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League of Legends Build Guide Author Durandhal

Fear the Lux....Love the Lux

Durandhal Last updated on February 3, 2011
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Chapter 1

Build Description

First off, I hate seeing Lux's out there sucking it up for all us other good Lux's. She should be a force of the gods on the fields of justice, not a light breeze that can bind for a few seconds. She has surprising damage output at all points in the game (Unfortunately, reeeealy late game can become a problem sometimes) But anyway, this is a high risk, high reward build. This is what I've learned works very well for me for many games that I play/played as Lux.

It is a big risk building straight AP with no RoA. But honestly I think that dinky thing is for people who don't know how to not die (Although I have been known to get one occasionally when faced against heavy DPS teams now a days). The Mejai's Soul Stealer Soul Stealer (or Kill Stealer as I have christened it) is your secret weapon here. Without it, and without some stacks you are going to have an almost impossible time making the enemy team even think you're worth the time to kill you. But oh momma, when the stacks start rolling in can you bring on the hurt.

Late game, you can be a force to be reckoned with, taking enemy squishies from 3/4 health to dead in one Finales FunkelnShoop da Whoop. To get to beast mode (which is what we all want), you're going to have to not mind getting a little dirty.... and sometimes outright stealing a kill from a teammate.... but hey, it's all in the name of stacks right?


Illumination (Passive):
Light Binding: Its like dark binding....but better! at least in some aspects. Because it goes through two people its amazing for team battles and being in a duo lane. This is one reason why i don't see lux as an amazing mid, this move is made to get multiple people, not just one enemy
Prismatic Barrier: A surprisingly good move right here. It may not start out as much but it has saved my life, and teammates' as well, more times than I can count. It may not be a huge amount of damage to start out with, but later game it is amazing for team fights when you can get it on most of your team in one shot. Also, since this blocks damage of all sorts, its great to use against Mordekaiser's ult, and ignite. And lastly, if you know some damage is coming your way (ie Karthus's ult or Vlads) then try to throw it on yourself and any people around you.
Lucent Singularity: Your bread and butter right here. Level it early, and level it often! Use it as a harassing move...use it as a slowing move....use it as a scouting move....use it to block people off! This has so much utility its almost not even funny. Unfortunately its slowing becomes not nearly as helpful late game, but it can absolutely wreck in laning phase when you need that last few hits to get FB.
Shoop Da Whoop: High damage nuke....on a low cooldown. Early game, use it to pick off low health champions. Late game, use it to start and finish team fights. With such a short CD, you'll be amazed at how often you can use it....and get kills too. Just try to make sure that you don't KS too many ppl or else they can get just a tad angry at you.

Summoner Spells

Flash: Amazing to get away from 'oh ****' situations, and to proc your illumination to get the kill in early game. Also, can set you up for a light binding to start a gank. A must have for one of the squishier champions in the game (and no survivability in the build either doesn't exactly help things there :P).

Clairvoyance: What's a sniper without a spotter? Well, not very good. Sure it may seem real bad *** sniping someone in the fog of war. But when you miss, you feel kinda ******ed. That's where this bad boy comes in. Considering that its on a 40 second cooldown, and last for 10 of those seconds as well, you have a pretty dam good chance of having this up when you need to snipe someone. If you suspect that they're returning, and have low enough health, just get into position, pop this bad boy and fire away at those silly unsuspecting n00bs. This is also great to spot ganks before they happen, and see if they have baron/dragon. I used to think that this summoner spell was absolutely least until the first game I played with it on. I haven't gone back to any other since then when I play as Lux, also, teammates love you for it as well. Since it works for the good of all!

Early Game

Don't go may sound like fun, and even get you ahead, but honestly Lux excels when she can have someone in a lane with her to help get her started. I have found that when my friend plays Taric, he can spoon feed me the first few kills that get me into the 'legendary' status later in the game. Remember to proc your innate.... always (within reason of course!). You can always tell the difference between a good Lux and a 'meh' Lux by how she plays the first few spell casts. Your Illumination is surprisingly powerful at lower levels (even high levels too, but not as much unfortunately).

