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Ezreal Build Guide by Zraxiar

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zraxiar

Ezreal + Player Guide please read!

Zraxiar Last updated on December 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Build Order

Boots is not included in this but you figure out when to upgrade it definitely get boots of speed [1]

Bloodthirster(FARM IT ) > last whisper > Guardians angel >IE >Trinity force

I prefer Swiftness
but sometimes berzerkers/merc threads are better just need to decide when

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Hello guys this is my resource guide in playing ezreal

I am new to using mobafire so sorry if it's formatted Sh**ty I am summoner : Zraxiar And this is my resource guide to play like a pro Ezreal and pro in general

So first of you want to usually have a solo lane and practice with his skillshots use Ezreals Q [Mystic shot] As Smart cast Options>Key bindings > Smart cast summoner spell i always use Q smart cast W [essence flux] and E arcane shift and very rarely use his ultimate as smart cast Make sure to always change according to playstyles

What this allowed me to do is Quickly chain as I please

Btw this is an Attack damage ezreal guide but I do now and then play him as ap ezreal which imo is viable but needs meja's and much feeding to be 100% Effective

Start off with a doran's blade And build into another doran's blade if u died or came close to dieing Then u can go sheen > bloodthirster or Bloodthirster[3k required] if ur farming amazing im finding myself Going bloodthirster > sheen more and liking it basically At the end of the game u want 2x bloodthirster,whisper,tri force, banshees veil,boots of ur choice Also u can switch banshees for guardian's angel

Okay now on to strategy and Playing good in general As playing any champion you want to 1. Use the right items to Counter champions : EX sword of the divine for jax etc etc But Sword of the divine sadly fails hardcore on ezreal and u LOSE ALOT for buying sword of the divine with ezreal oh also u can replace Runes slightly but u need atleast 16-18 armor pen and i recommend atleast one health quint

I have gone same runes but 3x damage marks and quints in place of The armor pen and the most notable thing i have done is triple first blood 3 minutes into the game on them but Honestly armor pen will be stronger especially for annoying doran's shielders ex: Keenen and just in general much stronger early game doesn't lose effectiveness late game but with a last whisper damage > Armor pen [late game though like rlly late]

So focus on farming minions kill ur lane if u can
harass to deny ezreal is under powered atm but still very strong with a skilled player.
2. Buy wards especially if u have been ****ting hard on ur lane enemy expect to get ganked also depending on how many / where u place them they can help you ultimate for a dragon/baron/buff steal Also help out your team mates
3. Don't Derp EVER Focus If your team mates about to get ulti'd by a caitlyn BLOCK THE SHOT also help out your team
4. Be a team player even when they are feeding hard like I usually have

5. Make sure you assess the teams items ex: A soraka with IE , Black cleaver IS NOT SUPPORT she is DPS and can hurt u I have played dps soraka and wrecked also ap nuke / support soraka and hybrid of support [legion of the aura + Wards] + AP = hybrid soraka

6.Have fun focus on last hitting get bloodthirster first if you can farm hard it'll snowball like sex get IE next or bloodthirster though ur crits will be harder [also less skill intensive and more lifesteal than 2x bloodthirster on a regular crit

7. Try to always win your lane if you can't for some reason ask for a lane switch or last hit as much as possible don't lose exp ???? profit moar

GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN I FORGOT TO MENTION ALOT OF **** but theirs so much to being an amazing ezreal and Player


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Skill Sequence


what this means is get ultimate every lv u can 6/11/16 [ofc] then Q mystic shot 1/3/5/7/9

And his arcane shift flash E great better than W also pro tip: RARELY EVER use W for damage...

W IS FOR TOWER/dragon/baron team killing

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For runes I Recommend 16-18 armor pen , Magic resist [13] blues and atleast 1 health quint use 3 if your new to ezreal or feel u will die

I have used different rune sets like 3x damage runes on marks and the rest arm pen 3x damage quints and the dodge,magic resist

It has worked great but overall i feel 28 armor pen + 1 health quint with dodge and magic resist is the best way to go

Learn to last hit without Ez's mystic shot unless it is needed[for tower killing minions] it has more damage and would let u get the cs you would otherwise not get.

So in short my favorite rune set is : 16+ Armor pen,dodge yellow,1x health quint, magic resist blues

when i say 16+ armor pen i mean armor pen total = greater than or higher than 16 [from marks,quints]

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Summoner Spells

I prefer Exhaust and ignite with the masteries for them but ever since i sidelaned one ranked game on him and kept getting ganked by this douchebag udyr near my tower I prefer flash and exhaust also im not missing Ignite much double flash is amazing for escpaing or super chasing with ezreal

Good spells on ezreal [ AD } : Flash,exhaust,ignite,ghost,teleport

Learn to use smart cast on all champions I generally use smart cast for everything except AoE skillshots like lux's lucent singularity the circle thing and skills similar to it

Also learn to sniep with the ultimate u will get alot of free extra gold and raaaaaage quits

I have made teams rage quit had amazing scores with trolls and feeders on my team

Play alot of ezreal and smart playing and you will be EzrealShotGG

Have fun arigato <3 &_& *+* ^_^ HARUUUUHI DANCE FTW

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Last hit alot buy wards especially if people have been getting ganked

Learn to use your ultimate learn to adjust to the situation : Maybe u need earlier banshees veil or guardians angel or want to go BT> IE

Maybe their is a jax On the team sword of the divine oh wait that sucks on ezreal =( good thing jax sucks at 5s more than 3s

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Alternate Items { Defense } { AID}

If you can't go all OFFENSE { ranked or Difficult normal games }

Use A Guardians angel/Thornmail/Banshees Veil/Zhonyas hourglass [armor damage and the active is great for making their karthus RAGE]