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Fiora Build Guide by Addyhime

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Addyhime

Fiora, Queen of Balestra (AS/AD)

Addyhime Last updated on March 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Hello MOBAFIRE~! My name is Addyhime, but I am known more informally as Addy. This is my first guide for any game, much less League of Legends, but when Fiora came out I felt the need to create one. This sexy new champion from the House Laurent is a fencer, and I wanted to play on her innate strengths; she deserves to be great, not simply another mediocre solo-top. That is why this build focuses mainly on attack speed and lifesteal, with attack damage in the tertiary position.

I hope you enjoy my guide! Constructive criticism is always welcome, because my goal is to make this the very best it can be. When I incorporate information from a comment into my guide, you can bet that I'll be giving the member a +Rep and a mention in my credits section.

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The best way to summarize my version of Fiora is to point you in the direction of a fencer: they are agile, intelligent, and deadly. One reason many players will be turned off by this is because it will take strategy to win a fight instead of the normal rush in, beat up, rush out. She is NOT a tank, and formatting her in an attempt to achieve that would not allow one to take advantage of her speed. Think of this as a game of chess; always be several steps ahead of your opponent!


+ High attack speed.

+ Great burst damage.

+ Passive allows quick health regeneration, especially when hitting minions.

+ Quick lane and turret pushing after attaining mid to high levels.

+ Jungling after max Burst of Speed is a cinch.
_______ _______

- Extremely focused, ultimate aside.

- Stuns can easily shut her down.

- Squishy, less so during late game.

- Farming is required.

- Requires thought; no facerolling skills!

Please note that my statements are based on this build and its inserts: core items, masteries, and runes. Other builds differ in these areas, so if you're looking for something more suited to you, check them out!

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21 / 9 / 0


Fiora is a full-fledged and respectable melee character; for that reason, her masteries are pretty cut-and-dry. The 21 points invested in the Offensive tree (shown above) are to enhance her speed and damage output and are not optional. Chances are they will remain the same with every build you look at, with one exception: Lethality . This is based upon critical hits and SHOULD NOT be chosen for this champion if efficiency is your goal. Why?Her ultimate does not crit. The 30% critical chance given by Phantom Dancer, when combined with basic attacks and Burst of Speed should be formidable enough.

Whether to invest in the Defensive tree or Utility tree is a matter of choice, though. For this build I recommend putting the remaining 9 points into Defense, since Fiora is naturally squishy and you'll need to get up close and personal to attack, even when using Blade Waltz.

Possible Alternatives
__ SUMMONER'S RESOLVE: The only reason Fiora would need this is if you feel the need to use Cleanse. The spell itself is wonderful without the mastery. I can't actually see how it would be better to trade off a point in the ones I have listed for 1 additional second with Cleanse, but it is an option.

__ DURABILITY: When I was making my guide, it was a toss up between Durability and Vigor . Fiora focuses on health regen quite a bit, so that was the obvious choice. I believe that putting 3 points in either of these pretty much evens out to about the same thing, so it's a matter of personal choice.

__ SUMMONER'S INSIGHT: A decent mastery to use a point on if you use Flash or Teleport. The obvious choice may be to take the point out of Summoner's Wrath , but I do not recommend it. That extra is needed to fulfill the prerequisite for Executioner . Instead, take a point from Vigor or Durability , depending on your individual choices regarding that matter.

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Coming soon.

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__ More or less the fail safe for all champions. It allows you to quickly move toward your opponent to let loose your flurry of attacks, saving you from the dreadful cooldown associated with Lunge when using it close distances. It will let you jump over walls to get away from a dangerous situation. Beginners should avoid this spell and stick with ghost until they have more experience, since aim and precision are necessary.

__ Fiora is a champion that requires mobility, first and foremost. This spell will allow her not only to chase down enemies and pick them off with auto-attacks when her abilities are on cooldown, but also to escape potentially hazardous situations. The benefit of Ghost here is that, should you find an ally coming to your aid or see that you actually can kill the enemy, it's possible to turn around with ghost and utilize it in the first way. Of course, if you have enough skill to do all this with Flash, use it instead.

__ There is no denying that Fiora is a squishy champion, which may become a problem when 1v1ing champions. I recommend Exhaust as one of the two spells to use because it can make or break a fight. Using it on an enemy before you begin your assault (or even in the middle of it) will make them hit softer, allowing you to do more damage ... oh, and do I even need to mention her lifesteal prowess? Combine this with a strong mastery of chaining her abilities and you'll win every time!


