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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Malzahar Build Guide by AkaFrost

AP Carry Feel the Void's power

AP Carry Feel the Void's power

Updated on February 18, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AkaFrost Build Guide By AkaFrost 10,650 Views 0 Comments
10,650 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AkaFrost Malzahar Build Guide By AkaFrost Updated on February 18, 2016
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Hello this is my first guide,and I'm making a guide about malzahar. I'm a malzahar main

Malzahar he uses Ability power/attack depend on ap or ad for his source of damage.For this guide I'll be talking about Ap. He's a champion that requires you to play smart and position well, but he is also rewarding if played correctly. He can burst down squishy with his massive damage and he's one of the best 1 vs 1 champions in the game and can turn the game around with his 3 second silence which is insane which makes him unique compared to other champions.
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Pros / Cons

-Has the power to solo dragon
-Able to steal dragon and baron with Q
-He can 1 vs 1 super well
-Has a 3 second silence Q OP also its range is nice for dragon and baron steals.
-Null zone W that hurts tanks and with Rylai nice tool to close the Gap or escape.
-Malefic Visions spreads and Works with DFT also can become a permaslow with Max cdr
-Great CC after rylai
-Can turn around team fights by hitting the right person with q
-great at helping killing baron and dragon thanks to voidlings and Null Zone
-Good tower defender
-Works well with Liandry and Rylai. Making every skill better with the ability of perma-Slow and Percent Damage.
-Nether Grasp can start a fight or grab anyone out of postion
-Really good damage early game - Late game
-Not so great at 1 vs 2
-Quick silver sash works on your e and ult
-Q is a skill shot so it can miss
-Null zone is easy to walk out of without Rylai
-No mobility
-A siting duck while using Ult screaming please attack me
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Skill Sequence

The reason why we max E first is because it's Malz best farming tool for mana and it's reliable damage with Deathfire touch.

Next we max out Q for it's instant damage and OP 3 second silence which is One of the longest silence in the game.

Max out R ult because it's ult

Lastly W the last thing we put skill points to for late game Health Percent damage. Mainly for tanks
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The items I listed above are to increase malzahar cool down reduction so he can spam his spells quicker in the heat of battle, also it gives him a good amount of health and mana without losing up too much ability power making him able to deal a good amount of damage and being able to tank sustain longer in battle. With Liandry and Rylai he can be used a Gap closer/escape.
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If a enemy tower dives you null zone and Malefic Vision and Ult. If it's 1 vs 2 just Land q on them and then go for the squishy and full combo them for at least a trade kill.

Starting with Q-call of the void use it three times at spawn so you can charge up for a voidling at the beginning of the game with a nice pet that does good damage and it can be used to gain poke and Duel at level 1.

If the enemy buys a Quick Silver Sash just ult someone else or just remember they spend gold on you. Remember ult still does damage if their in range even with qss.

Voidlings can be used to Proc Liandry and Rylai,also they can be used as a Gap closer.

Null Zone with Rylai is your escape skill thanks to it's 0 cast time which means they step on it and take a good chunk or they back off which is fine either way.

Use Call of the void to silence or for safe range damage on enemy champs use it mainly on mid or support since they have the biggest impact on team fights.

Malefic Vision Can spread which is neat and can land you some free kills

Voidlings can be meatshields to defend against certain skills.
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Malzahar is a good champion with some weaknesses,but still has a lot of strengths that make up for it.

Thanks for Reading my Guide on Malzahar.

Still updating this guide.
League of Legends Build Guide Author AkaFrost
AkaFrost Malzahar Guide
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Feel the Void's power

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