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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WeeDMonsTeR


WeeDMonsTeR Last updated on March 2, 2011
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Hello boys and girls, i found Ezreal a rly awesome Champion. I've been playing with him some games when he was free and i rly like it so i decide to buy it. I think i found the best way to build Ezreal and have alot from everything and mostly the thing you need Damage and armor pen. I will try to show you my way.

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1.67 armor pen. X9
0.75% dodge. X9
0.65% cooldowns. X9
3.3 armor pen. X3

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Starting Game

Ok first thing you need is+ 2. After that i love to play mid but its not everytime the best choice ofc depend who you facing from the other side but if you can go mid. Try get minions with last hit dont go auto attack if the other hero play aggresive you can easy go back a little and w8 to get clean shot with yourit will make a good damage if you follow this build. You will need atleast 1000+ gold before you go first time for items, when you go buyandmb you will wonder why i get first item for mana instead some damage in start, cuz after you completeyou will have good damage and enough mana for spam with your first skill which is your best skill. After buying Manamune upgrade your boots tosome play withother withofc mercurys r awesome boots help alot but i rly think swiftness are best for Ez. Now you will be able to gank but dont expect alot its still early game :) Next item i think is good rEz dont have alot of hp so this item give you damage for your base attack and your first skill and some hp so you can take a little more damage. Mb you already know what is the other itemsome mana which is damage after you have Manamune, little ability. As you can see on the build we go for trinity after you get these 2 items collect some gold and buy itand now you will have good damage, nice movement, good hp, alot of mana and important thing, after you cast a spell your next attack will do 150% more damage. Next item you need isafter we got all these items we need some damage so i preferits good only cuz +40 bonus damage and if you wanna be a realy bad *** carry you need it, and the last item getwith this your item build is complete, but still if you r new one with Ezreal and dont have a rly good control over the hero mb you will be disappointed and other thing is that you need to follow my steps exactly like i say it, for items i mean dont try to buy first bloodthirster or trinity. Well i think thats all in this Chapter i play everytime with this build and i can tell you i dont think there is a better one (hehehehehehe).

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Your priority is to upfirst on 5 lvl cuz this is the magic that makes ezreal a dangerous guy. Up it on first level also you can chek bushes to be sure there is no1 waiting for you, on second lvl upjust in case if they r decide to early gank you. Well after that you can follow Skill sequence on build and will be fine.

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Summoner Spells

Well here i use-in some point ghost is not that good choice cuz you already have good movement + dodge chance + 10% more speed for 5 sec but its your choice.

Other option is againandmb you ask why i already have my 3-skill, true but if you combo your flash + your 3-skill you can jump alot and your enemy will need a rly speedy guy to catch you and vice versa if you chase some1 he will need alot of skill's to escape from you. This is the spells i use other's i think r useless on Eza.

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Ranked Play

I rly dont think there is a difference where you will play with this build on normal or ranked you still gona pwn them ^^

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Team Work

Hmm what can i say here.. I dont rly think Ezreal is a most of team work guy, for me is more like one man army, ofc i dont say play all game solo or somth like that, but try after you buy some items to gank as much you can. It would be nice if you have 1 good tank in your team so he can tank them for you i think the best tank for team with Ezreal ismass taunt + a rly awesome damage absorb shield. If you r smart and buy someput them in their hot spots in jungle it will cost you what? 150-300 gold? but you will be able to see when someone is on low hp aswell your team too and can go kill him or the other way is withwill not understand what hit'em.

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This is going to be my second serious build and i think thats all you need to know about that build, if there r build's similar like this one well sry i didn't steal from anyone i just typed how i play it, i hope you try this one and see that Ezreal is a rly one Divine Champion and his power is coming straight from the Gods ^^ . Hope you like it, wish you all many kills and having fun in the battlefield of League Of Legends. Btw if you like Mordekaiser you can chek my profile to see my tank build.