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Ezreal Build Guide by Gabor000

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gabor000

Ezreal build hybrid (mainly ad)

Gabor000 Last updated on December 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys. This is my Ezreal guide. I play with Ezreal in 50% of my games and yes he is a very nice champion ^^. Note: This guide (items) maybe a bit scary but I'm sure it just takes time to master it. Well I know I don't play ranked very much...but I can't show you my normal stats :< Ranked stats

How to play with Ezreal: I write a really important thing about Ezreal: He isn't a face to face champion like Jax, Xin or others. He is a typical hit-and-run champion. So you have to use Q and than run and wait till Q is up and don't take damage, because Ezreal has low armor, health, and magic res. It's why I buy items like them...but I will explain it later. In teamfights you should stay away from it and use your skils. You can Q or W endgame with nice damage and you also buff your allies / debuff the enemy "attack damage" champions. I usually use my E if I'm sure the teamfight is about to end and I won't die. If the enemy don't focus you than you can auto attack them. Use your ultimate when you can target 5-4-3 enemys in teamfight. Other ways to use ultimate: Snipe low health champions. Escaping skils: E + Ghost + Flash + Hextech Gunblade = if all up than you can always escape...

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Early game:

You should farm and get CS (creed score) but focus on your enemy too. Always check his/ her summoner spells. As I said Ezreal isn't a face-to-face character. So if the enemy has 30% health and you have 50% early if you attack him/her she uses an exhaust and an ignite, and it changes the fight... Anyway it was just an example...It depends on the enemy and your skils too. So Always check his/her spells.

You should harass him/her with your Q. It takes time to master your Q aim early..
I don't really use my E...well sometimes I do but only when I have to run / catch him/her

Farming: I don't use my skils to farm I just lasthit them. It works, because of the armor pen + Doran's Blade.

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Well my items:
-Doran's Blade: Good starting item. Bonus damage, health, and lifesteel. Good way to lasthit minions, or to deal damage with your Q.
After the first back: I go for Boots of Speed, or for Sheen. (If I've got enough money)
-Sheen: Core item You should get it early as you can. It gives you huge bonus damage. (+100% of your attack damage)
-Boots of Lucidity: I buy this because it gives me CDR (cool down reduction) and after lv 9 if you hit something with your Q you can use it after one second.
-Phage: I buy Long sword first, because it gives +20 damage to my Q.
-Zeal: Moment speed, small attack speed.
After that I go for Tirinity Force. It gives me 150% bonus damage instead of 100% I think it's another Core item
-Bilgewater Cult***: It gives me bonus damage + lifesteel (to your Q too). I don't really care about Hextech Revolver because it gives you only 40 AP which isn't good endgame.
-Hextech Gunblade: A lot of damage + ability power + 300 magic damage + slow It's really important. I buy this item because of the active skil. When you are in trouble you can use it. Think on it... When you are in trouble: E to tele away + Gunblade slow + Ghost + Flash = Uncatchable... You can use it to slow running enemys too.
Guinsoo's Rageblade: I think it's a good item...but well you can buy another item but I recommend it because of attack damage + ability power + attack speed.
-Infinity Edge: It gives you huge damage...
-The Black Cleaver: Damage + armor penatration. Why not last whisper? "Last whisper gives me 40% armor pen why not?" Maybe this 40% sounds like so high...But 45 armor pen is better than 40% armor pen until 150 armor...I have never been a game where the whole enemy team had +150 armor. (+ attack speed)

Why no mana regen early? You don't need it if you don't la**** minions and aim well than your enemy has to go back to base, and you can go back at that time too to get some mana if you need...

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That's hybrid?

"asdasd...hybrid?" Yes it is...maybe you think that 180 AP endgame isnt high...well maybe it isn't so you should focus on your Q and auto attack, but Ezreal has high Ap ratios, so you can infict high damage with your E and W too. Oh and I almost forget that ultimate damage: 650 +150-170 (ad) +150-170 (ap) In teamfight... That's really awesome damage I always infict huge damage with it to their squishes (about 50% of their hp if I'm fed...well I'm nearly always:p)