__ Fiora's main counter is anyone who has a strong CC, especially stun. She is especially susceptible when Flashing or Lunge]ing to initiate a fight, when the enemy has the chance to stop you dead in your tracks. To counter them, simply [[Cleanse the CC and fire away with your combos! The only time it might not be necessary to do this is when you are silenced, since she will still be able to hit hard with her auto-attacks.

__ More effective early and mid game than late game, especially if you know how to combine Ghost/ Flash and Fiora's abilities. Casting this on an enemy with low health may help you get the kill if you cannot catch up to them when they're running. Likewise, casting it on them at the start of a fight will help negate some of their lifesteal or natural healing abilities. In all, it can be useful, but it's very situational.

__ Teleport is a very team-friendly summoner spell; I would almost go so far as to call it supportive. This spell will allow you to return to your lane quickly when solo top, but it will also let you move to different areas of the map if a teammate needs help with a lane. Moving to a team fight with this acceptable but not recommended. Moving through the jungle and ganking at the right time with Blade Waltz is effective, although some teammates may get angry about accidental stolen kills.

Basically, any spell not listed above I would not recommend using. Beginners will obviously be more constrained with their choices and may not play as efficiently; in those cases, it is acceptable to use spells like Heal and Clarity. If you feel comfortable with one different from the above and it works for YOU, by all means use it! Likewise, if someone finds that a spell works better than I give it credit (or worse), feel free to notify me with your reasons.

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__ DUELIST (Passive): This is the bread-and-butter of Fiora's lifesteal abilities. Every time you hit a minion, turret, creep, or champion it will be activated, regenerating a certain amount of health over time. At LVL 18, this means you can get back a total of 25 HP. It may not sound like a lot in theory, but even early game it can be the difference between staying in your lane or going back to base.

Tips and Comments
  • When you hit a minion, tower, or creep, it actives. However, it will not stack and with each hit refreshes. If you're lacking health, feels free to hit a minion, walk away to regen the health for 6 seconds, and then hit it again (if it has not died) or another. It will waste time if done arbitrarily, so try to time this with last-hitting for gold farm.
  • When you hit an enemy champion, its effects stack up to four times! This means a maximum of 100 HP regen over time, giving you the chance to last longer in those 1v1 skirmishes.
  • When you have a decent amount of lifesteal (via Wriggle's Lantern and The Bloodthirster, or both) waiting will not be necessary. Pushing a mob of minions can take you from critical-range HP to nearly full in seconds, especially when combined with Burst of Speed.

__ LUNGE (Q): As its name implies, this move allows Fiora to close the gap between herself and the opponent, damaging them in the process. The attack itself is relatively weak in comparison to the potential of her basic attacks combined with Burst of Speed, but it has its own functions.

Tips and Comments
  • First and foremost, Lunge can be used to initiate a 1v1 fight (I don't recommend going 1v2 with Fiora unless you've been fed). After you close the distance and get the skill's initial damage, I recommend using Burst of Speed and auto-attacking, waiting as long as possible to use the second/free attack from this ability. This ensures max damage in a very Riven-like style.
  • If the enemy champion is already within distance of attack, the strategies change. Start to auto-attack and use Burst of Speed on them; they will probably be forced to run from the sudden burst of damage. Burst gives a bit of movement that should allow you to keep up with them, but when they do get out of range, pop off a quick Lunge to catch up, a second if necessary, and take 'em down! Rinse and repeat if they're tanky or beefy.
  • Watch out for CCs. I will repeat this: watch out for CCs. If you dive into a fight and get stunned or silenced, the enemy can end up doing more damage to you before you can respond. Or heck, it could even get you killed.

__ RIPOSTE (W): A skill with a delicious active and passive! At max level Fiora will have a decent extra 35 AD without any strings attached. Moreover, activating the skill will give you a pretty barrier that can not only block incoming basic attacks, but also damage the attacker for a certain percentage.

