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Ezreal Build Guide by SoraRX

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SoraRX

Ezreal - Hitting hard without a map

SoraRX Last updated on June 27, 2012
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I'm no good at openings so lets get down to business shall we? This is a guide I made to show you how I play Ezreal. Ezreal is an AD Carry/AP thingie-majiger. And I know what you're thinking! "There's no such thing as a AP thingie-majiger blah blah blah etc etc" Well you're right in saying that because he's actually a AD Carry/ AP whoosie-whatsit. This guide will not cover an AP build because I personally like AD Ez better and I'm not saying that you should too; both are very fun to play. Up top there will be two builds, the first one will be a tankier Ez that I like to play and the second will be a more usual AD carry build. Yes I know there's not much difference but the main difference is sustain.

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~Pros / Cons~


  • Is VERY powerful
  • Has huge amounts of harrass
  • High mobility + Unlimited flash
  • Rapes with a support on the team
  • He's blonde

  • EXTREMELY squishy
  • Come back is hard to do
  • Main AP nuke does not effect minions
  • MUST stay towards back to avoid death
  • Main AD skill shot is blocked by minions
  • Spamming = Bad
  • Haters gonna hate

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These are the runes I run on Ezreal and they work pretty well for me in the long run. The reason for more than one type of quints is to show some replacements/changes that I think would be pretty decent for this build. You could also run cooldown reduction blues and make other replacements. Nothing is set in stone.

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Rising Spell Force (Passive)

  • Gives attack speed for every stack held by Ezreal
  • Stacks up to 5
  • Stacks are obtained by landing abilities

Mystic Shot
  • It is a ranged skill-shot nuke.
  • Applies one stack of Rising Spell Force.
  • Scales mainly off of AD

Essence Flux
  • Gives an attack speed buff to allies (On hit)
  • Decreases attack speed of enemies (On hit)
  • Applies a stack of Rising Spell Force (On hit)
  • Does not effect minions
  • Scales heavily off of AP

Arcane Shift
  • Blinks Ezreal to target location
  • Targets champions while in stealth
  • Fires a homing magic missile
  • Applies one stack of Rising Spell Force
  • Scales mostly on AP

Trueshot Barrage
  • Cross map skill-shot nuke
  • Although has AD scaling now, scales the most heavily off of AP
  • Instantly stacks Rising Spell Force to full

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~Certain Items~

This is a build/guide designed to give you a feel for a character you may or may not be familiar with. Nowhere in this guide thingy will I tell you to follow it step by step. THERE IS ROOM FOR IMPROV.

Sheen - This is an item I love very much on Ez. It gives extra mana that is pretty nice to have on an AD carry and a very nice buff that is just so very sexy in conjunction with others.

Trinity Force - A VERY nice item, nothing wrong with it at all. It even gives a movement speed multiplier! Movement speed is a very vital then to have when playing Ezreal. I STILL PUT THIS IN BUILD NUMBER TWO BECAUSE IT'S BETTER TO HAVE WITH MORE ITEMS INCREASING THEIR EFFECT.

Manamune - This... is one thing I see many people getting in order to hinder themselves. I've used this and to be honest, I was displeased. Some people argue that it gives mana in addition to attack damage, which is true, but it isn't enough to keep an AD carry going. You could be using that extra slot for another bloodthrister or an infinity edge or even a hexdrinker.

Wriggle's Lantern - Gives a decent amount of lifesteal and is a good replacement for a bloodthrister in the case of hard times.

The Brutalizer/Youmuu's GhostBlade - Gives Cooldown reduction, armor penetration,attack damage and is just all around good. The only thing stopping me from getting it is finding a good time early game to do so. Maybe you could get it to replace the second dorans... (Note if doing good in lane the second dorans is completely optional.

Frozen Mallet - Gives extra health and a bit of damage, very good item when combined with Last Whisper.

Madred's Bloodrazor - Gives that extra attack speed + some very good damage and armor.

Phantom Dancer - To be honest you just don't build phantom dancers on Ezreal, EVER. The crits on the phantom dancer can be gotten with another item in that very same slot. Sort of the same case with the manamune.

Hexdrinker - Very nice item, stopping that other Ezreal from cross-mapping you with his own Trueshot Barrage.

Bloodthrister - There's nothing wrong about picking up two of these bad boys. Nothing at all.

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Starting off with dorans blade because I believe that Ezreal needs that extra max health. Afterwards on your first recall, go ahead and pick up that second dorans blade + boots and you'll be ready to farm up for tier 2 boots and a bf sword. While saving up for that early infinity edge you may sell one or both of your doran's blades for some kick start money. I've seen many AD carries go ahead and grab the bloodthrister first for the sustain but the crits on the infinity edge are just too much for me to resist.

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Boots of Swiftness
Nothing wrong with these, honestly, but they only make you run faster. And that's it.

Mercury Treads
I run these puppies on everyone. The tenacity is just so good its bad.

Bezerker's Greaves
Very good boots, they give extra attack speed. Good pick.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Cooldown reduction. Going for max CD? Then these are for you.

Boots of Mobility

Ninja Tabi
All the other carries will be jelly with these armor plated kicks.

Sorcerer's Shoes
For that AP build of yours

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After playing many games, I've come to the opinion that AD Ez lanes best with a support at bottom. A support that can feed him mana (Such as Soraka) would allow him to spam Q with no need for the useless manamune. My best experience as Ez down bot with a support was with my friend on Janna. Not quite why but I am fairly sure it had something to do with the massive CC and awesome shielding. When last hitting, don't just last hit with your Q because you'll run out of mana for that team fight that just erupted on mid. Essence Flux is a nice spell but is pretty lame and useless (Other than to stack your passive and to USE ALL YOUR MANA because the cost is pretty high) when playing AD.

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~More Reasoning and build talk~

I've watched other people play Ezreal and well... I'll put it this way; Trinity force is a very nice item. The reason for saying this is to point out that while trinity force is a nice item that gives a ton of stats that can make a happy ad carry, its not very cool to have as your only item when you're thirty minutes in and your team is blaming you for the approaching defeat. I see a lot of "Ezs"... Ez's? Ezzes? Ezzeis? Ezreals going for trinity force first and not really having too much presence mid game when the enemies have stacked a bit of armor. So I've devised this build for someone who wants something different.

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~Summoner Spells~

Usually I just run the old flash, ignite combo but you can trade the flash out for something like exhaust or heal or I don't know promote? Actually don't pick promote... Nobody should pick promote. Period. I don't see many Ezreals picking anything other than that so it's safe to assume that Flash/Heal or Heal/Ignite or Flash/Ignite is good enough.

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  • Send an Essence Flux your ally's way when taking a tower
  • Don't get too close to the action, but keep an eye on things in a fight
  • Smartcast your Q, W, and E for quick usage
  • Focus the squishies down first (Yea.. the ones like you)
  • Get used to the skill-shots
  • Auto Attack everything. Leave no room. Have NO MERCY.