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Ezreal Build Guide by Gingeh

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gingeh

EzreAMAZING - A Detailed Guide

Gingeh Last updated on August 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Despite many claims that Ezreal is the most underpowered carry, the right play with him will have you destroying enemy teams. Even if they're trying to kill you, you'll have no problems dancing around them Q-ing them in the face all game long. Not only will you be doing better than the enemy carry, you'll be killing them as well.

The main requirement for playing Ezreal that I can't help you with is KNOWING HOW TO HIT YOUR Q. After playing Ez enough, you'll eventually become a natural at leading mystic shot right into annie's face. Until then, practice makes perfect.

NOTE: Don't downvote until you've tried it. I think you'll enjoy, though :D

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    Great Damage Output
    Great Early Game
    High Range
    Game Changing Ultimate
    Easy Kiting
    Massive Escape Utility
    Good Chaser
    Build adds sufficient CC
    Can burst and DPS
    Doesn't need a map


    Highly targeted
    Victim of CC
    Horrible voice acting
    Bad mid game

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I obviously go 21/0/9 to get the most damage possible. I take an AP oriented physical build because Ezreal puts out a bunch of magic damage, as well as physical damage. Since many of my items are physical, this helps to balance out the build. In utility, I take Perseverance over Good Hands, and one point into meditation. This is because Ezreal is a bit mana hungry early game, and this helps to keep him sustainable.

For my runes I get armor pen marks to buff the damage of my Q and auto attacks, mana per 5 seals to really help take care of Ezreal's mana issues, and AP glyphs to help his w, e, and r pack a bit more punch. Though 9 AP is not very much, so you may substitute these for cdr or flat mana glyphs.

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The biggest thing you'll notice about this build is that I rush a gunblade for my first main item. (besides boots, of course) While the spell vamp, AP, lifesteal, and AD is useful, I mainly get the gunblade for it's incredible active.

Just to clarify, the gunblade's active will deal 300 damage and slow the target for 50% on a 60 second cool down. This item is so useful, you should mentally file it as a 5th skill. Because Ezreal has no cc, it's hard for him to effectively kite the enemy DPS/assassin in team fights while still putting good damage into their squishies. With a 50% slow, you'll have no problem flashing your way around them, or simply bursting them down (While maintaining your distance thanks to the slow). Honestly, Screw you Sheen. Hextech Gunblade is the BEST ITEM on Ezreal.

After my Gunblade, I follow up with a sheen to increase the output of my Q, and finish the Triforce for more damage + nice ability power. Between these two items, your ultimate will be hitting the enemy team HARD.

The rest is fairly obvious. Black cleaver for AS, Bloodthirster if you're fed for amazing damage, and last whisper if you need it.

EDIT: On the Doran's Shield: I get it because it makes Ezreal very beefy in the early laning phase. 6 bars at lvl 1 on such an otherwise squishy carry is very intimidating for your enemy. In addition, the Health Regen boost does much more for Ezreal than the 3% lifesteal of the Doran's Blade. The bonus armor also makes a major difference, since starting armor changes damage taken so much.

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Summoner Spells

You may have your own opinions, as I'm sure many Ezreals out there are fans of the Exaust/Ignite first blood combo. In reality, first blood is very hard to land, and if you failed to get the kill, then you're stuck with ignite, which is a horrible spell on Ezreal because your ult is just as good at finishing people off if they get away.

I get flash instead of ignite, because it gives me two things I already have. a large slow, and a flash. Having these gives me something to fall back on in case of emergency. If I need to continue kiting, or I'm in trouble and my E is on cooldown, then having that extra utility is going to keep me from feeding, and likely get me kills.

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Early Game

GO. MID. Screw the EU meta where carries go bot. Ezreal is very weak in a duo lane because without that slow from the gunblade that really gives him the edge in mobility, Ezreal can only focus the closest target. If you get the opposing champion low, the other one is just going to tank your mystic shots. If you flash in close to your target, then both of them will turn and CC you because you've likely just overextended way past your lane partner.

"But wait, Ginger! What if you just lane with a support and farm all day?"

Ezreal is perfectly capable of farming mid, and a skilled Ezreal player will outclass most mid champions. Having a support helping you do nothing but farm in the bot lane simply keeps you from getting kills early game.

That being said, go mid.

Spend early game last hitting with your auto attack, while simultaneously watching your enemy. Every time he steps out from behind a minion to last hit, punish him with a mystic shot to the face. Your Dorans blade and health quints will have you at 6 bars at lvl 1, so as long as you do your best to avoid most of your enemy's harass, you should have much more health than them. If by chance you get them low enough to where you think you can kill them, follow these steps.

