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Viktor Build Guide by DeltaClone

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeltaClone

Evolve And Conquer (Season 3)

DeltaClone Last updated on January 31, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello mobafire this is my first guide on here. Hope you like it and i would really like some feedback to help me improve this guide. To start of viktor is a really fun verstiale champ that can be played in many different ways from Tanky ap caster to glass cannon ap and a support ap caster.

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Pros / Cons

> Excellent Farmer
> Great Poke :D
> He is a VERY unique champion
> Works Really well in team fights
> Good CC
> Fun Champ

> Squishy Early Game
> Takes Some Practice
> Underestimated champ(Good and bad)
>His Evil according to Jacye

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Runes are a pretty standard set-up. Ability Power Quints help out early game with your poke although you could switch them for magic peb Quints for more damage if they have a lot of MR.The seals are for mana regen. Magic Pen marks are self explanitory. With glyphs you should take the standard ap or if you are up against a ap mid that can burst you down you should take Mr Glyphs.

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Take 21/0/9 pretty standard masteries to help you out early game.

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Start of Boots of Speed and 3 health Pots then try to farm up to around 1100 gold so you can buy the Augement:Death and be able to buy some health post and maybe a ward.After that get your Sorcerers shoes mostly because viktor is a slow poke and also because the extra magig pen helps out.After that i usually get a giants belt to help me substain in lane a little longer and the giants belt helps me out a lot early game because that extra 400 health is life saving. Get rabadons deathcap next to get TONS OF DAMAGE. then finish building rylais crystal scepter to get the extra health/ap. also the passive from rylais helps viktor out a lot if he is chasing or running away. Next I Usually build Zhonyas hourglass due to you getting focused and what not. Zhonyas is a very good item for Viktor one because he will get focused once he starts doing tons of damage.secondly because his cd's are somewhat high and those 2 secons could help bring them down so you can cast it as soon as you come off the Zhonyas. Thirdly it gives you 100 ap and some armor which will give you even more durability. Lastly take Void staff because by this time in the game your enemies will start to build MR. A suggestion is when you buy void staff sell your sorcerers shoes and get some merc thready to give you some extra MR and the passive from boots to reduce any CC the enemy team may have.

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Skill Sequence

His skill sequence is pretty self explanitory because your main damage is going to be your death ray. you only need to take 1 point in your W. it is recomended to take your W at level 2 because of those early gankers.Level up ult whenever possible. His Q is that other spell that does damage just level it up second after your E.

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I think Viktor Laser is one of thje hardest abilities to learn in the game. Well to start off if you know how to use rumbles ult you might as well skip this section If not then listen up. To start off viktor Laser is a somewhat complicated spell to explain. Anyways to use his spell Hold down your mouse button and aim it.This is the easy way to do it but it takes longer for you to use this spell. Once you are more experienced hold down the button and slide it toward where you want to shoot it. i think the best way to land this ability is to do it when the enemy least expects it. also try to use movement prediction and aim it toward where you think they will walk. to make this process faster i recommend using smart casting. i dont like it but you are always welcome to give it a try it helps his burst out by a lot a couple seconds can be the difference between life and death.

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Team Work

Viktor works really well with either poke team comps or CC comps. He is good at poke comps because he has a really long range poke that does tons of damage and if you manage to hit at least half their team with your laser you will want to initiate as soon as your e is of CD. If your team is running a Poke comp i recommend taking augment: Gravity to catch one of them off with the extra range you get. Viktor also works with CC comps because he has a CC of his own that can be game changing.Remember to always apply your ult to enemies that have Chaneled spells to interrupt them.

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Not much to say about farming except last hit till you can go back and buy Augment: Death and then use your laser on the creeps in the back and you should be able to take them out easily.

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Thanks For Reading

Thank you for reading my guide. I know i need to make improvements to it and i would really like some feedback. Also since im new to creating guides i would like someone to teach me how to add pictures and videos to improve this guide.