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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pizzakrydda

Ezreal survivability with AD

Pizzakrydda Last updated on May 2, 2011
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Chapter 1 - Skills

This build is working fine for me, but please comment on the runes and the masteries because I havn't reached lvl 30 (or what ever you need) jet so I haven't tryed them out.

As I will mention in the Game Play section, Mystic Shot is a great way to farm but it also make a whole lot of damage and it's all physical so make sure to use it on your enemies too. This is a spell you have to spam while trying to kill opponents and especially as it gives your passive stacks, which means that for every hit you gain 10% attack speed for the next 6 seconds or until you get another stack and the CD resets - you get 10% for each stack and you can have a maximum of 5 stacks. So it's nessecery that you use this to your advantage early game. Mystic Shot combined with your normal attack is the key to get kills.

Picking the Essence Flux on lvl 9 is if you are ganging a lot and there are a lot of team fights were you feel it would be good to boost your allies. Otherwise just skill them as last spell, especially when you feel that you are the kill taker. Since the "huge" team battles often occurs in the late game it doesn't really matter if you skill it early. But I like to have at least one early game if i need to boost my allies.
While using it in the larger battles, try to cast it aligned from behind your allies and lined so that you still hit your enemies.

Arcane Shift is bouth as great as initiation as it is escaping. Prefrebly I use Arcane Shift to chase people down, that's why is like having flash as an possible escape if Arcane Flash should be on cooldown. Usually when I initiate early game I've worked down my opponents health with my Mystic Shot, then I use Arcane Shift to initiate a killing sequence. In theese situations there often a lot of creeps around your target, there for you Shift almost right onto your target to make sure he gets your damage from the spell.
Later on in the game the Arcane Shift is an exellent spell to make sure you're just about the right range from a team battle, Ezreal is a bit squishy so you don't want to stay in the middle of the fight. I usually **** in and out of the battle to use my Arcane Shift as an aggressive spell, it helps you keep your distance but you also want it to make damage. And as I mentioned before, that's why we've picked flash as our extra spell - To make sure you can escape.

Trueshot Barrage - Your ultimate; Early game using this spell wrong it's almost usless, wrong would be trying to nuke enemies through a creepwave or two. Since this Spell loses damage while passing through enemie units you have to make sure to align yourself propperly to maintain the highest amount of damage, and since it has casting time you have to make sure to calculate your opponents possible route. This is also one of the spells were you want your enemy team to be stacked together to make sure you hit them all. And since you try to keep your distance in team battles the casting time wont be a problem, the hard part is to get it well timed. It's good to initiate with if you want your team to have the advantage in the fight, but that won't get you any kills. You have to know your team and by doing this you can use your Trueshot Barrage as a real Cou de gr���¢ce, "kill shot", while the enemy team is fleeing for their lives.
This is at a rather short range concidering that the spell is global, using it more glabaly would be in situations were you're back in the base and the rest of your team is fighting in the middle, and just to give them another little advantage you damage the enemy team a bit and hopefully granting yourself a few assists.

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Chapter 2 - Game play and Items

Since a whole lot of game play were mentioned in the Skill section I am going to guide you to be a succesfull Ezreal with a few other tips.

This is a build based on that you have to be a great farmer. The Meki Pendant will give you the opportunity to grab a whole lot of last hits with Mystic Shot. (If you find it really difficult to survive you can try a Dorans ring instead of the Meki Pendant, just for the 100 extra HP, but then you won't have any pots and you still have to buy Meki Pendant for the Manamune later on.). As you soon will notice, your mana pool will be rather constant if you use the skill as "One shot one kill" instead of bringing down the creeps health with more then one Mystic shot.
And since your passive improves your attackspeed for a short session of time you most probobly will get the last hit if there should be a small amount of HP left.
Usually when i go for this build I often manage to farm more creeps then the midlane, or about the same amount ofcourse depending on who is on the middle lane. As you might figure this will make the nuking of enemies falling behind - but as the mystiq shot do a whole lot of damage you do not need to hit that many times. Keep spamming Mystic shot on the creeps and once in a while you nuke your enemies.
Often, when I have a good lane mate, I can buy the whole Mana Mune and boots the first time I shop, so make sure to spam that Mystic Shot.
If you dominate your line this is rather easy, but if you're not it will still work fine the only difference is that you will have to be a bit more passive and stay out of enemy range. Wait for the creep to get low hp then kill it with Mystic Shot and since you've got a stack from your passive try to use the extra attackspeed and get another creep kill as well.
As you might have noticed I've typed more then a bit about the farming part, but as you don't have any AoE spell except your ulti you will notice rather soon that it can be difficult to get farm just by auto hitting and trying to last hit early game. There for the Mystic Shot is great, low cool down, high damage, and barley takes any mana.

The order of which you buy the Frozen malet and The BloodThirster is depending on what you might need in the game. If you feel squishy; go for the malet, and if you feel OP then just go for the BT first insted.