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Ezreal Build Guide by Noloob

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Noloob

Ezreal: Power House

Noloob Last updated on August 5, 2011
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Hey guys, I've always wanted to create a guide and finally got off my lazy arse to make one. Yes, this is my very first guide, and it will be about one of my favourite champions, Ezreal.

Anyways, a quick little synopsis about Ezreal before we begin. Ezreal is a strong all-out damage carry. He main weakness that hinders him to being an effective range AD carry is that he has no CC skills at all. He is also a carry that CAN be built AP or AD. Both build are viable. I find AP Ezreal to be a lot stronger in the super late game, however if he has a horrible early/mid game, it is unlikely he will dominate. AD Ezreal, however is super strong early game and starts to scale-off late game, unless you are farmed OR fed.

Short version,
Ezreal = High Damage
Ezreal has no CC
AP Ezreal = Weak early/mid game, strong late game
AD Ezreal = Strong early/mid game, varying late game.

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Now the runes, they can vary depending on how you're playing Ezreal. Since this is an AD Ezreal guide, I'll be focusing on the AD runes. Now I run Armour Penetration Reds + Quints, with Mana Regen Yellows and Cool Down reduction Blues.

Obviously, the armour pen reds + quints are a given. (The quints can vary, personally I love the extra armour penetration)

Mana Regen yellows are because Ezreal's early game mana pool is really low. Since you'll be harassing with your Q a lot, you'll need some mana regen to keep the harass up.

Cooldown reduction blues are here because half the time Ezreal uses his Q do deal damage. Even with the cool down reduct boots, and the 1 second off cool down if his Q hits, it still takes a while before he can launch another Q.

Again, these runes fit my aggressive playstyle, I do suggest them to new Ezreal users, simply because it is a solid rune set-up.

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Masteries on Ezreal really vary on what you want. Ezreal's mastery page can differ into many combinations. I used to rune a 15/0/15 mastery page, but I've moved on to the standard 21/0/9 combination. The only thing that I would stress on the mastery page, is that Ezreal SHOULD have at least 9 points in Utility.

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Skill Sequence

Not much to explain about the skill sequence. Max out you're main spam skill, Q, followed by your E, then W and obviously putting points on R whenever possible.

Now I have had some people asked why I don't put one point on my W during pre-6. (Skill sequence is Q>E>Q>W) The reason why I don't put a skill point on my W until I need to is that, Ezreal's W is costly in terms of mana, and does very little damage at rank 1. Also the attack speed buff/de-buff isn't needed during the early/mid game. You're passive should cover your attack speed needs. Another rank on E is more beneficial in my opinion.

Q > E > Q > E > Q > R > Q > E > Q > E > R > E > W > W > W > R > W > W should be you're skill sequence.

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Summoner Spells

Now to your Summoners. On Ezreal, I run Exhaust, Flash, however, there are many other possiblities.

Suggested SS on Ezreal:
Flash (Great Summoner to have on almost ever champion)
Ghost (Again another great summoner to have on any champion)
Exhaust (Will help you 1v1 and destroy your opponent)
Ignite (Decent spell, can help you ensure a kill in the early game)
Cleanse (VERY UNDER USED. Some people do not know the greatness of cleanse. Should pick up if the other team is a CC monster. Ex. Alistar, Amumu, Fiddlesticks and etc.)

Acceptable SS on Ezreal:
Teleport (Not one of the best for Ezreal, shouldn't have to teleport back to your lane, but still acceptable)
Clarity (Not needed. Your mana regen runes should be enough. However if you find yourself to be needing more mana, feel free to do so, note that this will be replacing an important spell like exhaust)
Heal (Not really needed either. I have seen some Ezreal bait people to tower dive and they just pop a heal. If you are a good Ezreal, you can kite them around your tower so they can't touch you.)
Smite (I have seen jungle Ezreal. I don't like it personally, but some people do.)
Clairvoyance (Honestly, your support should carry this not you... But if you want to be greedy and get a better snipe shot for you ulti... by all means...)

Unacceptable SS on Ezreal:
Revive (You can't jump back into battle right away. Not a Pantheon or TF.)
Fortify (This helps you in no regard whatsoever. Let the tank get this. It IS an important spell and has been a game changer in my experience. Just not good on Ezreal)
Rally (. . .)

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Now the patty of the hamburger, items. Ezreal and be built numerous ways, however I really do prefer my build over others. I have test other builds such as Manamune, Brutalizer/Youmuu's, Infinity Edge and the like. Here are my sort of, "problems" with them.

