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League of Legends Build Guide Author Averust

Ezreal: AP with a lot of space

Averust Last updated on May 30, 2011
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"Noxians, I hate those guys." - Ezreal

No offense to Noxians. Here is my AP Ezreal build. With this build I believe you have a lot of flexibility both in playstyle and build.

First off, I'd like to explain why I choose to play AP Ezreal. Your W and Ult in the end will do greater damage and you'll be more useful in team fights due to the fact that they pass through champions. Also, your Q is very useful as an AD player, but due to the fact that your Q will most likely be blocked by the tanky champs that run in the fight first, it becomes less useful in team fights. Leaving most of the killing to your basic attacks, except this puts you in closer to the battle, putting you more in danger. With AP you can harass safely from a distance as all your skills have good range. Mainly I choose AP over AD because you can fight much more safely with still good damage out put. Since even if you can have sustained damage, it does no good if you're dead.

Now that all his skills now you use AP in some way, AP is even more viable now. Also, since his Q and R is additive AD & AP it makes the hextech even more valuable.

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Pros / Cons


Great in any lane
Skills can be spammed
Global and powerful ult
Great burst potential
Great DPS potential
Teleport skill that can go through most walls
Awesome dance


Almost all skill shots
Very squishy
Harder to master
6300IP cost
Small mana issues

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I found that these runes usually work out well with this build.

Marks: Magic penetration, consider this is of course AP

Seal: On someone as squishy as Ezreal, just a little extra HP doesn't hurt. (Also just my opinion, but I feel that I recover more hp on level ups because of this) This rune is easily exchangeable for mana regen per level runes, but I really don't feel they're useful in the early game, which is the only time you would find it most useful. Not to mention I already recommend you carry Clarity.

Glyph: AP per level, because if you add the mastery and quintessences, it gives you a nice 3.42AP per level.

Quintessence: ^

The glyphs and marks I highly recommend you keep, but the quintessences and seals you can freely mess with if you feel the need.

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9-0-21 This is normally what I like to use as it gives you more spell penetration, ability power, and of course that random critical with a basic attack is always a nice treat. Not to mention the extra experience is always useful, better mana regen, shorter summoner spell cd, and shorter cd on skills.

21-0-9 is also ok, but since you're not doing too much physical damage, it's not particularly useful.

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Core Items

A very useful opening item for as it gives you a nice bonus to your increasing AP per level, and it's a component of two your items. Don't forget to pick up a Potion.

A great item for an AP champ IF you're doing good. My honest rule, if you back and can buy this, but your score is worse than 0/1/0 don't buy this, I do not think it will be beneficial.

More magic penetration for an AP build, what not to like?

It builds into our next core item and you'd be surprised by how an ult or well aimed W will give a decent amount of health back.

Lifesteal that works with your Q, decent AD, and a slow if opponents get too close, as well as the second component of your hextech.

Wait, wait! I bet you didn't see this one coming! That's right its the hextech! Anyhow you get good lifesteal (this will be very useful if the game lasts long enough for you to finish your entire build) and spell vamp with a great slow and now range for those aggressive folks charging at you. Did I mention that the AD and AP it gives is nice too?

This item, I believe, you should actually start building right after Mejai's (or sheen) and boots. Mainly because the earlier you get this item, the quicker you can max out the mana. Not to mention it's low cost and will keep you in the lane.

Another shocker! Not... As one of the core items of any AP build, the extra mana and boost in ability power is reason enough for getting this.

Just like the Tear of the Goddess (though that item is more important) you should use any leftover money that can't go to the above items for this item. Firstly, you should already have a good boost in AD due to your hextech and this is a component of your final item.

The big bang item for any AP user, this will maximize your damage output as an AP champion.

The final, and ultimately the deal sealer item for any Ezreal at this point. Now every single one of your skills do great damage so you can go out and end this freaking long game (but good game as most long games are) that allowed you to somehow complete this build! Also, remember that hextech? Guess what? Now your Q gives you large amount of HP, especially if you hit minions!

This is if you do not get Mejai's, thus opening that extra slot. I recommend Morello's to take that spot because it offers good AP, CDR, and mana regen. On another note, there is no need to rush Morello's as it is not as high of a priority as all the other items above. Still, if you can get it, get it.

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Skill Sequence

Level 1:Great last hit mechanism and most efficient harassing skill early game.

Level 2:If the enemy gets too close, it's really hard to miss with this, and this will be your main damage dealer mid game.

Level 3:The main function of this in early game is to escape.

Priority Afterwards:

The reason for this order is because: Ult always comes first obviously. While Essence Flux is very useful since you can hit multiple champions at once with it. While it is the most mana consuming skill, you get the most out of it with good shots that hit multiple champions. Since you're, AP Arcane Shift is next since this the highest damage dealer other than your ultimate. While it's only 5 damage behind Essence Flux in base damage, it receives a higher AP percentage. You receive everything you need with Mystic Shot with it at lv 1, and the chance you get Lich's bane before you hit lv 18 is unlikely anyways.

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Summoner Spells

+Reduces damage of enemy to keep your squishy self alive. Flash^

+You should hardly run out of mana early game with this, and just having it in case you need it afterwards in mid to late game (Where if you have to use it, they are usually crucial moments/fights). Tear of the Goddess makes you more sustainable as long as you don't go crazy so not entirely needed. Flash + E makes you pretty much able to escape EVERYTHING.

