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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cocky

Ezreal guide- When one skillshot isn't enough

Cocky Last updated on January 15, 2011
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Chapter 1

Welcome to my Ezreal Ability power

Nearly all my friends hated Ezreal and thought of him as a bad champion. I wanted to show them that ezreal actually could kick ***. First thing you should know about this guide is that a guide can't make you a super champion, but it can help you on your way to become one. So what is Ezreal's good sides and what is Ezreal's bad sides

Bad side
-One of the first targets in teamfights.
-Low health Amount
-Low base speed
-Hard to Master
-No CC

Good side
-fast and large damage output
-Great team supporter
-One of the best mid lane champions
- He can turn the tide in a teamfight like eating a piece of cake.

Sounds like he's bad sides can't make up for the good ones?
WRONG! The keyword for ezreal is "skills" ( well actually its skillshot but what ever). Through this guide you will learn how to master he's good sides and get rid of the bad ones.

So lets talk about Ezreal's Magic

Rising Spellforce. Ezreal's Passive ability. Basically every time he hits an enemy with one of he's ability he gains 15% attack speed, stacking up to 5 times. This is great for farming in the early lvl's but will first show its potential late game
A short clip showing all of Ezreal's spells and a few of his emotes

Mystic Shot. This is Ezreal's Spam ability, use this as much as you can since it has a low mana cost, decent damage output and each time you hit an enemy with it reduces all of ezreal's cooldowns by 1 second. Renember this is a skillshot so you need to aim down your target which makes it a challenge hitting champions with it at first. Cost-30/35/40/45/50 mana. Cooldown 6/5,5/5/4,5/4/. seconds. Damage output 35/55/75/95/115 + (100%ATTACK DAMAGE! Yes that's right. Ezreal's only ability feasting on Ad instead of Ap which is the reason we use Lich Bane in the build

Essence Flux This spell is also a skillshot, but a little different. This one pass through minions and only deal damage to champions. It also reduces enemy champions attack speed by 20% ( 5+ for each rank in this ). If you use this on allied champions they gain 20% hasted attack speed ( 5+ for each rank in this too ). So basically it can sometimes be for more use to use on an ally champion than on enemy champions. Example- Warwick is about to attack the enemy team = use Essence Flux on Warwick instead of on the enemy team. Another great tactic can be to both hit Enemy and allied champions, but that strategy is for more advanced users and not recommended new Ezreal players. Cooldown- 10 seconds Cost. 70/80/90/100/110 mana. Damage output. 75/125/175/225/275 damage.+0.7 per Ability Power)

IMPORTANT STUFF! Renember if you hold down the alt button and then press the spell number instead of aiming, it will fire in the direction of your mouse pointer. This makes skillshooting so much easier. Shooting this way is called a smartshot
Arcane ShiftThis is Ezreal's ace in escaping. Ezreal teleports to target location and fires a little missile at the nearest enemy unit. Most people prefer to engage the teamfights with this spell but i don't think that's always the right thing to do. Most of the time the opposite team will just focus fire you since your standing in the middle of them and spamming your spells ( which can be quite annoying ). Instead i prefer to use the spell to escape. If you are pushing always try to see if you can be next to a wall or a bush or something. If the enemy team suddenly attack you, use Arcane Shift to teleport behind the wall which will give you the time to escape save, most of the time the enemy team will just leave you and attack the rest of the team so you can get to a save distance of shooting them. It happens sometimes 1-2 people follow you into the jungle. If this happens simply use your teleport to get to the nearest tower save and clear and join your team at the front line again. Cooldown. 19/17/15/13/11 seconds. Damage output 80/130/180/230/280 (+0,75 per ability power).
TRUESHOT BARRAGEThis wonderful spell is Ezreal's Ultimate Its a skillshot where you shoot a big barrage of missiles after a second of casting to anywhere on the map dealing damage to units on its way. However it deals 8& less damage for each minion it passes through ( maximum on 30% reduced damage ) This spell is very hard to master since you have to guess where the enemy champions will stand next. This spell is best used early game to last hit enemy champions behind their towers ( on low health ofc ) or to provide assistance when a teammate is near dying. this video shows exactly what i mean Late game this will take down 40% of all the enemy champions hp if you are doing okay/well which makes it heroic in teamfight. damage output 350/500/650 (0,8 per ability power )cooldown- 100 seconds. cost 150 mana. If you kill an enemy from more than 10000 yard its called " SNIPING " :)

Summoner Abilities
For these we use Igniteand Teleport. The reason we take ignite is because every champion can have the need for that little extra damage output and the only way to obtain it is through Ignite. We use teleport since Ezreal is an ideal mid lane champion so when you are going back you need to get back fast. Also consider using clairvoyance so you can snipe better
For runes i pretty much just use a mix of Health, Mana and Ability power runes. I'm using the health runes so Ezreal won't be so squishy early game as he is supposed to be. And ability power and mana will always be for good use since he's a caster

This Ezreal build is a mix of many other builds i'd found but i found this to be the best way to maximize the damage output with Ezreal. But have in mind that this build is only the optional damage build. If the game turns out to be longer than 50 minuttes buy Rod of ages instead of Lich bane. If the opponents have heavy CC use Mercury's threads instead of sorcerers shoes

There are many ways to play Ezreal but i always found it easiest to find a way to play by yourself. But here is a few tips anyway

- try to avoid harassing early game since it could quick lead to death because of the low health amount ezreal got
- Never go alone after lvl 11 he is way to squishy if enemies gets close to him, and if you do go alone, try to be in jungle or near a tower.
- Always lookout for your teammates and see if you can sneak in a quick kill with Trueshot Barrage
- Always stand behind in a teamfight, never be the one getting confronted

Thanks for reading this and i hope some of you guys will consider use it :)