Well anyway, just go for kills as you can. I always enjoy throwing my Lucent Singularity (C4 is how I like to refer to it) and binding the enemy inside it (kinda like Morgana with her combo). You can then use this to proc your Illumination twice as you need it. You always wanna get the first AA off to get the binding's illumination, but you can wait to detonate the C4 if you have a friend in the lane who wants to attack them a bit longer while they're in the slow. Hopefully you can get some kills early game, this will help a lot later, but not the end of the world if you don't destroy.

The one thing I have to stress is to not die. Even if it means that you have to play more defensively than you want, dying is unacceptable (especially with all your spells to help you get out). Oh yes, and some of you may be asking why I go for the shield first instead of maxing out Light Binding.... well honestly, unless I am completely owning some face, I really like to have the shield for me and for allies. I have saved people countless times because I had that bad boy at a higher level than most people would.

At level 6 is when the enemy team should be a fearing your wrath. Usually, I've harassed an enemy down to medium health by now; this is exactly where we want to be. I generally like to go into mana preserve mode around level 5 1/4, since Ima spammin' my spells pretty hardcore till then. The mana preserve mode is to make sure you have enough MP as level 6 to get all your spells off no problem. Once you actually make six, or a tad before if you know the exp is coming, you strike! Between a LB, C4, AA procing Illumination, and a not stupid teammate, you should be able to get a kill pretty easy; you didn't get the kill you say? Well that's not hard to remedy, you have your Finales FunkelnShoop da Whoop to use! And please try not to miss...I always feel so stupid when I miss a kill that shoulda happened!

Mid Game

Maybe the best time for Lux in the average game. This is where you power up your Mejai's Soul StealerKill Stealer... sorry, Soul Stealer on the broken and shattered dreams of the enemy. Get kills, get assists, get whatever the hell you can get. If it means that you 'accidentally' get the kill when you bind the fleeing enemy with 15 health than so be it. If it's a choice between either a kill or not even an assist, take the kill (unless your carry reeeeeeealy needs it, but hey! If you're doing good then you're carry enough for now :P).

This is also a good time to farm some neutral creeps while you're just running around the map. Wraith camp is my personal favorite to kill. If I'm OP enough by now, I can 1-hit them all with just the C4, but otherwise, you'll usually be able to kill all the small guys with just the detonation, and the big guy with one proc of the illumination. You can use this to your advantage by dropping the C4, attacking the big wraith, and igniting it right as your attack animation reaches the big guy. Properly executed, you'll kill them all without them ever getting to attack back. You can use this same strategy to kill the wolf camp, although you will almost always have to put in one AA on each to kill them.

Don't be afraid to use your spells as it seems you need them, you think you can save a teammate with your shield.... well freakin' do it! And don't underestimate what a Lux can do when she goes into defense mode. Between a double bind, a slow, and a shield, if a team mate ever dies while you're on screen you better have had all your spells on cooldown, cuz you prolly coulda saved their ***! (Once again, this is within reason, a teammate 1v5ing is gonna die no matter what).

Now, one last thing section for mid. Blue Buff...should you get it? Hell yes you should! Can you get it alone before level 16 or so? Not a chance in hell if you want it to go quick at all. If you have someone willing to help you get it, then do it whenever you can. And what works even better is to have someone take it down to low health while you're still laning, or just running in that direction, and you can Shoop it from one of the lanes when you get close enough. Takes almost no time, but gets you a nice buff! And our good buddy the elixer of brilliance. With the latest patch, the elixer's were reduced in effectiveness, but also reduced in cost. This means now, more than ever you should be getting one of these whenever you return to base, make your purchases, and find yourself with some left over monies. They more than make up for themselves as you're doing extra damage, and they also give even more CDR over what you already have! And considering that they last for four minutes, I'm sure that you can more than make up for that small price to pay in the ensuing time. Just be sure to, if you are able to, keep it in your inventory till right before a fight so that you get the best use out of each and every one that you buy.

