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Ezreal Build Guide by dorukbobur

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dorukbobur

Ezreal Build

dorukbobur Last updated on June 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi Everyone

Hi everyone I am here with a new build for Ezreal and I hope you will like my build .

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Early Game

In early game I always go from mid lane and I try to last hit minions with my Q skill and I hit champions with my W skill . I use my E skill as flush , I use it for escape. In early game Ezreal Is not a too powerful Champion so I don't push too much and I wait for some gangs . When I have a great farm I am starting to push to my enemy's tower . Also I look for other lanes and I use my Ultimate Skill to help my teammates when they attempts to get kills.

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Mid Game

I try to have a Rageblade until mid game . When I have Rageblade I can deal tonnes of damage with my Q skill and than I chase my enemies with my E skill. I use my W skill to make last hit for kill . If I could't get kill , I use my Ultimate (R) Skill to get kill .

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Late Game

Here we have a Gunblade and we are dealing tonnes of damage with our all of skills . At that point we have a Hextech Gunblade . We can slow our enemies who try to run out or we can slow tham when we are running out. I buy a Catalyst Protector for its health and mana . After that Item I buy a B.F. Sword and a Vampiric Scepter and I use them to purchase Bloodthirster . At that point we have a lot attack speed (with passive of rageblade) , tonnes of AD and AP and great Lifesteal and Spellvamp . I buy Banshee's Veil for magic resistance but If you want more Ability Power you can buy Rod of Ages Item and this item will grant you a lot of AP each minute you have that.

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Advanced Tactics

1- Ezreal's Q skill has got a long distance so you can hit your enemies without hitting but you must be sure that there is no enemy minions between you and your enemy .
2- Ezreal's W skill is not effected from minions and can hit multiple Champions and that will give you a great attack speed.
3- You can use Ezreal's E skill to escape from gangs .
4- You should buy wards and use it into the brushes and in baron's cave so you can snipe your enemies or steal baron with Ezreal's Ultimate Ability.

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Here is my build's Items effects :
Rageblade : It gives you a %4 attack speed buff and 6 ability power buff each stack when you use an ability or you hit a champion with you basic hit . This effect can stacked up to 8 times . This Item gives you 45 AP + 35 AD .
Hextech Gunblade : This Item's active ability is slowing your enemy which one you use it by % 50 for 3 seconds and it deals 300 Magic Damage . It gives you %20 Spell Vamp , 70 AP , 40 AD , %12 Lifesteal .
Trinity Force : This Item gives you 30 AP , 30 AD , 30 Attack Speed , 15 Critical strike chance , 250 HP , 250 Mana and %12 Movement speed Multiplier . It gives you %25 chance to slow your enemy by % 35 for 3 seconds . When you cast an ability your one attack will deal a damage with %150 increase damage .
Bloodthirster : This ─▒tem has +60 AD and + %12 Lifesteal . When you kill anything it gives you + 1 AD and %0.2 Lifesteal per kill . These effects are stacked up to + 40 AD and + % 8 Lifesteal . Bonuses are halved upon death .
Banshee's Veil : This item gives you +375 HP and + 375 Mana , + 50 magic resistance . This item will block one negative spell each 45 seconds .
Mercury's Treads : This item has Enchanted movement 2 and + 25 Magic Resistance. It gives you +35 Tenacity(this reduces effects of stuns,slows,fears and etc.)