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League of Legends Build Guide Author TomEdo

Ezreal - AP - Shift + Flux Build

TomEdo Last updated on September 24, 2010
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Ezreal - AP - Shift + Flux Build

Hi, I'm TomEdo and (after lots of analysis) I found the best AP build for a support Ezreal. Enjoy.

If you're a begginer at Ezreal, this guide will help you too. You'll find a lot of popular tricks and sometimes (for more experienced players) obvious tips.

Summoner Spells

It's very important to focus on survivability. As you all already know, Ezreal is very fragile and people just love to gank him for an easy kill. Cleanse, Ghost and your regular Arcane Shift spell gives you the ultimate running combo. It's very important for Ezreal to not feed the enemies.

Now, the usage of this. When you get ganked use Arcane Shift first to get out of combat. After that Cleanse (if there are some slows on you). You're safe! Ghost have a greater cool down than Cleanse so use it only when there is a serious need (like, when your enemy is a good chaser). But remember! It's always better to use your spells than die. Sometimes you get a stun at the beginning of a gank. It's obvious to use Cleanse immediately and then Arcane Shift. When your enemy can slow you at every attack, get distance (Shift) first, then disable the slow effect with Cleanse. Using Cleanse first it's usually a waste in this situation.

The Utillity tree gives you all you need and even more. Better ghost, more experience (low level champion it's a useless champion), more mana (that 5% is a lot, believe me), better mana regeneration, increased speed, lower cool downs of your champions abilities and your summoners spells. Even that 1 gold more can make a difference. The Offense tree gives you the best thing for a AP champ: lower cool downs and better magic penetration.


This set of runes gives you a magic penetration bonus until you get a Void Staff. The bonus health can often allow you to avoid death (think about it, when you run and you've got 50 HP left, this is that bonus health).


Archangel Staff gives you enough mana and ability power at the beginning. Sorcerer's Shoes are the best option for a caster. Lich Bane gives your Mystic Shot enough power to use it as a serious damage dealing spell. The bonus mana, ability power, speed and magic resistance are valuable too. Zhonya gives you enough ability power to blast squishy champions without problems. It can be useful too when the enemy team focus you and you need some protection for few seconds. Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Void Staff are bonus effects and buying them depends on situation. When the enemies are too fast, take Rylai for a useful slow effect, when they have a lot of magic resistance, Void Staff would be the best option.

How to play

Now the hardest part. How to play with this build and use it properly. I will try to present it in an easy way in form of short tips. The game style depends on what you already bought so I'll point it:

Some general tips:
- your auto attack is useless against enemy champions, use it only in emergency
- you're skill dependent, use them all the time and stay outside battles, deal damage from distance
-you have no chance 1 on 1 with a melee champion, keep the distance all the time
- Ezreal without mana is a useless Ezreal, when you�re out of mana teleport home (but don�t leave the towers without care)
- avoid getting hit, always, you�re not Mordekaiser
- when you must kill lots of minions and you don�t have Lich Bane yet, use Arcane Shift and Mystic Shot together with your auto attack, it�ll increase you attack speed very fast
- when destroying a tower, attack it and cast Mystic Shots at minions around you all the time to get some haste, when you�re sure that nobody will try to gank you, use some Arcane Shift too, if a friendly champion is helping you, cast a Essence Flux at him to give him some attack speed too
- remember, you�re too fragile to survive long turret fire, it�s not worth it to die by getting too clos, because of that, don�t chase like crazy your enemies when they�re close to their defensive system
- the most important thing about Ezreal, your champion is not an overpowered killer, he needs skill and a bit of luck to get lots of kills and usually some help from other champs, his most powerful abilities works the best in team fights, not solo, so cooperate, it�s the only way to win and use your champions powers at 100%

Phase 1 (Meki Pendant and potions):
- try to get mid, for lots of money and experience
- use Mystic Shot to harras enemies until level 3rd after that pint it�ll be too weak to deal serious damage
- don�t waste too much mana, avoid using Essence Flux and Arcane Shift, use them only in emergency or when you have a very good opportunity and you are 100% sure that they�ll hit the target
- use your Mystic Shot on minions if you need additional push
- use your potions wisely, only when you need to, it�s a good idea to wait for level 6 and then drink the mana potion to use your ultimate
- when you reach 6, you can use Trueshot Barrage to get some additional push and recall for items

Phase 2 (Tear of the Goddess):
-now you can have some more fun, if your Essence Flux is already on level 3 you can use it to harras enemies for some nasty damage
-you can use sometimes your Mystic Shot to increase your maximum mana from Tear of the Goddess
- usually people will avoid getting hit, you can sometimes use Mystic Shot at them, even if the damage is weak they�ll still try to avoid it and keep the distance, if they�ll figure out that your Mystic Shot is not a big threat for them use Essence Flux to show them that you�re still dangerous

Phase 3 (Tear of the Goddess, Boots of Speed, Amplifying Tome):
-now the real game starts, search the map for heavily wounded champions who are trying to recall and send them a sweet Trueshot Barrage in the face, be sure the team will allow you to see such an enemy and point it sometimes, you�re not a god, you can�t be aware of everything
- don�t worry about the cool down of your ultimate, use them when you have an opportunity and then spam Mystic Shots at minions to get it back
- now you�ll probably have your Arcane Shift spell on a higher rank, the popular mistake is to use this spell only as a running option, it�s funny because it�s the most powerful Ezreal�s damage dealing ability after Trueshot Barrage, use it to teleport close to the opponent (to be sure that Arcane Shift will hit) and cast Essence Flux just after you appear, after that, increase the distance, the enemy usually will be too confused to react properly, use it carefully against champions with root or stun, be sure they won�t cast it when you�re close

Phase 4 (Archangel Staff, Sorcerer�s Shoes, Blasting Wand):
- continue with the Shift + Flux strategy, when a wounded enemy is running away teleport to him, cast a Flux and when he think he�s safe (and he�s low health) use your ultimate at him
- always try to cast Trueshot Barrage along the line, it�s easier to hit the target like that
- strike down running heroes, it�s quite easy to hit such a target even from your base, foresee how he�ll move and BANG! after a while you�ll get good at it
- in team fights, try to hit with Essence Flux enemies and allies too (especially melee and ranged AD champions) to buff their attack speed
- when a team fight begins, and you�re team can lose it, use your ultimate to deal great damage to the crowd of enemy champions, usually it�ll give your team an ace
- when an enemy is near a turret Arcane Shift to him and cast Flux, you�ll get hit with the turret once but the damage done to the enemy will be great

Phase 5 (Archangel Staff, Sorcerer�s Shoes, Lich Bane):
- now you can use your Mystic Shot to do a lot of damage to enemies form a great distance
- continue with the tactics presented above

With this build you'll surely learn how to play Ezreal. Some people say that AP weak after nerf. It's not true. Just try this build ;).

I�m not a master in English, sorry for the possible language mistakes in the text.

Thanks for reading.