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Ezreal Build Guide by byFnuzilla

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author byFnuzilla

Ezreal AP - Hai? DIE BYE.

byFnuzilla Last updated on July 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction - Ez AP.

A quick heads up.

This guide was made for those who really want to get into playing Ezreal AP. Ezreal is though, not a champion for all when you build him AP, you are gonna rely on skill-shots all the time. Even though that, he is gonna be amazing playing when you get used to skill-shotting, as he can burst so much so fast.

This is also my first Leauge related guide, and first with this kinda form. There is a few things that I could go more in-depth with. But as this guide will probably be one of the lower rated guides, this would do.

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Runes - Early feed.

The reason why I use these specific runes, are because, when I am playing Ezreal, I always go for a quick first couple of kills, so that I am ahead. Instead of leveling runes, I choose instant, so that I am harder to kill at the start, but easier in the late game, of course without any feed.

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Items - Sheen & Dorans.

When playing Ezreal AP. Theres a key item, which is Sheen. Which makes you deal alot more damage. As he can also can be played AD, Sheen is helping making him a bit of a hybrid. As he can easily do alot damage with his auto attacks when he has got Sheen.

Also the reason why I use 2 Doran Rings, is that it's an item that helps you alot. As it gives you more health, mana regeneration and abiliy power, which at the start, is really good to secure the first couple of kills.

When I am playing Ezreal, I can't really play him without Sheen, as it is also great for last hitting, as it makes it alot easier than normally.

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Skill Sequence - Teamfight.

Lets use a teamfight as an example.

Many might think that Trueshot Barrage should be used when the enemy team are fleeing. Though it should not, it should be used as an opener, like Ashe' Arrow. If you know that they are in a bush together, use it, hitting as many as possible, where after your tank should jump in, and you should use you Essence Flux, as it hits multiple enemy champions, and then quickly using an auto attack to use the effect of Sheen. Following up with your Mystic Shot, which also reduces the cooldown of all your spells by 1 sec, and then agian an auto shot. Your Arcane Shift can be used to hunt an enemy down, as it also fires a shot to the nearest target at the place you land.

If that would fail, and you find youself in a bad spot, with Arcane Shift on cooldown, you will have to resort to your Flash to survive, which is why thats 1 of the summoner spells.

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Summoner Spells - Which?

I'd say, depending on how well you are at your skill-shotting. You should choose out from that your summoner spells. Using heal and flash is a probably the best when your are less experienced in doing skill-shots. But when your used to it, and got a good feel, you can swap it out with Ignite which will help you secure a few more kills.

So ultimately. Heal and Flash for newer players, or less experienced skill-shotters, and Ignite and Flash for more experinced players.

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Summary - Great Champion.

Because of the way Ezreal is, he is really a great champion, as he can burst alot, he can easily get in and out of diffrent fights or tight situations. He is great for litterally everything, depending on how you build him.

He's a champion that is not very hard to master, but also a champion that is one of the most potential in the whole Leauge, atleast in my opinion. I'd reccomend him for almost any player.