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Ezreal Build Guide by Impishnight

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Impishnight

Ez-Who Needs A Map?

Impishnight Last updated on January 4, 2012
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This is my first guide ever, and I chose to do it for one of my favorite champions Ezreal the Prodigal Explorer. I build Him AD, with very slight mana and health items to keep him in the field longer instead of missing precious experience out in the field, I also at the end go a tiny bit hybrid. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.

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WARNING~It's all Skill

Warning Ezreal is all shill shots meaning you have to aim your abilties instead of auto-locking them. If you can learn how to use them it will reward you, if you can't it will make ezreal just above the rank of a super minion. It takes quick thinking and reflexes!

With that being said I want to talk about his skills. By far his most valuable skill is his Q (mystic shot), while his least important skill is his W (Essence Flux)

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For runes I go with
~Greater Mark of Desolation x9 ~Greater Quintessence of Strength x2
~Greater Seals of Alacrity x9 ~Greater Quintessence of Desolation x1
~Greater Glyphs of Strength x9

The Reason I do this is so that along with the added strength, attack speed, and Armor Penetration you can take many champions with ease. These runes help your auto-attack and even your Q (Mystic Shot)

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~Most Important Item?~
The one item I stress for any Ezreal player to get new or old is Wriggles as early as possible, as in my build I start building Madreds razor's first with the long sword then waiting to upgrade it until after I get my boots to a wriggles. A reason why this is so useful is that when enemy champs retreat you have a ultimate skill shot that can fire across the map, but if you cannot see them whats the point! its like trying to shoot a mouse in the dark, so what I do with it is put it in between the towers of my lane. How to do this is to go through the jungle and around the turret. then the next time they retreat at low health blast them with your ulti!

The other items focus on speed, damage, lifesteal, and a little bit of mana and Health to keep you in that extra second. The reason why I say get sheen as your first item instead of the other trinity force items is because of sheen's auto-attack buff of 150% ad after a skill attack... it pretty much explains itself. even though I said get phantom dancer you can simply just get banshee's veil (though if you are a ez you should be away from the battle) it helps negate killing abilities like warwicks infinite duress. Also switch up the build after you get trinity force, if you notice that your hp is getting drained go for the gunblade before the infinity edge.

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How I found Ez to excel in battle is a carry killer, after the commotion of battle has started try to prioritize the carry being focused or with the least amount of health (behind the melees and tank of course). This enables you to quickly pick off the threats and enabling your team to focus off the rest, though make sure you join them when you are done and make sure to focus the tank DEAD LAST, unless he is almost dead because then your max usefulness is gone!

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Buff & Killsteals

Remember you are the AD carry you deserve a few kill steals here and totally deserving the blue buff if people ignore it, just remember not to overdo it and make sure that you are thinking of others vs. only yourself. Remember the enemy is the other team not your own so treat them as you would a comrade not some person you don't know. You are in this mess together so go find a way out of there!

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This is my build of Ezreal, please comment and tell me what you think!

~This guide will have pictures~