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Ezreal General Guide by NeverGoesAway

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NeverGoesAway

Ezreal guide:best way to win

NeverGoesAway Last updated on June 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ezreal is a perfect AD carry with strong poke autoattack damage.He can deal powerful damage with blue or red buff and also becomes very useful in teamfights.

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KogMaw: Kog does significantly more damage than Ezreal, and also negates Ezreal's poke because Kog pokes harder from the same range

Vayne:if you have a tank supporter teammate(leona/blitzcrank) she can destroy him with her W and then you are her next target

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Meditation is a must since Ezreal is very mana intensive
I choose to get Summoner's Wrath because im taking ignite on ezreal for more early damage

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All AD carries need a defensive item.I choose three of them, Guardian Angel,Quicksilver Sash and Banshee's Veil

Guardian Angel:if your enemy team is focus on you and your team cant protect you aswell,you'll gonna make this

Quicksilver Sash:Very useful during a teamfight,must take it if the enemy team has many CC(disables).Quicksilver Sash will help you with this situation to escape

Banshee's Veil:It is gonna help you to avoid Overpowered skills or global ultimates(Trueshot Barrage,Enchanted Crystal Arrow,Cannon Barrage,Finales funkeln,Requiem)

Last whisper:need immediatly if one or more enemies has 100+ armor

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Skill Sequence

Passive: Rising Spell Force

Ezreal's attack speed steroids. Strong if you initiate with your ultimate and stack up 5 charges before the engagement, so you start with 50% attack speed.

Try to keep Ezreal's passive with 5 stacks during the fight, since 5 stacks takes a while get back if you drop it.

Q:Mystic Shot:

Mystic Shot is Ezreal's bread n butter. It does significant damage since it scales off AD, applies on-hit effects such as red buff and trinity as well as reduce Ezreal's other abilities by 1 second.

Try your best to land your Mystic Shots, the easiest time to land them in the laning phase is if your enemy is running up to last hit. Mystic shots also cancel your attack animation, so idealy you want to auto-attack -> Mystic shot -> auto-attack continuously to maximize damage output.

Be careful of how much you spam Mystic Shot, or else you are gonna loose your mana quickly

W:Essence Flux

Essence Flux has huge utillity, and makes dueling Ezreal very difficult as the enemy AD. Essence Flux is also great to buff your teammates for Dragon/Baron, as well as keeping your passive charges up. Like all other Ezreal abilities, Essence Flux is a skill shot so be careful of how much you spam with this skill,because it is gonna drain your mana very quickly

E:Arcane Shift:

Useful to escape in hard situations,passing through walls an escape from your enemies.If you need Arcane Shift immediatly,spam your Mystic shot and try hitting your enemy with it,this will allow you to refresh Arcane Shift faster.

R:Trueshot Barrage

Huge damage ultimate that can snipe enemies, dragon or baron. If you can start off the team fight with Trueshot Barrage, it can instantly get you 5 passive stacks for a lot of extra DPS.

Trueshot Barrage is also a great tool to clear waves before going back to base to buy, or stopping a huge wave from pushing. Since it has a relatively short cooldown as long as you're using Mystic Shot, don't be afraid to spam it.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is absolutely necessary to make plays and manage situations.

For now,im using three spells. Cleanse/hea;/ignite

Heal:If you take Heal and the enemy AD takes Cleanse, then you can always try and force exchanges, because you will win in a full-on engagement

ignite:ignite can destroy the opponent if he use heal while he casted on it.

Cleanse: Even though they are fairly even in the laning phase, Cleanse's usefulness into late-game is just unrivaled, being able to break all incoming CC is a dream for all AD's. Like Heal,Also running Cleanse without mastery.

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Early game

Try and hit level 2 first by pushing up, and see if you can find an opening as soon as you hit level 2, since Ezreal at level 2 does significant damage especially if your enemies are still level 1.

You need to farm extremely good.

Hit enemies if you see them trying to get agressive,or else go back and farm

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Mid game

Ezreal is extremely powerful once he hits level 6, since his ultimate is not only a global, but does a lot of damage.

Ezreal fights well near Dragon,Ezreal's damage is very powerful to any ad carry before getting Infinity Edge.

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Late game

As you know,All AD carries are extremely powerful in late game,however,except All AD Carries,Ezreal does the lower damage in late game.Abuse your mobility in team fights and try to outplay your opponents with it.If you have red buff,this buff will be your best friend,since its huge upgrade for Mystic Shot.

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Final comments

you want to methodically pick apart your enemies by kiting and precision skill shots, then clean up after the enemy team uses up their flashs. Ezreal's job isn't to do the most damage possible upfront, but more so to slowly poke and clean up the game.But i dont recommend him for begginers


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