Manamune - Actually a very good item. Tested it on my build, replaced Last Whisperer with it. Did some math found out wasn't a huge benefit.
Manamune gave +50 more damage and obviously 1000 more mana.
Last Whisper gave +40 more damage and 40% armour penetration.
10 more damage and 1000 more aman in trade for 40% on hit armour penetration. I'd prefer the ArPen, but if you like that +10 damage and feel the need for more mana on Ezreal, then Manamune is very much acceptable. I just don't like it personally, not on Ezreal at least.

Youmuu Ghost Blade - Don't get me wrong, this item is f***ing amazing. Great bonus stats. However, if you read the active carefully. In order to reach the full effectiveness of Youmuu's you need to MELEE attack to increase the duration. Not Range, but Melee. So you'll only be getting the 4 seconds of speed and armour pen/attack speed that doesn't stack.
I see a lot of Ezreals just leave it as a Brutalizer, but again I prefer Last Whisper, more attack and more ArPen.

Infinity Edge/Critical Ezreal - Honestly this isn't too bad of a belt but it just didn't feel right on Ezreal. The standard range DPS build just isn't right for Ezreal I find. Sure you'll be hitting like a truck with your IE and Phantoms, but it doesn't give his Q nuke that much in terms of effectiveness. Trinity Force gives +150% of your total attack damage. When you use your Q is automatically procs, so your Q ends up being skill base damage + your attack damage + 150% of your attack damage. That is a lot better than skill base damage + your attack damage.

Now to explain my build. Everything is basic execpt for the Wriggles Lantern in the beginning. But I'll explain every item regardless.

Ionian boots - Boots that reduce your cool downs. This helps A LOT with your E. Having a short cool down on your E can save you from burning a flash. Also it'll allow you to spam your ultimate to an extent.

Trinity Force - I ultimately end up rushing this item to completion because of the slow from the phage, really helps. It gives Ezreal a bit of CC, and any CC Ezreal will take. Slow will allow you to constantly run, hit, run, hit. The 50% increase from Sheen is also a very nice. It gives you more damage than you need at this point.

Banshees Veil - This item is almost if not a must have on any dps carry. Blocking a spell in late game means A LOT. 500-700 damage burst negated. Or even a stun that could of end up killing you, will be negated. Such a key item for almost every AD carry. Great MR and health/mp stats as well. Probably the best defensive item.

Last Whisper - This item will make you from scary to devastating. This item really shines with Ezreal. The on hit 40% ArPen on top of your runes is beautiful. It is relatively cheap and in my opinion insanely cost-effective on Ezreal. Some people prefer black cleaver, here's my problem. For black cleaver to reach it's full effectiveness, you must hit the same target 3 times. Only if you get the full 3 stacks of ArPen will black cleaver be better than last whisper. But remember usually Ezreal will use his Q to do the intial damage. Last Whisp/Trinity combo is a beauty on Ezreal.

Blood Thrister - This item, is amazing. On any AD carry. HUGE damage and great life steal for insane sustain. Also if you've farmed up your blood thirster it is even more scary. +40 attack damage and 10% more life steal from farming 40 minions? Those a great bonus stacks, most people just forget about the stacks on the blood thirster. But really, those bonus stacks are half of blood thirster's potential.

Wriggles Lantern - Now this item. Wriggles is almost everything you need in the early game. Life steal, armour, attack, (damage bonus vs creeps = easier farm, faster dragon, faster red/buff buff) AND free ward every 3 mins. Everyone should be contributing to warding. No matter what role everyone should have bought a few wards. Wriggles gives and endless supply so if you're solo top, ward the bush, your safe (For the most part) Middle, ward 1 side of the river and stick to the side because you'll know if the jungler will be coming to gank or not. Bottom, ward dragon, you're safe and so is dragon. 18% life steal early game is A LOT. It's more base life steal than a blood thirster. The 13 attack is pretty small, but it also gives armour. Greatly increasing your sustainability. All-roud great item for Ezreal. You can stay in your lane for a much longer duration with this item. 1600 gold for life steal, armour, damage and endless wards? Worth it.

Situational Items:
Now this build isn't set in stone for every game. If you're an experience play you will realise every game is different and every game needs different items. This item build is the build that I've come to use in most of my games. Sometimes the item sequence is different depending on who is on/dominating on the other team. I cannot stress enough that this build is not set in stone. Every item serves a different purpose, USE THEM to their fullest potential.