Tips and Comments
  • Always keep in mind that this 'shield' of sorts only works with basic attacks, not abilities! Also, even though it will block the damage from the attack, it will not block any on-hit effects that come with it.
  • There are two effective ways to use Riposte against an enemy. The first is to throw up the shield while attacking them so that you protect a bit of your health and damage them in the process. Very good against melee characters in close-combat, or anyone who relies more on basic attacks to deal damage.
  • The second way is more defensive than offensive. After using Burst of Speed to get its movement speed bonus (see below) and making a run for it, putting up Riposte can not only save you but will also do further damage to your opponent. This is very good against those with distance auto-attacks. Sometimes you'll find yourself with so low HP that one of their attacks can kill you, so parrying will give you enough time to get out of range.
  • While jungling for extra gold, I have noticed that a well-timed Riposte can reflect damage back on ALL of the creeps, assuming they attacked at the same time. If someone could confirm this, I would really appreciate it!

__ BURST OF SPEED (E): This skill is the most important to Fiora's high attack speed build. Even early game it could give you the ability to last-hit a few minions at a time or get a decent amount of damage on your opponent. Late game, with Phantom Dancer, Berserker's Greaves, Alacrity , and the two Greater Seal of Attack Speed it will push Fiora up to 2.5 AS, the max right now for the game.

Tips and Comments
  • Mid to late game, Burst of Speed is certainly spammable. The cooldown becomes relatively short and the mana consumption is negligible. Use this to push lanes by tearing through minion crowds or towers in seconds. Seriously, see how fast you take down a tower!
  • Burst of Speed's description is a bit tricky. It says it will give you an additional 120% (at max level) attack speed, but this is not true. It does not take 120% of your overall AS, but only the AS you've given yourself via items, etc.
  • It is pretty easy to overlook the movement speed buff one gets when landing basic attacks and lunges using Burst of Speed. 15% (at max level) for 3 seconds, stacking up to 3 times! Not only will it allow you to chase down champions if you land at least one hit on them, it can be used to escape from combat if you time your hit/run correctly. Combined with Riposte, it can save her lovely *** quite often.

__ BLADE WALTZ (R): The ultimate, always OP and always fun. In Fiora's case, this is even more true. When activated and used, she cannot be damaged. It can hit up to 5 times, with a maximum of 1000 BASE damage (that's not including bonus AD from items and the like!) to a single target when 1v1.

Tips and Comments
  • Although Blade Waltz is primarily powerful against a single opponent after widdling down their HP, it also can turn the tide during a team fight. Assuming the enemies' health is low enough, it's possible to gank them and destroy them all. Timing is key here, as it is with everything Fiora does.
  • Just as important as its effective damage is the fact that every single hit from Blade Waltz procs on-hit effects, such as lifesteal. It is possible to ult when you get low on health, take down the champion, and recover a sizable amount of HP in the process!
  • When using Blade Waltz, the final attack always returns to the first champion you used the skill on. I am not sure if the attack count goes down to 4 if you kill the first champion before the last hit. If someone could test that I would appreciate it!
  • Keep in mind that this ultimate DOES NOT crit!

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

Aside from always placing a high priority on each character's ultimate attack (R), my sequence of skills may not make much sense. Some would argue that maxing Lunge first for harassing ability is necessary; others believe that Riposte should take precedence because of the passive damage increase.

My Reasons for Prioritizing Burst of Speed:
  • This guide's purpose is to use Fiora's strengths to her advantage, and her biggest one is speed. When at max level, the cooldown is low and the speed is so high that it will do far more damage (given the correct timing) than those other two combined.
  • It helps with farming early on, which is essential to winning your lane and getting the items necessary to build her this way.
  • LVL 1 of Lunge and Riposte should be more than enough for early game. Lunge gives you a way to burst damage the enemy if you feel like it. LVL 1 Riposte will protect you from any auto-attacks (although it will counter with less damage) and can get you out of a tight spot when combined with Burst of Speed's movement buff.

Now, as always abilities are highly situational. I would recommend maxing Burst of Speed first in every situation, and it is always good to get one of each of them during champion levels 1 - 2 - 3. However, if the person opposing you in-lane is very aggressive, it may be beneficial to max Q for burst damage before maxing W for its protective powers and passive. Still, I believe my sequence will work well in most cases since there will not be too much 1v1 fighting in-lane during early game. Focus on winning it and farming, and I promise you'll do well.

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Coming soon.

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Coming soon.

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Coming soon.

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Coming soon.

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Excaerious: For the love and moral support, but mostly for his overwhelming knowledge of LoL. He's the one who taught me how to play, so I wouldn't be around to make this guide if it wasn't for him.

jhoijhoi: For her guide explaining how to make a good guide! The BBCode information was very informative, so if you're looking to write your first guide, check it out here.