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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author anonamoose52

Ezreal, king of Hybrids

anonamoose52 Last updated on April 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Ezreal, We've all seen them. Good, bad, mediocre, Holy **** why is that n00b going 0/17849/2, everything. Why do so many people fail with such a great champ? While so many guides focus on straight AD or AP, it's possible to build a hybrid Ez with high levels of both. Now, this doesn't mean that just because YOU play straight AP or AD Ez, please don't immediately downvote. Actually try a few games, see how it works in your playstyle, and realize that Ez can be played a multitude of ways.

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I take Armor Pen Marks for the early game damage

Armor Seals, Magic Resist Glyphs, and HP Quints for Early game survivability.

Many people question why I get no mana regen/5, and the reason is simple. The defence runes will kick up your resistances a good 15% at lvl one, which is the difference between staying in the lane another few mins and porting back at lvl two. and sorry, but if you don't know how to conserve mana until you can afford a freakin' tear of the goddess, you have bigger problems.

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I take very aggressive masteries, as getting that first blood is very important, and will help you throughout the game. The defence masteries are for the same reason as the runes. Early game survivability. Make sure to pick up the Spell Pen, and improved spells.

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Summoner Spells

Many People question me on the Exhaust and Ignite combo. I say why not? It isn't an unusual combo for a melee DPS to take, why not a ranged DPS? The exhaust can be used both offensively and defensively, and I'm sure everyone here is well versed in the uses of good old Ignite. Remember, early game is where you dominate. Taking advantage of this, and using it to propel yourself through the rest of the game is essential. These spells are just another way to give you complete control over that mid lane.

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As I said earlier, Ezreal is best built hybrid. Manamune will give you the staying power you need in mid with the damage to kill. The CDR boots help you all around. Next comes the Archangel's. Now I know, this is unorthodox, AND THE PASSIVES DON'T STACK WTF NOOB QQQQQQQQQQ, but in fact they work slightly differently. Manamune will also grant you mana based on basic attacks, and Archangel's has a shorter cooldown on Ability gained mana. So, every time you basic attack and cast an ability, you gain AD AND AP. With the full 1000 mana bonus,(and all other mana assumed) you will get around 50 AD and 75 AP from just the bonuses. Not too shabby eh? The rest is just straight hybrid. Whether you build the AP or AD first in Guinsoo's/Gunblade depends on the game, though I tend for AD first. The final is in fact a variable, and though I suggest a Nashor's Tooth for the Attack Speed, Lich bane is in fact a VERY viable item, as Mystic Shot applies on-hit affects. (I.E. Lich Bane passive)

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Skill Sequence

Fairly self explanatory. Mystic shot gives you the early game farm and AD damage. Essence flux does such low early game damage, it is essentially useless until rank five and your Archangel's. However, it does become your main late game spell due to most champions building lower magic resist. You really only need one level in your teleport, and well, ultimate. durr.

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Pros / Cons

Balance- Ezreal's ability to dish out high amounts of physical and magic damage makes him difficult to defend against.

Pushing- His AD combined with his passive and guinsoo's gives him good mid-late game pushing ability.

Area Control- His ability to hit multiple targets and invisible targets combined with his mobility gives him a very large threat zone.

Squishy- Ezreal is inherently a glass cannon. Yes, you have a built in flash, but the cooldown is long, and won't save you every time. This is why I recommend Armor and Magic resist runes, with the 9 defence masteries.

Difficult- Having three skillshots out of four moves takes a while to get used to, and your first 20 yes TWENTY or so games are going to be pretty rough.

No CC- Ezreal's only CC is the attack speed reduction on Essence Flux. I assure you that Xin Zhao and Veigar alike laugh at this. This is why I recommend Exhaust.

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Playing in a team

You should ALWAYS be midding. ALWAYS. Your ult has great gank utility, you need the farm, you have good 1 v 1 potential, you will ALWAYS mid. Say it with me now, " I will ALWAYS mid with Ezreal." Good job. Focus on using Mystic Shot to farm, hitting the enemy mid at all opportunities. However, PLEASE don't be an ***. You don't have great early game mana, so conserve it for goodness sake.

*IMPORTANT* YOU CAN HIT INVISIBLE CHAMPS WITH YOUR ABILITIES HOLY **** YOU SHOULD EXPLOIT THIS. Fire an ability into a bush/possible invis location. If you see a stack on your passive, you hit some poor bastard. Now give 'em hell.

In late game teamfights, you should stay out of the *****torm, constantly firing off mystic shot, essence flux into groups of enemies, and teleporting when need be. You should be able to fight once a teamfight, in one of three ways.
1. to initiate. You can hit all five opponents, giving your team a huge starting advantage.
2. During the fight, if they are all grouped together, or if say, Amumu/Morgana/Sona/any CC ult is used, multiple hits for you!
3. When the carry is running with 100 Hp. Hehehehehehe.

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Skills usage

First off, I suggest have Q, W, and E set to smartcast, which you can access through the in-game menu "key bindings"

Passive- Rising Spell Force. Exactly what it says on the tin. Ya hit something, you attack faster. The end. Great Guinsoo's synergy though!

Mystic Shot- Your main early game ability. Applies on-hit effects, heavy damage, and refreshes all cooldowns by one second. What's not to like? Use it whenever possible to last hit, and harass early game. (Rank five 115 base + 1 AD)

Essence Flux- Though not nearly as useful as Mystic Shot early game, and pointless for farming, this ability has good rank five base damage(280), and a nice .7 AP ratio, so it will kick some good late game damage.

Arcane Shift- Ezreal's most famous ability is also his most underrated in fact. It has only five less base damage than Essence Flux at rank five (275), and a HIGHER Ap ratio! (.75) As such, this ability can easily deal 450-500 damage before magic resist. Therefore, besides escaping, it can be used to last hit a running enemy champ, as it targets the nearest enemy to where you LAND.

Trueshot Barrage- This has had a recent rework, and makes Hybrid Ezreal even MORE viable. At rank 3, it deals 650 base+ .9 AP magic damage, AND 1 bonus AD physical damage! It's uses have already been described above.

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You've already read a hell of a lot. Go out there and make them SUFFER!