+Ignite can work well with the good burst you put out, but in my opinion,lacks luster mid to late game. Flash^

+If you're running with this, you should NEVER die more than 5 (that's pushing it) times in any game under 40 minutes. Just so much escape potential for Ezreal. In my opinion though, this much escape power is just a waste since you should hardly be dying just with your E by itself. Flash^

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Lane Choice

Ezreal does not have to be mid every single game, even if he is a good champ to have at mid. Ezreal has skills that make him a great choice in any lane. No matter where you're at, you'll relatively do the same things anyways.

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Early Game

Take advantage of your Q and farm farm farm. Harass whenever you can, but take care not to just blow all your mana in a few seconds. Mainly, you want to harass just so your opponent keeps his space, and zone if you can to deny him experience of course. As a squishy champion, I will obviously emphasize last hitting so you don't find yourself too far off and leaving yourself open to a gank or surprise burst from the opposing champ so you can just get chased down. Just for emphasis: LAST HIT LAST HIT LAST HIT!

Also, try to stay in the lane for as long as possible, or as long as your enemy does. This way they do not get a leeway on exp, gold, or your tower. Plus, more time in the lane means more exp, gold, and perhaps their tower for you! Of course do back when you're low on HP, while mana on the other hand is just waiting for clarity or using your very low cost Q to last hit and keep your foe at bay.

Remember when I said do not get Mejai's if you're doing worse than 0/1/0? Well your substitute build hardly differs. The only change you make is instead of getting Mejai's, you get Sheen. Then I would recommend filling the extra slot by getting Morello's Evil Tome because it gives good AP, CDR, and mana regen.

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Mid Game

I'm going to assume that this will start somewhat around the 12-15 minute mark. At this time, if you've finish with your lane, remember to just keep an eye on it as you go assist your other lanes if they need any help. Other than that, this is where I think relatively nothing happens, but has potential to be a very big turning point. Generally, you should have Mejai's (or sheen) with some stacks, but if not, you're still fine as long as you're at least 0/1/0. You should almost be done with hextech, and already have, if not almost done with Tear of the Goddess. Of course with your Sorcerer's Boots finished. Since you're mostly roaming at the moment, spam your q as you walk around to increase your mana.

Back to the subject of turning point. Do not travel alone if you're in any area that's not 100% safe. During mid game is generally where people get caught off guard and get ganked or unwatched towers get mowed down, leading to a one-sided late game or a 20 minute surrender. As the AP carry, do not get caught in a tight spot and smartly assist the other lanes, getting stacks on your Mejai's or getting a good lead with minion kills and towers. The main skill used here, is map awareness.

Just a note, but don't go selling your Mejai's if all of a sudden your score now goes below 0/1/0 during mid game unless you're positive it's now a waste. Chances are, you'll still have plenty of opportunities to fill up that Mejai's.

Also, this is the best time to practice global ult sniping skills X) Just a little tip that I think works, try to aim in the direction they'll run, moving it very slightly to the left or right (whichever you believe is the side you think they'll run to get out of an impending global ult). When you're shooting someone in the jungle, aim in the direction of the entrance you think they're running to.

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Late Game

You've entered the final stage of the game. 30-35 minutes into the game your build consists of everything up to Rabadon's (but you should almost be there). You're following your tank and not initiating no matter what. When the enemy and you collide, DO NOT be caught in the enemy tank's initiation. Firstly, your E has good range and you should be able to enter the battle right after the initiation immediately and not get caught in a nasty stun or taunt. Remember that it has a 9 second CD so try to keep yourself on the outskirts of it's range so you can do as much as you can from a distance. Keep space to let it cool down and use it as an escape skill if necessary. While at the same time close enough so you can get your combo to do as much damage as possible, ESPECIALLY if the opposing team is stacked on each other. Your W and R hits every enemy champion it touches, so make the most of it and get as many people as you can. Don't be afraid of opening with your ult, which is actually a recommendation from a lot of Ezreal players, as you'll give your team a great advantage and will demoralize your enemy. Trust me, with as much AP you have (unless they have a good amount of MR), there will be at least one squishy who hesitates to fight since they're HP just got blasted for at least half. If that doesn't scare them, and they're still stacked, punish them with your W and then respectively harass and kill the carries (since that is your job as an AP carry).

If their team has no tank present... generally you should be able to win against any champion that's not an off tank of some kind. You should be able to keep them at bay and safely assail them with attacks. Obviously don't do something ridiculous like 1v3.

Upon completing your build, the game play stays the same, follow the tank and make the most of your skills in team fights. Remember the role of an AP carry is to eliminate the enemy carry, so keep that into note.

Burst Order (if you're gonna vaporize an enemy squishy 1v1): E(hextech)WQR Don't let your ult get interrupted.

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There you have it, AP Ezreal! In a nutshell, safely on the edge of the battlefield as you harass the enemy with powerful AP spells X)

"You belong in a museum." - Ezreal

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4/12/11 - Just added reasons as to why I choose AP over AD.

4/26/11 - Release Notes v1.0.0.116
- Mystic Shot now has an additive 0.2 ability power ratio
- Trueshot Barrage now scales additively with both attack damage and ability power

- Added a small addition to the Introduction.

5/3-/11 - Switched clarity over to exhaust, and bumped up Tear of the Goddess to get earlier.