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Ezreal Build Guide by Tarosan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tarosan

Ezreal Hybrid Your way to victory.

Tarosan Last updated on December 1, 2011
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Early Game/Runes & skill order

I Take Hybrid runepage because with Some AP and AD youll be dominating were you mid or in lane with a Partner For Skills I take essence flux1st because its a Sure way to have a Good Early harrasment and combined to your runes the early damage will be devastating (Essence fluxis a good starting skill because ot only hits champions so you wont have to run through bushes to have a good spot to aim and shoot Mystic shotbasicly you just use essence fluxto damage the enemy when needed.) Also essence flux can be used as a support skill if you have a AD AS champion with you on lane because you can shoot it to your Partner and raise his/hers Attack speed.

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Item Build.

I take Dorans shield 1st because Ezreal is a very SSSSQQQQQUUIIISSSHHEEEEE champion in early game The armor and health regen will be a good help for you to Stay longer on lane.

2nd i Take boots Because they Are Superbly needed for ezreal At the beginning (ecaping,attack speed etc....) after boots I build straight for phantom dancer or If the game isnt going so well I Buy Several Lesser items from the build items (daggers,amplifying tomes, Vampire scepter etc....)

For some of you might ask "why Frozen Mallet?" its on my build because Health is always needed and it gives some AD and for most important it slows your enemies when you hit them so you dont need to be a rocket scientist to Know that Mystic Shot stacks on hit effects so it will be a great add to you if the Red sigil buff is not available.

Hextech gunblade: Life steal, AP, Damage. (Pure awesome for Ezreal).

And finally the black Cleaver... Too awesome to be true AD,AS and the best part ...Armor penetration... every Damage dealers best friend.

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Summoner Spells

Ezreal is very vulnerable to CC:s so this will be a great skill for him

Ignite is the best way to assure you get a kill.

Ezreal does not need Flash Due to that he has arcane shiftbut if youre used to using Flash you may take it but i dont reccomend it.