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Ezreal Build Guide by Rewfus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rewfus

Ezreal, The Real Deal (aka DON'T NEED NO SHEEN)

Rewfus Last updated on August 4, 2011
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Change Log

This space is reserved, in case Ezreal ever gets a few deserved buffs... or if Riot decides they hate Ezreal and nerf him more.... I'll most likely be changing my build.

This is where I will log those changes.

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Ezreal, The Prodigal Explorer, Androgynous Hipster and All-Around Bad *** Mofo.

This build focuses heavily on stacking AD and Armor Pen to maximize your early, mid and late game damage. Keep in mind that I am a low-mid level Elo player. I fluctuation between 1300-1500. This build *probably* won't work in higher Elo play. It relies heavily on being able to outwit/out maneuver your enemies and having really good map awareness. It also requires you to take blue buff when ever possible. And red is nice, too.

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Ah, the all important rune page. There's a certain guide on here claiming that runes don't matter on Ezreal. I couldn't disagree more. There is a huge difference between starting with 0 armor pen and 24. A HUGE difference. In fact, my playstyle revolves around trying to dominate early game and carry that advantage to mid and late game.

So, without further ado, the runes:
Greater Mark of Desolation
You need armor pen. It works with your auto attacks and your mystic shot. The more, the better.
Greater Seal of Resistance
Personally, I prefer armor over HP runes. It helps when I'm harassing to mitigate some of the creep damage and I feel it helps out more, overall, late game.
/Greater Glyph of Celerity/Greater Glyph of Intellect
I personally prefer more early mana, but it's just a personal preference. I have also ran CDR runes as well. Really, the blues don't make a huge difference, in my opinion.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation
More Armor Pen. Armor Pen is good.

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21/0/9 Is the only way to go to maximize your damage. Be sure to pick up a point in Utility Mastery if you plan on grabbing blue/red buff often. I don't really feel there's much wiggle room here. Notice, I don't take 7-9 points in defense because I don't build a stupid manamune.

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This should almost always be your starting item. Alternately, if you think you can pull it off... go with a vamp scepter. It gives about 4x as much health back as a doran's blade, however you'll have a much smaller pool to fill it with, as well.

But for the love of god, don't start with a mekhi or sapphire crystal. (Mostly because it sucks and you shouldn't be using Q to last hit, but also because WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN SHEEN.)

Now at this point, most people will tell you to rush a sheen because it adds damage to Q. Gee, that's nice... until you do the math and realize you're not getting much bang for your buck. First off, yes you can spam your q and always have a sheen proc on it, but look at the description. It increases damage by 100% of your BASE AD. Do the math yourself. It adds a bit of nice damage to Q and that's it. It really gives you nothing else. This is one of the reasons that many people say Ezreal's damage "falls off" late game. Don't buy a sheen. Just don't.

If i'm having a really decent game and I can stay in my lane and farm up, I'll try to wait until I have around 2000 gold before going back for the first time. Obviously, this doesn't always work out and sometimes I go back before this. However, in the best case scenario, my next item is always...

Dat BF Sword! Now this is some damage. +45 to mystic shot AND auto attacks AND Trueshot Barrage.

By this time, you absolutely need boots. Ez is slow. No kiting without boots. Make it an early item. I see hero Ez's every once in a while who try to completely skip boots. Don't do it. You can, however, stick with level 1 boots for a while.

This is the game changer. Turn that BF sword into a Black Cleaver and watch your enemies melt. I'm dead serious. You should always rush a BC first. Always. Don't argue with me, I've done the math.

You're squishy as ****, and one way to counter that without building armor/hp/magic resist is by getting yourself more life steal. I can't count how many times I had to fallout of a teamfight because I was at 10% health, then go regen off some creeps or jungle mobs and jump right back into a fight. It works and you need it. The synergy between BC and BT is amazing and you'll be healing for quit a bit.

That's pretty much the core build. Many times I don't get past this. But, on the occasion I do...

Oh sweet crits. Just last night I dominated a game so hard that by level 18 I ws dealing 800-900 crits on my enemies. Remember all that armor pen? This is where it REALLY shines.

Now this is already an expensive build and it takes some super star CS and enemy kills to get this amount of money, but it can be done. I've gotten a BC, BT, Zerker Greaves and started on an IE all before 25 minutes in many games. CS CS CS! Kill them creeps! Learn how to last hit AND harass at the same time.