1. Fight far from enemy minions. If you draw aggro, warrior minions will come to tank your mystic shots, and the enemy will probably kill you.

2. Combo a summoner flash/ arcane shift to get in close

3. Exhaust them

4. Start going crazy on them mystic shot and auto attacks, being able to run toward their tower for a moment after each auto attack so as not to lose range

5. First blood.

Before doing this, take note of enemy summoner spells, and determine whether you can still kill them.

The last thing to note early game is to conserve mana. You can spam your Q to last hit more, but auto attacking is more efficient. Additionally, there are only 3 times when you should use your E.

1. The enemy champion has run out of minions (Preferably at your turret) and is retreating back so as not to draw aggro. E toward them, (only if the attack from your e will hit them) and hit them with a Q. This will deal a very nice amount of damage.

2. You're trying to kill your enemy

3. Oh ****. Warwick's ganking. (Or oh ****. She just dropped Tibbers)

And one final note: SAVE your ultimate. Keep map awareness for that 3HP Singed going B at his tower, and ask your teammates to call out wounded enemies. If your target has under 2 and a half bars and there are no minions in the way, then go for it.

The other use for your ult early game will change the focus of fighting your laning enemy. Get them low enough to where they are certain to die to your ult, back out of vision, and finish them off. Works every time.

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Mid Game

At this point, you should have your Bilgewater and Zerkers greaves. Enemies and allies should be regularly chilling in your lane, and a turret should be down somewhere. It's probably mid game.

This is a key point of the game, because it's when you suck the most. You can't kite well enough to hit key enemies with mystic shot, you're very squishy, and everyone wants to kill you. Participate in team fights, but keep yourself out of danger. If they have a counter carry or assassin that starts to attack you, emergency slow them with your bilgewater and gtfo. Try to land mystic shots in key points, but don't auto attack unless you feel completely safe doing so. It's very weak right now anyway.

Once you're mid way through mid game, you should have a gunblade and be starting to level your W. Start hitting their assassin with the gunblade's active, and kite them with your two flashes while trying to output the most damage possible to key enemies. If you're getting focused, get out. Never E into a team fight to deal damage with it. (EVER.)

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Late Game

Following this guide, you should be quite well fed and outputting tons of damage with your cleaver and triforce. Still maintain distance, but only limit your damage output if you're in danger, or about to be in danger. Don't just kite, kite and kill the underfed assassin who still seems adamant on trying to kill you. If you've been playing well, you should be carrying your team to victory.

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Bonus: Exactly How to Micro a Team Fight with Ezreal

Before it begins, stay a couple feet back behind the rest of your team when following them. if the enemy tank initiates on your team, you don't want to be part of the group that's getting cc'd or the enemy will take you out first.

When a tank initiates, take a step back, take a deep breath, and ult the most dense group of enemies. This will take off about 1/3rd of their health and instantly charge your passive. From there, depending on your distance from everyone else, either walk forward (Continuing to maintain safe distance) or flash to a distance you feel comfortable with. You may flash at this time to a safe distance to keep your passive up, and if you didn't just blink into the middle of the brawl, you probably won't need your flash again until it's off cooldown. If you dun goofed with that judgment, then that's why you have summoner flash.

From there, judge who you want to attack between distance, and importance. If focusing the enemy carry means putting yourself into danger, DON'T DO IT. If your only available option is the tank, then so be it. Spam some Mystic shot/auto attack on him to keep your passive up, and wait for someone else to come within range. If it becomes obvious that your team is losing, then increase your distance while still using your q. You want to be far enough away to escape if you end up being the last man standing. If you're winning, then it's time to steal some kills. reduce your distance, and start focusing the most juicy target. Don't feel guilty when you're going 15/3. You're the carry. You deserve it.

Just to clarify, if you're able to focus other targets besides the tank, (Which you probably will, since you're #1 on the entire enemy team's kill order) then unload on their ***es. If they get within range, keep them within range. Gunblade for the slow and put out everything you have BUT your flash. (Unless it's going to make the difference between a kill and a waste of mana) It all has a 3 second cooldown anyway.

And one more clarification, your range away from the brawl is almost identical to the range of your gunblade. You can still auto attack to your full potential, but make sure you're doing it at it's max range.

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Known Early Game Counters

Morde (SWITCH LANES. He'll outfarm you, and always have more minions than you to tank your Q And the shield is a harass negator. He also has more health and burst >_>)
Corki (You can survive, but don't be aggressive. He has more early game damage than you)
Yorick (His ghouls block your Q and get in your face. You cannot kill this man)
Katarina (She's a champion who's designed to kill you)
Akali (Also a champion designed to kill you)

More to come, but Ezreal owns most face.