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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Godamnanimal

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Godamnanimal

Fear the Sticks

Godamnanimal Last updated on November 4, 2014
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Fiddlesticks Build, Masteries, Runes, and Masteries

The build I use for fiddlesticks is fairly straight forward, zhonyas, and Deathcap are manditory no matter what, and the rest is just building around your own team, and the enemies. The runes I use the glyphs should all be ap, marks should be magic pen, quints ap, and the yellows can be armor, however I preffer to use 4 seals of ap just for the faster clear time early.

Items like void staff should not be bought blindly, check if their team has started building mr, if you see their mid laner, and top laner running a negatron cloak start building a void staff, because soon enough they will be rocking their banshees. and abyssal scepter is a bit of a risky buy. If you have an ap top, and an ap mid laner NO MATTER WHAT, you buy this item. But if you just have an ap mid, and hes doing bad dont buy it, you are the carry not the 0/8 mid laner, however if the mid laner is doing well you buy that ****.

if they aren't building mr yet, or you already have the void staff buy the dfg the active isn't too great, but fact of the matter is besides deathcap dfg gives you the most base ap, and since you already have a deathcap you end up with tons of damage ;)

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Early game

in the early game your clear time is ****, start your bottom buff, even if it red. Some of you might be confused by this, but starting your bottom buff gives you a better leash, since bot lane will stay longer, and is made up of 2 people. not to mention you can gank top for first blood earlier.

When you clear your first buff just auto once, then begin to drain (make sure you are tanking, and not the support) if you start red, immediately run to blue buff, when clearing blue auto one of the small minions crow it, and drain the big one. Once your drain has run out auto attack the smaller minions until your drain is back up, then drain the big golem. Why? because your drain is going to kill the big golem anyways, and the slowest part of fiddlesticks's clear is his downtime so you can speed it up by autoing the small golems, in between drains. Always go wolves instead of wraiths, you clear it so much faster and get out into the lanes earlier. When clearing wolves use the same strategy as buffs, auto and crow the small one, then drain the big one, autoing the small ones in the downtime between drains.

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Ganking pre 6

you can gank a lane at level two if necessary but it most likely wont result in a kill, I recommend waiting till level 3 when you have your fear, and double buffs. When ganking a lane pre 6 come in from these angles.

Top lane:
A: use this if the enemy is in the middle of the lane and make sure to fear him into your teammate, your combo when ganking should be q-auto-e-w you don't have to use the auto later in the game but since you have red buff its good to get the slow on the enemy, if you have find this too difficult to execute just q-e-w it works just as well.
B: use this ganking path if the enemy is pushed up near your turret.
C: Use this if you want to protect the turret (this will most likely not result in a kill.)

Mid lane:
A: use this path at your own risk, the enemy jungler can easily countergank with this path, but you have the highest chance to kill the enemy laner with this path, make sure you fear the enemy towards your teammate, and execute your combo for an almost guaranteed kill.
B: use this when the laner is pushed up rather far, this is better to use than path A if the enemy is pushed up close to your tower, because if you go for path A the enemy laner can just walk through river and get off scott free.
C: again this is referred to as the lane gank, and should only be used when attempting to save a turret, or setting up a kill with someone ganking from one of the other paths.

Bottom lane:
A: the loop-around gank only works if you are on the side that does not have the tri-bush but should be used when your enemy laners are halfway pushed into the laner, get your bot lane to initiate before running in, otherwise the support will engage upon you and **** you over.
B: The river gank (this is a bad one) the majority of the time this bush will be warded, no matter your elo. This bush is the one bush everyone remembers to ward, but can be used if you quickly run through it when your enemy laners are pushed up, ideal when your bot lane initiates, however they will most likely be low health at this point, and if you use your cc efficiently you can kill them both (by that I mean fear the support, and use a crow on the adc, if your lucky it will bounce between the two, then being draining the adc, if they have a support such as Leona, and the adc has a decent amount of health this will most likely not work, but its worth a shot.
C: again the lane gank, only use to save turrets, or set up a gank from a teammate.

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Ganking post 6

Once you obtain your ultimate you should immediately use it, don't gank another lane and say to yourself, I'm not gonna use my ult so i can save it for bot-lane or some **** like that, here are some paths to take.

Top Lane:
A: this is a beautiful spot to ult from, the yellow arrow signifies flash, its nearly impossible for the enemy to live if you execute this properly, once you used your ult flash immediately if you need to, then q-auto-e-w your opponent, again you can drop the auto if you cant execute this properly, and if you don't have red buff there's not much point to it.
B: this can work, but make sure you sweep the brush first so you don't get spotted.
C: Again this can work, but is very risky, they will have sight on you and most likely run away, just opt for path a if your in a situation where you need to ult that spot.

Mid Lane.
A: this is a good spot to ult from if you know that the river bush is warded, however I would recommend path B if its not warded.
B: This is the second best spot to ult from for mid lane, the reason fiddlesticks has a surprise party fiddlesticks skin is for this reason, your laner initiates, and the enemy thinks its a 1v1, then all of a sudden their health-bar is gone, and all they can hear is the sound of crows as they slowly drift off into heaven.
C/D: These are great for defending tier one turrets, and picking up 1, or 2 kills, make sure you stand there for at least .5 seconds so you know they don't have vision, and check how many minions they have to see if they will leave soon, fail to do so and you will have ulted for nothing.