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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dirty Goolash

Ezreal-EZ mode:{ON} OFF

Dirty Goolash Last updated on November 1, 2010
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I got Ezreal the day he came out and ever since he has been one of my favorite champions. It took me a long time to learn to use him, and I feel that i still haven't perfected him. This build focuses on AD Ezreal. I personally prefer AD Ezreal over AP because Ad Ezreal's items are cheap and fast to build, giving him great power early on. Unlike AP which takes some time to build up your power. Also, the cooldowns on AP Ezreal's skills are too long. They have around 10-15 seconds a piece, making you a glass cannon. With AD Ezreal, you have the short cooldown on Mystic Shot and your auto attacks, allowing you to constantly dish out good damage.I'm gonna start my guide with the part everyone cares about the most:
Ezreal's items are quite simple and easy to build.

This is really all you need to tear people up. You want to start with a Doran's Blade because it gives great survivability and decent Damage. We don't get this item for the lifesteal. Don't forget to pick up a Health Potion as well. On your first trip back you want to get at least Boots of Speed. Next you want to either upgrade your Boots of Speed (Remember:Boots are always situational. I won't go over when to get which Boots as that is in every guide, however I will tell you that Berserker's Greaves or Boots of Mobility are always my choices if you don't need defensive boots) or you can start working on your Sheen and The Brutalizer. I find rushing a The Brutalizer and then a Sheen is the greatest way to boost your damage output Early Game. These items will stack really well with making your Mystic Shot hit really hard. It will be doing around 300-400 damage once you get both of these items, which is very devestating every couple seconds Early/Mid Game. I usually prefer to get The Brutalizer first since it helps yourr farming, but the decision is all yours. Both give around the same bonus to Mystic Shot.

*Note*:Many people like upgrading to their The Brutalizer to a Youmoo's Ghostblade, but i find this a waste of money. The active isn't of much use to Ezreal, and it's much too expensive for pretty insignificant stats. Some people argue that it is good to upgrade to Youmoo's Ghostblade and then purchase a second The Brutalizer but i find this to be a huge bump in your build for only a .3 second shorter cooldown on Mystic Shot and less damage you would get from just rushing a The Bloodthirster.

TL;DR-I don't recommend upgrading to a Youmoo's Ghostblade and purhcasing a second The Brutalizer

These are the items you will most likely be focusing on after your Core Build. You want to get a Sword of the Occult if you are just tearing the oither team apart. However, if you are like me and want more damage, but don't like stackable items, then get a The Bloodthirster or two. Since Ezreal's Mystic Shot applies with lifesteal, these can be quite useful. If you aren't doing so hot, however, I recommend grabbing a Banshee's Veil. This is in my opinion the greatest defensive item. It gives everything anyone needs for survivability. Health, Mana, Magic Resist, and an extremely useful passive. While I prefer to get a The Bloodthirster and then a Banshee's Veil if needed, the Sword of the Occult can be a good investment. It's all up to you to pick.

Build Example:

Summoner Spells:
I prefer to use Cleanse and Ghost as this can be an amazing escape combination, especially when used in conjunction with Arcane Shift. Also, Ghost is always nice for chasing and kiting.

Runes: Greater mark of Desolation and Great quintessence of Desolation are my favorite runes at this point. The Armor Penetration boosts your damage by a very noticable amount Early Game, and still helps Late Game. As for Seals, I really like Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration as they help you spam the **** out of your Mystic Shot which you need to be able to do. Glyphs are the worst runes in my opinion, and don't really matter. Cooldown Reductuin is alway nice though.

Masteries:The Masteries are nothing unique. Just s standard DPS setup. I always prefer going utility instead of Defense because the XP Mastery is simply too good to pas up, and is the best mastery in the game in my opinion.

Skill Order:You want to level Mystic Shot as fast as possible because it's your main damage source. Arcance Shift won't be far behind though. You want to level Essense Flux last as it's useless to AD Ezreal.

Great Damage
Escape Ability
Strong Lane Presence
Good Team Fight Abilities (Essense Flux and Trueshot Barrage)

Extremely Squishy
Slow Movement Speed
No Crowd Control


Early Game:You want to try and grab mid if possible. Ezreal really shines Early Game and you want to take advantage of that. You want to harass, but don't miss out on farming. Take zoning into count and if you're harassing that much then you want to stand by the enemies ranged minions and still farm as you harass with Mystic Shot, keeping them out of XP range. Try to save Arcane Shift for escaping because it will hurt your mana pool. Don't be afraid to use it to initiate with it though, as the extra damage can help. By the end of Early Game (around level 6) you want to at least have your boots.

Mid Game:Ezreal is pretty much the king of Mid Game. Hopefully you will have your The Brutalizer and Sheen and you should easily be able to own people. Your Mystic Shot will do a ridiculous amount of damage, and your Auto Attacks will hit decently hard. You want to land a few kills and gank, but don't fall behind. Try your best to keep your turret up and try to get the enemies down (duh).You can easily use your ult to finish people off. It does around 500 damage, so take Magic Resist into account and you can finish off anyone with 4 or less bars. just make sure it doesn't pas through many minions (Neutral Minions in the forest decrease its damage as well).

Late Game:Ezreal's damage isn't as devastating Late Game, but he still hurts really bad. Depending on your items, you can still do work. Just stay behind your team during team fights and land pop-shots on the enemy. Don't save your ultimate to clean up at the end of a team fight. Use it to initate to give your team an advantage and to get full stacks on your passive. If an enemy starts focusing you just Arcane Shift away and Cleanse/ Ghost if you need to. Being focused will be very bad.

Killing With Ezreal:Kiting
I find the greatest strategy to kill with Ezreal is to kite the enemy. If you don't know what kiting is, think of it as Guerilla Warfare. You want to hit and run the enemy. To do this, stay just outside their range and try to land some pop shots. If the enemy engages you, just run and wait for them to chase. As they chase just fire mystic shots at them and stay out of their range. Wait for them to drop lower than you then go in for the kill. You never want to stand and fight as Ezreal.

This is the end of my Ezreal Guide. I don't know what else to say, so if there's something anyone feels should be added, please let me know. Criticism is welcome.