Late Game

By the end of mid game into the start of late game you should have gotten Rabadon's deathcap. The active is your secret ace in the hole that people won't be expecting. First off, I always have my 't' button as a secondary select for item slot 2. Think of it like another skill that you have. Early game, the 't' skill will use your hp pot, later on, just move that Z ring to your 2 slot and boom! (not true about rabadon's, but good to know for later with the hour glass) Instant invulnerability. Of course if you get into a situation where you need to use it, then something is terribly wrong and there's really not much to do for you, but sometimes it will be the thing that keeps you alive as they desperately try to focus you (you do still have those 20 stacks from earlier riiiiiight???????). I've survived some pretty hairy experiences with my little buddy turning me all golden, and learning to remember that its even there is your first goal. Took me so long to actually start using, but once you do it and it saves your life, you're a changed man.... er Lux.

But anyway, Late game and stuff.... basically you help with team fights, binding those who need bound, C4 the pants off of everyone that you can, and shielding like a boss! Usually by now, my Shoop isn't a 'pick fleeing people off' skill anymore. It's a 'watch TeemoTeemo go from full to 1/4 health in one shot at the beginning of the fight' skill. And please remember, Lux is a squishy squishy (especially with this build), so use your range and stay out of harms way whenever possible.

You won't get nearly as many kills with a play style like this, but you don't need 'em any more. This is the part of the game where you step back a bit, and let your teammates have some of the glory. Don't worry, people will remember what you did even it was a little earlier in the game.

Another thing that's gonna happen late game a lot...Baron. Honestly there's not a lot that you can do to help the team if you guys are taking it, I personally prefer to stand watch in the bush outside for the team to help give better warning if the enemy comes up. Now on the opposite side of this, is when the enemy is taking baron. You are an amazing scout with your C4 so don't be afraid to use it! Its a lot easier to scout if you have the top side base, but you can do it from bottom as well. You just need to be prepared to run like a little girl if they are actually in there and you come in from the bottom. Now, best case scenario, you come from the top, you see baron at semi low health, and then you just wait a few seconds....ignite the C4, drop your Shoop da Whoop into the middle of them, steal baron for your team, AND maybe get a kill or two. Its a game changer to be sure. But at the same time you can also easily die if one or more of them decide to flash over to you and nom down on the tender 13 year old flesh they find.

Also, if you ever get to the end of this build.... you're doing something wrong. The only times I have ever made it to get all these items we have lost. Why is this you might ask? Well because if you are allowed to get all this gold, you should have either absolutely destroyed the other team by then, or your team is so bad that your awesomeness is dragged into the muck with them, and all the AP in the world won't stop a team of fully maxed out tanks with banshee's.

Oh yeah, one last thing right now.... the Lich Bane is basically there because it's just fun to own *****es with basic attacks once you have enough AP AND have the Lich Bane. You aren't really gonna get to use it very much honestly, and it's really there so that you can eat enemy buildings if you can get to them.... a back dooring Lux? Unheard of I know, but if you are at the point that you actually have like 4 archangels, then you need to try something unorthodox!

Final Thoughts

I'm gonna add more to this later I suppose. figure out how to tell more about skills in a separate section, make things flashier, spell check and such. But honestly this is about what I got. Lux is not considered a 'nuke' under attributes, but if you play her like I do, then you'll end the game wondering why its not there. I finally just made it to level 30.... so ima gonna try her in some ranked and see if I can't make a name for her there. Who knows, maybe a FOtM is in her future (lol, yeah, that's not gonna happen actually, I may be okay at this game, but I'm nowhere near THAT good.... yet!) Also, big thanks to my man Scriptea (Adam) who helped with the formatting of the build after I had written it all.