero, you'd wanna make sure the enemy dies BEFORE they make you feel the punishment. Cooldown Glyphs are an excellent choice to have to ensure that your skills just keep on rolling in without too much delay. health regen per level is there to help survivability.

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The masteries that i have selected are those suggested by Phreak in his Champion spotlight. I believe his argument is sound and it really helps Fizz in game.

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Right! My item build. Reqrowth pendant and pot gives you massive survivability in laning, and it helps you poke with W and harass effectively. I rarely return until I have enough money for boots and Philosopher's stone. Then, you should rush Rod of Ages and Rylai, as it gives you insane health boost and ability power for that extra damage in bursting as well. Grabbing Sheen later on will give you more bursting damage as well. Like any AP burster/carry/assassin, Deathcap is a must for increased damage output. Upgrading to Lichbane will ensure even more damage as it adds your total ability points, which by now would be quite high, into your next basic attack. That pretty much sums up your arsenal, and items beyond that are situational such as Hourglass, Guardians, Banshee's etc. I prefer to go for Swift Boots as it gives you maximum speed for chasing. Granted other boots have their benefits as well, its a fact that the faster you move, the easier it is to chase and kill. You should consider upgrading Stone to Eleisa's Miracle at some point in the build as it gives you Tenacity. This will then take care of the tenacity that comes with Mercury Treads, trading it for faster movement speed. I find Nashor's Tooth to be a good item for Fizz as well, for the ability power and attack speed, as well as Cooldown reduction for mid to endgame. Consider getting it over Eleisa's Miracle if feasable.

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Skill Sequence

Nimble Fighter

This is Fizz's passive. It reduces incoing damage from basic attacks, and it allows you to move without unit collision as if u were using ghost at ALL TIMES. Perfect for chasing, and perfect for poking enemies as it makes the creep damage bearable to deal with. It shouldn't hurt too much seein as you will bring a regrowth pendant.

Urchin Strike

I only get one point of this simply because i don't use it for the damage. Rather, i use it to close gaps in fights, and for chasing. This skill is complemented well with His 3rd as it gives you more distance to chase.

Seastone Trident

This skill I max out 1st because of the insane damage that it does. It does MORE damage the lesser your enemies' health is, much like rubbing salt into and open wound. When activated, this skill does extra magic damage, and reduces enemie's healing, much like what Ignite does. Come to think of it, this skill itself is pretty much an Ignite, the similarities being A) reduces incoming healing B) Does damage over time (increasing the lower the enemies' health is).

Playful/ Trickster

This skill is what makes Fizz so fun and interesting to play with. Activate it, and he will jump on his trident on where your mouse cursor was. If you don't reactivate it, 0.5 scs later, he will jump off his trident and deal AoE damage PLUS slowing the affected enemies in the area. IF you reactivate the skill, he will jump off the trident in the direction your mouse cursor was, dealing damage, but with NO slow. It's interesting to note that this skill works much like how flash does, with an epic cooldown of 15scs at lvl 1. Following the mastery guide with item build will greatly decrease the cooldown times of your skills and allowing a fluid flow of your skills without too much downtime. Good reflexes are what makes or breaks Fizz players. This skill enables you to A) buy time till teammate arrives B)jump over walls much like Flash C) Avoid incoming damage from skills PROVIDED you time it nicely. Avoiding damage from skills needs practice and timing, but all in all it shouldn't be too hard seeing as you have 0.5 scs of immunity while Fizz prances on top of his scepter. I find avoiding damage like Karthus's ulti much easier to do with Fizz than Shaco's ulti. Other ultimates that he is able to negate with proper timing are A) Pryoclasm B) Requiem C) Ace in the hole D) Crowstorm. PLEASE NOTE that these are not ALL the skill he is able to escape, as he can pretty much escape almost ANYTHING with PROPER TIMING, such as Blitz's Grab. Its pretty much a mini Zhonya's Hourglass every 6 seconds.

Chum the waters

Chum the waters is a skill shot nuke that shoots a fish in the desired direction. It will latch on to the 1st enemy champion hit, or if it misses, it will land on the ground. It will still latch onto an enemy hero if said hero walks over the fish. 1.5 scs after casting, a GIGANTIC shark leaps out of nowhere from below and eats the fish, knocking up all enemies caught in its AoE and deals a flat amount of magic damage PLUS 100% of your ability power. It knocks back enemies who are near the edge of the skill, and ALL affected targets are slowed for a short time. This massive burst damage borders on the insane, much like Malzahar's ulti (another favourite champion of mine). With a 60scs base cooldown, go ahead and use it to A) initiate a fight B)Run away from a fight C) Chase a running target D) to buy time with the knockback

Skill Sequence

My usual skill sequence: W->Q->E->R
I empower my attack with W then poke the enemy. Wear down his health then Q on him. If he were fighting you, it means that he's next to you, so when you pop Q, you should land a distance BEHIND him, cutting off his escape route. In any case, if he's running away, you can chase him with Q and E. Pop an R to secure the kill if he's running away, or to buy time to chase after him.

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Summoner Spells


You don't really need flash because your 3rd skill is the embodiment of flash itself. But if you really can't play without it, go ahead and bring it along.


Good choice for chasing.


Exhaust is also another good spell to bring along. It enables you to chase enemies, and it also enables you to survive and dish out the pain against enemy tanks. Exhaust+Surge is a good combination of summoner spells to have in any game, as exhaust is awesome against enemy carries as well.


This is an awesome skill for Fizz. It gives increased attack speed with a small boost in ability power while activated. This spell enables you to hold your own against beefier enemies. I prefer bringing this along over Ghost as I'm quite fond of Reverie.


As I've said before, your 2nd skill is the embodiment of Ignite itself. Its up to personal preference as to which Summoner spell you wish to bring. Always a good spell to have in any match.


Another awesome spell to have as a assassin/carry. This enables you to negate that ONE crowd control that would have otherwise mean an epic Penta kill for you.