Quick Silver Sash
Hextech Gunblade
Sword of the Occult
Force of Nature
Madreds Bloodrazer
Frozen Mallet
Mercury Treads
Ninja Tabi
and so on.

You need to get items that will help you in YOUR current game. Like for instance if you are soloing vs an Annie, screw the wriggles GET that hexdrinker, it will save your life.
The core build of Ezreal is really,
Tier 2 Boots

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Ranked Play

Ezreal isn't the best choice for an AD carry in ranked. However in low to mid elo, unranked-1700, Ezreal is a fine choice. In higher elos, the range carry will HAVE TO HAVE some sort of CC. Ashe's slow is are great utility helps your whole team catch up, her ultimate is a great initiator as well. Caitlynn's range is just a powerhouse, her traps that will snare and her slow that pushes her back. Vayne's condemn that will either can stun you or push you back, her ultimate which makes her invisable. Only exception now is really Corki. Since he lost his blind from his Q he isn't as strong as he used to be. However he is still insanely strong.

Anyways back on topic. Ezreal lacks the skills and tools to be a high elo champ, which is why is is considered low tier 2/tier 3. However in low/mid elo games where the carries just need to do damage and carry their team, Ezreal shines. Ezreal is one of the strongest dps carries there is. Ezreal will most likely be in the bottom lane with a support or solo top depending on your team composition. Either way, you will receive all last hits which is CRUCIAL in the early game.

The role of a carry in a game is still do damage while trying to not receive any. Usually staying at the back is a wise choice. The thing about Ezreal is, his range is amazing (Q). you can just sit across the wall and snipe your Q at champs, with the low cool down on it you can use it often as well as your W that should refresh pretty fast.

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Team Work

Ahh teamwork. The work that everybody forgets, team. League of Legends is a TEAM game. You need to co-operate with your team in order to succeed. Your role is obviouisly to carry. In order to do so you must not die and do boat loads of damage. Positioning is KEY to every range carry. You DO NOT go in rambo style and expect not to be killed on the spot. You need to hide behind cover like your tanks and shoot everyone to death, literally. Ezreal's E is a vital part because its a second flash. If you are out of position you can quickly get to a safe spot or back in to position with one E.

Also teamwork isn't about coordinating kills. Warding, items are also important. Wards wins games. They really do. My brother used to say "If you can't use map hack, make a map hack" Wards do just that. Having 3-5 wards out on the field is perfect. Putting them in locations that will help you team like at dragon, at baron and often used choke points. It informs your team where the enemy team is. If you know where the enemy team is, your team can act accordingly. Wriggles Lantern will help you help your team place wards. You don't even have to buy the 75 gold wards, its already invested within the 1600 you spent for your Wriggles. That's why I believe everyone should help with the warding, because the jungler/support/tanks can't do it all the time. The support/tanks don't even get any farm! Help them help you.
Items, aura items are severely under-estimated. If you're tank or support gets let's say an aegis early game, that buffs you help quite and bit while also de-buffing the other team. This is also teamwork, helping your team out with bonus stats. Starks Fervor is also a good item, since most teams will have 2 AD carries, that lifesteal/ ArPen/ attack speed helps A LOT. However you are the carry, you don't need to buy aura items. Some items you buy may have an armour that will help the team out. Or status effect items like black cleaver, doesn't just give you ArPen, it "shreds" the enemies' armour, this helps your other AD carry to hurt them more.

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Farming is a crucial part of any carry. You will notice that the top players don't EVER auto attack minions early game. They may poke in a few auto attacks here and there, but they will never just sit and auto attack. So many people do not know the meaning of LAST HITTING. I don't know how much more straight forward last hitting can get. You just do the last hit. The last hit is what gives you the gold, all the other hits do absolutely nothing. Also auto attacking will make your lane pushed pretty hard, and if any jungler sees a lane that is pushed hard, it's literally telling the jungler "come gank!". As a carry you must LAST HIT to get the gold you need. This helps because instead of auto attacking you could harass the enemy champion, since last hitting only requires 1 hit.

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Now in this guide I've went off topic a bit here and there in order to fully explain some fundamentals of League of Legends. Here I will solely talk about Ezreal. There are many things to Ezreal as well as a few tricks.

During the early game laning phase, if your opponent knows your champ, he will stay behind minion fire to avoid getting harassed by your Q. There's a few ways to by-pass this.

