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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NerouposNeroupos

Ezreal:Some men dont need to get that close

NerouposNeroupos Last updated on April 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello this is my first guide ever i studied much for this and i hope you like it.Here you will see detailed information for ezreal and i hope i am helpful to you.Ezreal is a enjoyable character ranged deadly and fun.You will enjoy every moment playing and has many different playing styles if you like trying different things.The version by guest is mine but i didnt know how to use modafire yet and i mistaken did it as guest this is not a copy its the original.

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Pros / Cons

-Long Range
-Great amount of damage
-Good Farmer
-Excellent Lane
-Great mid-late game

-Low Health
-Not good early game
-Vulnerable To gangs
-Weak against life stealers,Fast Runners and Stealth

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Summoner Spells

I used ghost and exhaust because they suit for ezreal as he has hes own flash but you can always put ignite instead i would not recommend flash because of arcane shift or clairvoyance because ezreal's skills scout very well its simple if you get your passive buff an enemy is there.Heal is not needed because of your life steal which gives huge health on Mystic shot and good on auto attacks.Clarity is not needed because of manamune you get very match mana and good regen with runes so dont need it.

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Skill Sequence

I maximize Mystic shot for the great deal of damage and great bonus life steal you get back second is Arcane shift very helpful on 1vs1 and good backdoor as well.Last i maximize spell flux and of course put always points on ulti Trueshot Barrage and remember using it at very long ranges the enemies will be very surprised.Now on the fight you spam Mystic Shot and harass enemies spell flux does not worth the mana you spend in AD version so dont use it match and keep Arcane shift when enemy tries to escape or you need to escape and of course use your auto attacks.

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i use mostly 23/3/4 but 23/7/0 is very good as well.Though i don't suggest 23/0/7 at all it wont work well and i also would not suggest 9/0/21 except if you are AP then you might do well with it

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Armor Penetration will change your life with ezreal it allows you to do huge damage with small efforts you can change CDR Glyphs for CDR per level because they are not very cheap but i prefer CDR if you do something do it right.I don't suggest Glyph for mana regen Seals are good enough and of course if you play AP use magic penetration

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The standard build is very useful generally but you will need to make some changed for special cases.Replace Doran's blade of course when you believe the time is right with another bloodthirstier if the enemy team had no characters with special sections(Armor Stacking,Health magic resist etc.)Or If you do good early game take Sword of Occult.If you see any of the enemy team stacking stats as i mention earlier counter them.For example Take Last Whisper if you have opponents stacking armor E.G Rammus or a tank.If someone is stacking health take Madred's Bloodrazors E.G Vladimir and if you see them stacking magic resist take Abyssal Scepter or Void Staff E.G many possible tanks.

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Team Work

Team working for ezreal is perfect.Tanks can be very helpful for you because you deal so much damage that you will pull much agro.Your best friend is a good trydamere.Teaming with patheon can be very good as well but remember to let a tank or someone else taking agro instead of you because you will fall easy and then your team will be outnumbered

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Ezreal is indeed hard to get used to but you will enjoy playing with him and how enemies will fall by your hand.Remember using mystic shot as many times but also using it last as well ezreal doesn't killsteal just shooting last.Most important you should know is you must place ezreal as far as possible from enemies and use arcane shift to backdoor or escape from gangs.Last keep an eye of fast runners because they are big trouble