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League of Legends Build Guide Author MONMONMO

Ezreal The Nuke AP

MONMONMO Last updated on January 8, 2011
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Chapter 1

Welcome to my Ezreal Guide

This is for all you die hard ap Ezreal fans who were sad when his ap was nerfed and sat there thinking.. "Is there no god?"

Cheer up I'm here to help!

Items and Wtf am I thinking!?!?:
For starters we went with Tome + hp pot.
Now your sitting there thinking "oh but monmonmo the dorans ring makes me have hp and regen"

Yes the dorans ring is a nice beginners item but in the end it just leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth.

My build is about making him a deadly nuke ASAP. The flat AP runes I have shown you will make it so you will require the ap given from the tome. (This will make that lvl 2 essence flux make the enemy think you hax)

The mejai soulstealer is essential on ezreal as he seems to atleast have a numerous amount of assist even on his worst days.

The sorc boots will further boost the horrid destroying power of your early game ap.

Void Staff
- I know your thinking, " Why the hell am I getting a void staff this early when I could rush the rab's? " You want the void staff asap due to the fact that most times ezreal is faced with strong tanks and the extra ap and huge amount of magic pen will increase the destructive power of your ultimate. By this item you should already notice that you are beginning to dominate the enemy horribly.

Needlessly Large rod
- (good ap key piece to Rab's)

Rabadon's Deathcap
- This item is a must have ap boost item which will certainly accent your already deadly arsenal of magic dmg dealing items and is the perfect step towards being a good nuke hero.

Abyssal scepter
- "why the hell do you want MORE PEN?" This item I find helps to increase your ap to a higher extent while making sure that your enemies tanks dont forget the horrible damage you have been unleashing this entire game and will foil any efforts they have attempted to to try and counter you. (In the case of banshee you let your team waste useless spells on them and hold off on your ult until they do the dirty work for you)

Zhonya's hourglass
- This is the final item. It is a personal preference. This item can be altered depending on what is required for different circumstances. It provides a bit of survivability and more ap.

How To Play this nuke hero:

Early game:

Solo mid is always a bonus for this character as he needs to farm up a lot of gold to satisfy this build. But if not then to lane with a decent stun or slow would be in your best interest (malphite , pantheon , mundo, etc) You want to focus on last hitting with the level 1 mystic shot and harass when able to(Put that clarity to full use). Level 2 essence flux is when you will start to hurt so be shy from conflict until then unless your with a decent lane partner and in which case you can spam and auto attack. (Order of spells (Essence -> Mystic (cool down for essence) -> Arcane Shift--- Arcane shift is a great finishing move and if they are not quite dead the cool down on essence should be down soon enough)

Mid Game:

This is around lvl 6+. You will want to be using your ultimate to the fullest finishing kills for allies in other lanes or just using it yourself to get that person in your lane low enough to spell spam him to death. This global is amazing for assisting your team when you cannot hope to leave your lane unattended. You should be moving around a bit more and ganking where needed if mid. Your huge nuking abilities should suffice for a quick gank and some easy kills.


The enemy has been ravaged by your skill shots all game and you are not letting up now you keep spell spamming them down and your team will do the rest. You should be assisting in team fights and farming when not (DO NOT ROAM AROUND ALONE TOO FAR! YOU ARE SQUISHY DON'T BE COCKY JUST BECAUSE YOU HURT)

How To Team Fight:

When team fighting your job is not to run in and die pointlessly. You stay a decent distance to the back of your team, while waiting for your team to initiate. Once they initiate this is your que to fire off your ultimate for massive damage to the enemy once they have grouped up to fight. This will turn the tide in the fight and give your carries the much needed advantage to clean up and get some free kills. You should remain at a distance and keep firing your skill shots into the fray (Mystic shot makes your spells cool down faster)


Your now looking at this with a confused look in your eyes thinking, "what is he? Nuts?" No I am quite sane :) you need to go down the offense tree due to the fact that your mystic shot will suck with damage and the more points in the offense tree will make up for this. (You do not require more mana clarity will keep you safe from harm)


Flat Ap for early game destructive power and Magic Pen for the boost to your already strong arsenal of ap spell dmg.

I played ezreal a lot before the nerf and this was my way to keep his ap power alive. Goodluck and good hunting,hope you have enjoyed reading and I hope you own it up in games and show that AP ezreal spirit.

I will keep this updated
Feel free to post victories or good experiences with this build! Everyone enjoys good news ^^