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League of Legends Build Guide Author Obane

Fiddle - The Kountry Gentleman

Obane Last updated on April 4, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 3

Veteran's Scars

Defense: 21

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 6

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Alrighti, so at some point while searching through the crazy amount of champions on LoL, you stumbled upon this thing, the "Crazy Redneck Badass From Hell" but I like to call him Fiddlesticks. Fiddle sticks is a very strange champion to play, he can be played as support, a jungler, a perfect lane partner, or just an all out ganker!

The really cool part about Fiddlesticks is his ability to adapt and grow situationally, but not through items, or masteries or even runes... Just the way you use your abilities!

Oh and one more thing, if you are looking to jungle with Fiddle... try another guide please :)

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Pros / Cons

-Excellent in a team fight
-Decent initiator
-Can silence an entire team
-Able to withstand attack after attack because of drain
-Able to jungle, gank, lane, or even take mid

-Can be extremely squishy
-Not all that great 1v1
-Has issues jungling at really early summoner levels

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As for masteries, I went for the defensive masteries to prevent this squishy champion from dying, these added into account with make Fiddle very.. very difficult to kill.

I went 3 / 21 / 6... It might seem strange but it works... The offence adds to your Ability power, the points in Defense counter balance your squishiness, and last but not least we find our selves in the Utility tree, this is where you find your mana regen, your extra exp and your extra movement buff from ghost!

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- These help Fiddle tremendously, because they give you that extra bit of survivability.

- Again these just keep the survivability train rolling, with both the marks, and seals added together with your masteries, the squishtastic Fiddlesticks, isn't so squishy anymore!

- Ah the added bonus of cooldown reduction, these will also help you stay alive longer because you will be able to just spam drain when added in with your Quintessences of focus.

- Just as stated before these not only keep you alive longer but help to keep the enemy champions silenced longer allowing you and your team a longer time to just destroy them.

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Summoner Spells

Suggested Summoner Spells:

Teleport - This is Fiddle's way of whipping out most of a team late game. If you teleport near your allies, then right into the middle of your enemies you should drop a few of them in a matter of seconds, and the others become easy prey for your team.

Cleanse - Cleanse will SAVE YOUR BUTT many many times over!!! I can not tell you how important this is to have! I have explained how squishy he is... and cleanse can get you out of those stuns and slows fast enough to drain and run away, or even pop an ult!

Other Possible Options:

Flash - Flash is a really cool feature to have on Fiddle because you can use it a few different ways, you could use it defensively and run away like most, or a chase down tool, but I have a different way to use it. First have you ult ready, when you see an unsuspecting enemy champion in a lane, getting chased, run a bit ahead of him. Use flash to get ahead then smash him with your ult! And you have succeeded in one mean little gank :)

Smite - Smite is used only when jungling... so for this build STAY AWAY, but smite on Fiddlesticks can be a great way to snipe a blue or bed buff late game, even if your not jungling.

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Skill Sequence

Okay so now we get into the section where Fiddle really shines, his abilities!

- This is Fiddle's passive, all nearby enemy champions have their magic resistance reduced by 10, how is that fair!

- Welcome to Fiddle's Q, this move fears the target causing them to run around in random directions for 3 second's when maxed... Now let's think for a second... a silence.. can't that stop nunu's ult?! Why yes it can!! I've made people waste their ultimates countless times!! You can even get lucky and have them run right under your turret, or into a gank!!

- This is his W ability, this will probably be one of the moves you use to save your ***, or drop theirs. Drains 160 (+40% of Ability Power) life from the target and give it to Fiddlesticks lasts 6 seconds. So first off, this is a channel, normally they can be annoying and easily stopped, however this is where this move gets interesting, if you do it at the right time... they wont really have a chance, when you go steal close to a thousand life in six seconds, and they are at like 500... they wont last long.

- Ah now we find Fiddles, silence, this move shoots a crow at a target, and bounces around between all nearby enemies, it deals 100 damage (+35% of Ability Power) and silences all enemies hit for 1.2 seconds... yet another move that can cancel out an ult!

- It's about time... now we hit Fiddlestick's ultimate... and oh... my god... is it a monster! Basically you teleport to the selected location within its reach and the teleport takes 2 seconds to channel, then shoot out a massive aura of crows that tear people to shreds.. I'd like to see a squishy like Ashe survive this. When maxed it deals 350 (+35% of Ability Power) magic damage each second to all enemies within the aura. It lasts for 5 seconds... and thats more than enough time to drop a team of half dead enemy champions!

Personally I would suggest , then maybe a , with an added while you wait for drain and dark wind to recharge... then just rinse and repeat! Oh and if you see a random squishy out alone... initiate them with a bang other wise known as then immediately follow the above sequence, just watch how fast they fall...

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Early Game

When it comes to early game in the match, i would suggest that you find a lane partner that is either ranged, or a tank, the pure AD dps doesn't really tie in very well with Fiddle at this point...

One thing I cannot stress enough... YOU ARE EXTREMELY SQUISHY AT THIS POINT!!! Please play Fiddle supportively... use your at the right time to allow for proper gank moments to occur.

Near the end of early game you should have a few assists and if played properly maybe even a kill... but try and aim for no deaths... if you play the support role properly and conserve mana you shouldn't need to die...

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Mid Game

By this point you should be close to getting if you don't already have it..

At this point in the game you should still play support, but now that you have your hands on your ult you can begin solo ganking.

Something important to remember... NEVER GANK MORE THAN ONE PERSON WHEN YOU ARE ALONE!! You will die... it's just gonna happen because of how squishy you are...

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Late Game

Welcome to Fiddle's play ground... At this point you should be almost done your build, maybe you only need 2 things left, depends on how good you've been doing until this point. This is the point in the game where you should be ganking with your ENTIRE team... if you see a big ol' hoe down starting in mid, jump in there with teleport... and smash them with ONLY if there are people that can instantly jump in to protect you.

Once your build is completely finished ... finding on person alone is just unfair... for them lol. By this point you should love Fiddle you can drop a little caster half way through you ult... he almost becomes unfair, you dont even need to play support, you can just gank away but avoid going after two of them unless your ABSOLUTELY sure you can make it out alive... *COUGH* *COUGH* :p

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So that's pretty much how I play Fiddlesticks, the Crazy Badass Redneck From Hell :)

He becomes A LOT of fun once you get the runes and masteries you need, just remember one thing... try to avoid tower dives... he really, really fails at them lol...

I do hope that this build works out well for some of you, as I use this build more, I'll post some videos in the near future :)

Good luck, and have fun tearing your enemies to shreds!!!! >:D

OH! and don't forget to comment and vote :)