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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by spligga

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League of Legends Build Guide Author spligga

Fiddle Jungle Plat -EZPZ

spligga Last updated on November 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why Fiddle is the best jungle (secrets of the fiddle)

Fiddle jungle is based off a couple of things
1. his fear is powerful at any rank, any time.
a. it is great for ganks
b. if you have a feeder or they have a fed character, you can always fear them, (especially if its Zed, Jax, Nasus, Talon etc) usually putting them in a fatal situation.
c. When you wambo combo (i will explain later) you can fear the guy that would stun you, not allowing you to zhonya.

2. You will always be at full hp.
a. W heals you so much and so fast that you will never roam without full hp.
b. Do not attempt to gank without full hp; fiddle doesnt have much hp

3. Strongest ult in game, no doubt about it. ULT + QEW Zhonya = WAMBO COMBO
a.Fiddles ult will, by itself, get anyone to half hp or less; killing some people without having to cast any other spells on them.
b. Utility utility utility- Fiddle can ult through walls, which is what makes his ult so good. The little cast time can make u victim to a good leona or thresh, so you must beware where you cast it from. ALSO! when solo'ing a dragon, if the opposing team comes, you can use your ult as a free flash to get away through the wall.
c. ULT FLASH IS THE BEST COMBO IN THIS GAME -- if you ult from behind a wall and flash, fear, E, then drain for a small time before you zhonya, you can kill their adc or apc, and also get the rest of their team to approx 40%.
d. Fiddles ult is a great initiator, but while facing more than 2 enemies, they will crush you... so you must be prepared to zhonya before they do. ult zhonya will not get you anywhere. You MUST ult fear silence AT LEAST. If you can get a W off for some extra damage on your kill target you are golden.

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Any Jungle with a solid route is considered a NOOB
But Every jungler has a preferred path to start out with
Here is mine: 2 options
Their red>My blue>my red> wraiths>mid>wolves > new thing

The more common option
My blue > wolves (ignore the new thing)> Wraiths> red > golem > lanegank your side with golem on it > mid

GET YOUR SECOND BLUE, at 7:10 your second blue will spawn. Have a pink ward to make sure they don't see-- and go solo dragon-- The only time this really isnt an option is if both of your bot and mid lanes are super pushed in.. at this time, gank one first. Do not worry about the kill, worry about getting the lane pushed and getting someone to B at least.

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Fiddles Flaws

Fiddle has a few big flaws. These can ruin your early game, but the truth is, as long as you have FEAR and WAMBO COMBO, you can still have a huge impact on the game

1. Fiddle needs the CDR to clear stuff fast. So he has no MR early game and can get wiped out.

2. If a champion has many stuns like Udyr, fiddle isnt as powerful against them. Fiddle is super weak, but his W can make him destroy junglers like J4 (long cd on stun) and Lee sin (no stun till 6)

3. Not a big deal but fiddlesticks really sucks at pushing a lane. E is his only AOE, which doesnt do too much damage. It works for jungle packs because it bounces off of the 2-4 of them. This is something you moreso deal with rather than look out for.