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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by leppycon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author leppycon

Fiddlesticks - The Life Steal Master

leppycon Last updated on January 26, 2012
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Last updated v1.0.0.120 Tue, 2011-06-21

Welcome to the best fiddlesticks build on Mobafire. I decided to make this build after the latest update to League of Legends wherein can now increase regeneration through lifesteal and spellvamp by 15% instead of just regeneration and healing. I noticed the highest build didnt include this so i went about to correct that business and here we are. Well on to the explanations until i read 5000 characters hehehe..

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Since fiddlesticks abilities only use 50% or 45% of ability power spell penetration is a necessity.

Fiddlesticks's spells can be quite expensive at times. Often having to return to base for lack of mana even at late game. These runes help to counter that and keep you out in the action longer.

The real magic behind fiddlesticks is being able to control the battle. Without your spells you have no control so Cooldown reduction is an important part of this build.

Once again magic penetration is much more important then Ability Power.

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The masteries I've chose are 9 from Offense to make sure you get the 15% spell penetration bonus and the 3% Cooldown reduction and 21 from Utility to gather an additional 6% Cooldown reduction as well as all the other benefits gathered from the Utility branch.

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Alright the best part. So i played a good few games with fiddlesticks trying out different ways to make the builds and what i realized is that is without doubt the best early game item for Fiddlesticks.

Giving an extra 250 hp, 30 Magic Resistance, 10% Cooldown reduction and the 15% healing increase Spirit Visage makes fiddles sticks one tough hero to kill early on in a 1 on 1 fight. Make sure you always keep an eye out for early ganks though, those can still get cha :p

Spell penetration is Win. Pure and simple.

As well as giving everyone around you a boost to Ability power and a whopping +25% spell vamp Will of the Ancients can be stacked if another player on your team buys the item as well. The items effects can only be stacked twice (up to 50% spell vamp and +60 Ability Power) and this stacking effect only functions for holders of the item but considering these effects with your drain ability and you've got quite an unbeatable force on your hands. With one Will of the ancients and a spirit visage Fiddlesticks's Drain ability heals a whopping 120.75% of the damage delt [Calculated thusly(.8)(1.15 spirit visage)+(.25)(1.15 spirit visage) thanks goes to crispyscraps for that equation]. If you have another player with a Will of the Ancients in range that healing effect is increased yet again to 145% drain damage. With all the Cooldown reduction this build offers you should be able to survive till there's no more mana left in the world.

Ability Power, Mana Regeneration, and a whopping 20% cooldown reduction. Time to use Crowstorm for every fight.

Ability Power, Magic Resistance and a Unique aura that reduces the magic resistance of enemy champions by 20. Pure win for fiddlesticks whom's passive already lowers nearby enemy champion Magic Resistance by 10. With abyssal scepter that's now 30! Enemy spell casters are looking ever more like their ripe for the picking : D

To top it all off i like to use a Rabadon's Deathcap cause if you weren't winning before you certainly are now. giving an extra 200+ap you can immediately see an increase of 100+ damage in your spells. I considered Void staff instead for a long time because of the 40% spell penetration but upon closer inspection i realized this bonus is calculated before magic resistance reduction and would only be useful for very heavy Magic resistant hero's. Definitively not as widely useful as Rabadon's Deathcap.

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Skill Sequence

Try to keep your skill sequencing even throughout the game. Never having one skill more then one or two levels higher then any other. At first level start with Dark Wind because of its pure ownage in early game fights (especially if you can get two enemy champions to stand side by side away from the creeps. BAM!) Next get Drain and then follow up with Terrify . After you have every ability start this sequence over again. Only this time, start with Drain, then Dark Wind and finally Terrify. Hope this helps :D

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Pros / Cons


  • Great 1 on 1 character. Early or late game.
  • Low cooldowns helps keep you draining even if you get interrupted.
  • Great hero for getting assists with Crowstorm.
  • Great laner. Can survive for as long as your mana lasts.
  • Great ganker. Covers the distance to any hero and keeps them there.
  • Great for tanking dragon or baron.
  • Amazing crowd control for getting away, saving a champions life or killing a champion!


  • Not alot of mana so sometimes you have to be careful how your spending it. Get blue buff!!!
  • Crowstorm takes awhile to charge so you have to make sure your out of sight when you start casting.
  • Sometimes Crowstorm can put you right in the middle of a team fight. Sometimes that costs you your life.
  • Sometimes slow at jungling.
  • Not a good farmer! Dark Wind only hits 5 targets and using Crowstorm to farm is overkill. Need to be good at last hitting!

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Team Work


The really important thing to being a successful fiddlesticks is knowing your team and knowing your enemy. A lot of fiddlesticks's moves can be interrupted if your not careful. Make sure to allow your team to use their stuns before you fear an enemy because their stun will render your fear mute. Also watch out for heroes on their team that have stuns or crowd control and make sure to fear them first, buying your team those precious extra seconds it needs to triumph in a team fight.


Consider drain your life line, but never enter into a team fight with low health hoping to heal yourself up on another champion. They always take notice when you suck the life out of them and are almost never happy about it. The only exception to this is during a 1 on 1 fight, and you have Terrify on cooldown. Be ready to run however because when team mates see a fight go down they tend to run straight at you, and fiddlesticks and take awhile to bring heroes down.

Dark Wind

Great early game trails off a little late game. Always make sure to use this spell as soon as possible and as often as possible. The second stun that this spell offers is great right in the middle of team fights. Alot of hero's depend on their abilities to survive and to kill.


This is your main initiation and best team fighting spell in your arsenal. Always enter into a team fight with this move if you can and try to aim for the squishy hero's hiding in the back. This spell in combination with flash is an excellent way to close the distance to any position on the map. After getting to the position you want quickly cast Dark Wind, Terrify the main damage source and then Drain someone with a goodly amount of health to fully utilize the 5 seconds of Drain. A lot of times people make the mistake of being greedy and cast Drain on low health champions for the quick kill. These champions will melt away and die inside your Crowstorm so using drain on them are a waste of time and will often get you killed. Drain someone with lots of health to make sure you still have lots of health after the initial scare and initial focus your bound to attract.