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Fiora Build Guide by Lariena

Fiora - The Striking Menace

Fiora - The Striking Menace

Updated on September 20, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lariena Build Guide By Lariena 24,837 Views 9 Comments
24,837 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lariena Fiora Build Guide By Lariena Updated on September 20, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Fiora
  • LoL Champion: Fiora


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Cleanse



Welcome on My Fiora build.

With this build I try to give a fair attack damage value to Fiora, so that she can complete her carry role well and have her skills enchanced by those physical dam bonus. Survival is also an important matter, so I don't ignore her defense. I won't focus only on her DPS and physical damage value like you might see on some other builds.
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Pros / Cons

With this build you have... :

+ Good Physical Attack Damage bonus.
+ Anti-Tank
+ Decent Armor and Magic Resistence bonus.
+ Life leech.
+ Attack speed enchanced.
+ A ward (very useful to controle the map).
+ Jungle capacities.
+ Cleanse and her Ultimate can counter the focus she could attracked on her.

- No cooldown reduction.
- No Health bonus.
- No Mana bonus (This is a minor problem in her case).
- No strong escape mode (Flash, Ghost, Movement speed greater than the common one, etc)

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The purchase order above give you the order of the acquisition of the items for this Build.

I start with Cloth Armor to make her a bit more sturdy from the start. If you plan to jungle a lot, you can instead go for the Vampiric Scepter. However, the Cloth Armor will also lead you to get the Madred's Razors faster, so as a jungler you have two options available from the start.

After that, I get the Boots and instead of completing the item for the Mercury's Treads, I will go for the Wriggle's Lantern. The Lantern works very well on Fiora, giving her attack damage to boost her skills, some armor to make her more robust as a melee fighter and life leech to give her more lane presence and jungle capacities. For all these reasons, the Wriggle's Lantern should be completed quickly. Then you will complete this item before your full set of boots ( Mercury's Treads).

Once you get the famous Lantern, go for the [Mercury's Treads]] to secure your need to retreat or to move "faster" to help your team. I choose the Mercury's Treads on Fiora, because as a Melee Carry, she will attract lots of focus from the enemy. The Tenacity bonus on the boots will give her some tool to counter this extra love she get from ther adversaries. Add Cleanse and her Ulti (which make her untargetable for the duration of the ability) to that and you get a fine defense system, completed with Armor and Magic resistence bonus from other items.

After the Mercury's Treads I get the Pickaxe. I take this one before the attack speed bonus from the Recurve Bow because the Pickaxe physical damage bonus will boost your skills directly. After that, I get the Recurve Bow and I go forth to complete the recipe to buy the Mandred's Bloodrazor.

The Mandred's Bloodrazor add everything a Carry hero like Fiora wants : Substantial Physical damage bonus (+40), Attack speed, a bits of Armor and to complete the whole thing, more damage with the special ability of this item (which makes it very good against Fighters and Tanks, exactly the kind of opponents you will face off on the frontline).

I choose the Mandred's Bloodrazor first over The Bloodthrister, because the Bloodrazor have a set of bonus that complete Fiora in more aspects. Bloodthirster is very good, but will improved mostly her damage capacity, while also improving her Life leech capacity (which is a bit secondary for her, but still important because of her Passive skill and the presence of the Wriggle's Lantern in the build). I see The Bloodrazor as a specialization item. For this reason, it comes next in the Build order. Fiora's skills improved with Physical damage, so Bloodthirster will makes her skills to shine even more. It will also ensure that your role as a Carry remain prominent.

Once these two main damage dealer items are purchase, I improved the defense of Fiora. From the previous items we got, we have already some Armor (thanks to the Lantern and the Bloodrazor) and a bit of Magical Resistence with the Mercury's Treads. Since we have these two stats already cover, instead of specializing into Armor or Magical Resistence, I will get an item that will improve both. This item have an name : Guardian Angel.

If you face of a enemy team composed of heros who can deal mainly either Ability damage or Physical damage, then you can decided to get your defense specialized given the enemy team you face off. However, this situation is rather rare. Most team will have a mix of Magical and Physical damage dealer. For that reason and given the bonus you already got from the current items Build, the Guardian Angel is a better choice here.

Also, I find important to have both of these defensive stats improved on Fiora with items, because as a Melee character, she will be infront the battle facing a greater variety of situations and oppositions.

Finally, I complete the Build with the Last Whisper. This item will secure her Carry role in late game. It will also counter those who would stack Armor to counter your presence on the battle field. With the Last Whisper in hands, you are sure that your investment in the Bloodrazor and the Bloodthirster won't fade away.

If the enemy team don't seem to stack armor to counter you, I would recommend to get instead Maw of Malmortius. This item complete very well this build with more attack damages and improved defense with Magic resitence and a passive dam absorbtion shield.
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Summoner Spells

For the summoner spells, I go with Exhaust. Its a very good spell to shut down an hero in combat, to cut every retreat and, in some occasions, it can also slow down the enemy that chase you while to run for your life.

Beside Exhaust, I choose Cleanse. As a Melee carry, the enemy will focus on you a lot. They will try to shut you down with Exhaust, they might use Ignite on you to kill you. All this love will be washed away with Cleanse, also all debuff applied on you will have their time duration reduced. Given your role and place on the battlefield, Cleanse is a fair bet.

Cleanse also solve one way to counter Fiora, which consiste of casting Exhaust when you might launch your Ulti. With Cleanse in hand, you can counter this and deal your max damage with Blade Waltz.

These two choices however leave you with no strong escape mechanism. Instead of Cleanse, if you prefer, you can chose Flash or Ghost. They are very common and effective. It is certainly not a mistake to choose one of those spell.
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For the runes I got with Armor Penetration for Marks. Since the damage department is well covered with Wriggle's Lantern, Mandred's Bloodrazor and Bloodthirster, I choose Armor and Magical Resitence runes for Seal and Glyph. I personally prefer those that scale with levels, because I prefer to have dominance in mid and late game. I like very much to win those match that last forever and the Runes that have bonus per level are then effective for a greater time match lenght then those who will give you an edge for the first 6 or 10 levels. This preference is debatable, if you prefer those Runes with a fix bonus, just use them instead. I don't think this choice will require you to chose an entire different set of items then the one proposed on this Build.
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For the Mastery, I focus on the Offensive page, since I build up Fiora as a damage dealer. This will reinforce this specialization choice. Since you got a major defense item with the Guardian Angel. The Offensive page will allow you to stay dominant as a damage dealer compared to Fiora builds that will choose only Physical damage bonus items.

The secondary page will be the Defense one with 9 points.
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I hope you enjoyed this build.

Your constructive comments, recommendations and critics are welcome. I take also praises and flatteries = )

On needs and given your comments and critics, I will improve the build.

Have fun in game and respect the other players while playing.
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Build updates

[27-03-2012] Added Maw of Malmortius as alternative 6th item.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lariena
Lariena Fiora Guide
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Fiora - The Striking Menace

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