If you do make it this far and find yourself with even MORE gold to spend consider the following two items:

For tanky DPS teams.

Because it's a BANSHEE'S VEIL. Probably, hands down, one of the best defensive items for damage dealers/mana users. Get it and it will love you and you will love it.


Another BT, because you just can't go wrong with more lifesteal and AD.

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Why no Sheen?

Here's the part where I do the math to try to convince you that Sheen is not as good of an item on Ezreal as people think.

+250 Mana
+25 Ability Power
Passive UNIQUE: Every time you use an ability, your next physical attack deals 100% extra base damage. Cooldown 2 seconds.
Item cost 1260g (425g)

Lets start off with effetcs. +250 mana. Throw away stat. If you know how to conserve mana, you don't need extra.

+25 ability power. Another throw away stat. You aren't stacking AP so +25 ap is just meh. Mystic Shot's AP ratio is .2, so you're only getting +5 damage there. We don't level Essence Flux until the end so it's effect on that skill is negligible. Granted, Arcane Shift has a .75 ratio on it - but again, we're not stacking AP so you're only adding 15 damage to that ability.

Now the passive. You can ignore the description and just use this one: Everytime you use Mystic Shot, as long as you hit, Sheen adds +100% of your BASE AD to it's damage. If you miss, your next Auto Attack will receive the bonus.

Lets look at Ezreal's base AD. I've come up with a really easy formula so you can figure it out at any level.

Ezreal Base AD = Lvl(3)+44.2

Ie: At level 10.... 10(3)+44.2 = 74.2

Now, most people who rush sheen will pick it up right around level 6-7. So, do the math.
7(3)+44.2 = 65.2. On paper, this looks amazing. Just look at it! +20 damage over a BF sword that costs 400g more! ZOMG IT MUST BE THE BEST THINGS EVER. No. Remember what it does? Basically, it adds that damage to your Mystic Shot ONLY.

Let's do a side-by-side comparison with a BF sword.

At level 7... you auto attack, mystic shot, auto attack.

    W/ Sheen - 65 damage from auto attack, 75+65 damage from mystic shot. Disregarding mitigation, this is 270 damage total.

    W/ Bf Sword - 110 damage from auto attack, 45+65 damage from mystic shot. Disregarding mitigation, this is 330 damage total.

Now, people will say, "But Rewfus! Triforce/Sheen scales with level!" And I would reply to them, "Omg, you are soooo correct!" In the most sarcastic tone I could muster. But what you HAVE to remember is that it's only boosting the damage of your Mystic Shot. (Or your subsequent auto attack if you have a hard time landing Q's.)

"But Rewfus! I use Mystic Shot to poke!" That's great, but I used mystic shot and auto attacks to poke. You should do the same thing. Plus, there is no guarantee that you will hit with Mystic Shot EVERY TIME, so it's a good ide to try to follow it up and precede it with an auto attack.

Now if all of this is still not enough to convince you consider the following:

Mystic shot's AD ratio is 1:1 pure attack damage

Trueshot Barrage's AD Ratio is 1:1 BONUS attack damage

And ofcourse, your Auto attacks fully exploit 100% of your total AD.

Now ask yourself, with three attacks that take full advantage of any AD you stack, why would you build a damage item that has no AD on it?

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Skill Sequence


And, then you have your red-headed step child of an Ability...
Just avoid it like the plague like I do. Sometimes I don't even level it at all until 16+ because I don't want to hit it on accident and waste 10-20% of my mana.

Also, I don't care if you call me selfish, but I rarely spam it on my teammates. Giving one person +40% AS for a couple of seconds is just to "meh" to really care. Now... if I can line up 3+ champions (enemies or teammates) i will spam it. But only if and only then.

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Summoner Spells

is the key to getting that early first blood. (At level 2)

And since I didn't address it anywhere else, this is where I will. Basically, the idea is to take mid lane and harass your opponent down to about 70% health before you hit level 2. When you hit level 2 you take a point in Arcane Shift and then wait for your moment. The second your opponent puts himself in a bad position, you arcane shift in, Exhaust + Ignite, Mystic Shot and Auto Attack. You may need one final mystic shot, but I guarantee that if you don't outright kill them, you'll force them back to base. At level 2. See the huge advantage here?

Alternately, and if you're a wimp, you can take Flash or Ghost. But I'll call you a weenie and make fun of you.