Trick #1
If the minion your enemy is hiding behind is about to die, last hit it and quick send a Q that will, most of the time your opponent will forget to move because they feel safe.

Trick #2
Use the bushes. Go in and out. Go out of the bushes to last hit, then go back in to hide. You can use the time you hide to re-position yourself to shoot a Q at them.

Trick #3
This trick I would only recommend if you have a support or if you are aware of your mana. This requires a bit a skill. Simply use your E to get to an opening and quickly fire a Q afterwards. In order to do this successfully you need to know where you will end up after you used your E and shoot your Q from there. Note that you can't use Q RIGHT away after you press E. Because there is a short period where Ezreal needs to channel his E. So E wait a bit, NOT to long and fire a Q.

Now an important part of Ezreal is to know WHEN to use your E. Knowing when to use your E so crucial. NEVER be lazy and just E into a teamfight. Take the time to walk around/to them. I would say that those who aren't familiar with Ezreal SAVE your E to run away. Remember to use your E STRATEGICALLY. E over the terrain "Know your environment". When you get familiar with Ezreal, you will know when to use E aggressively. Usually only use your E when you know you can not die and when you know you will kill them. Don't think your E can completely replace Flash. Flash casts INSTANTLY and like I said before, your E takes a bit of time to channel. If you're in a tough situation use flash first, it will get you out of there faster. That split second can mean you dieing or living.

Your ultimate is not an initiator. It does a lot of damage, but no CC. Sometimes it can be used to initiate a team fight, but I prefer when you know where everyone is, and fire to hit the most amount of enemies OR to hit the carries. You can also use your ultimate to snipe down people running away with low health. The beauty of Ezreal's ult is it's damage. If you have a good initiating champion on your team like Amumu or Kennen that does AoE damage, using your ult at same time as their's, instantly half health or more gone from the enemy team. Knowing when to use your ultimate is not as crucial as your E, because it doesn't save your life most of the time. Sometimes on a 1v1 ulting an invis enemy like akali in her shroud will save your life, but its too important. Most of the time you can just use it to do damage to anyone.

Kiting/juking is easy for Ezreal. To kite/juke to Ezreal's fullest potential is abusing your Q. Remember if your Q lands on an enemy, ALL your skills gets a 1 second reduced from their cool down. This is important to remember. When kiting NEVER AUTO ATTACK, only use your Q, because when you kite you can't get hit, if you auto attack you stop for a long time. If you Q, you stop for a shorter amount of time and reduce your cool downs. Sometimes waiting to use your Q at the last second your E is off cooldown is better when you are trying to juke/run away from an enemy. Being AWARE of your cool downs and your mana is key to becoming a good Ezreal player.

How to farm with Ezreal after early gamne/laning phase is quite simple. Now since you should have your wriggles lantern, you can start auto attacking waves and clean them up pretty fast. Ezreal is a pretty competent split pusher because of his passive. You should spam your Q against a minion wave WHEN you have cooldowns. Spamming your Q when you don't have any cool downs is just a waste of mana. Don't get me wrong, you can still USE your Q, you just shouldn't SPAM it. Also if you are trying to hard push with Ezreal, wait till a minion waves spawns, you can tell by look at your base and seeing when the minions spawn. When they have spawned shoot and ultimate that would hit the WHOLE wave. This gives you 5 stacks on your passive right off the bat for an increased 50% attack speed. You will take down towers like nothing with your passive. Also remember that trinity force works on towers. So using a W randomly, OR AT an ally would be ideal. Using W won't proc your trinity so your next attack will be 150% to the tower. If you don't have W yet, shoot a Q and not hit anything. Remember to NOT hit anything. If you hit, you will proc your trinity and lose that 150% bonus damage. But when you don't have your ult and don't have stacks on your passive, spam the Q at minions to increase your attack speed and also clear minions so your minions hit the tower as well. DO NOT use E when pushing it is your escape. Remember to W your allies when pushing because it gives more attack speed to them so you can push faster.

With this I've summarised the basics of Ezreal. The advanced stuff you can only learn on your own. Note that this isn't everything there is to know about Ezreal. You can always find something new that I don't know or that high elo players don't know about Ezreal. His skill kit allows him to do many different and amazing things.
This is the end of my first guide :). Leave a comment, below and please rate after you've tried it out. Suggestions and questions are allowed so please ask away :).