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Fiora Build Guide by Sorcier

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sorcier

Fiora: The Undead Reaper

Sorcier Last updated on June 2, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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About the runes

This is , to my liking, the best GENERAL rune build for fiora. Indeed , while the Marks , Seals and Quints boosts top lane efficiency harass and durability, the Magic Resist Glyphs lets her gank mid with less fear of lack of magic resist. It also protects her from Ap top champions (like teemo) a bit more, widening the already existing gap between her and full ap champions.

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About the summoner spells

Flash and ignite are a standard choice which can be change to flash and teleport if you want to do more teamplay and less solo laning. However picking ghost seems to me like a very useless pick. Why? Simply because you already have E (which boosts your movement speed too), Q (which can dive on minions) and flash (which can be used to escape but ALSO to close gaps when you have no other alternativ to finish off an enemy or to engage a sure kill when you are fed for exemple). Now if you can't get a kill with that, know you are a bruiser and you will most likely kill anyone in your path in less then 5 seconds even in a group, I don't think ghost will help you get the kill. Honestly if you can't chase someone with E A and flash, then don't even think about using ghost , having ignite would probably have killed him already as he wouldn't run away with full HP but with low HP.
As for the other spells like exaust and ect... you can take a ignite/exaust combo , but exaust can't stack with ignite and it pretty much replaces your flash which can help you chase or save your life. So exaust isn't as useful, so is the rest of the spells (I mean wth are you going to do with a bit of shielding or mana regen , your an AD bruiser, you pick your fights well, and at the right time, and you won't need shielding or mana regen )

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About the build:

Before you start going all crazy about the build let me just answer your worries first ^^. I know what most of you will say:
1- "OMG fiora is already quite squishy and the only defense item you take isn't even guardien angel to survive???"
2- "WTF why fantom danser ? She already has her E and Botrk!!"
3- "Why isn't ghost included in the 2 summoner spells?"
4- "Why not try play fiora more tanky?"
5- "Why take defense before fantom danser?"

OK so here are the answers to all those questions in one big explanation (please take the time to read i'll give you very detailed info):

Fiora , as you know is a bruiser, the more defense items you get, the less her awsome bruiser powers will be used. Now that doesn't mean you shouldn't at all take items for defense , and it is indeed true that you need both defense and magic resist. Therefor the guardien angel seems like a good choice. However, think of the times when you will be attacked by AP champs, there arn't many. Why? Simply because if you are a good fiora, you won't get stuned a lot of times ( about once evry match), and if you do get stunned a lot, it means you still need to learn how to use fiora properly because she is squishy indeed and croud control are her worst enemies. Therefor it is YOUR job as a fiora player to learn : when to engage (to avoid enemy CC and focus), and how to dodge CC. Now your going to say "well then why take defense in the first place?". If you are too squishy (like one hit killed) you won't have time to lifesteal or to do what you do best: dealing damage to the enemy team. Now dont get hasty and think we are stuck between the choice of not taking defense in general (because I showed you defense in general is useless), and having enough defense to survive. Indeed, what is useless isn't defense but magic resist, we still need defense against all other AD champions. If you focus all the AP champions first (which should be your job as fiora, to avoid getting killed), and then focus on AD champions, you won't need magic resist , but you will need defense. Therefor what you need is an item that can either slow enemy attack speed or/and give you a lot of armor to boost the gap between your enemy damage and your lifesteal. The Frozen Heart does exacly that as it reduces your cooldowns (meaning you will use your burst of speed E more often and your W to reduce damage taken), lowers enemy dps (15% attack speed reduction) and gives you tons of armor (+100). It is therefor the perfect item in terms of stats compared to the guardien angel.

Now I know you arn't convinced because you think guardien angel revives you and its ten times better then having better stats. Well I don't agree with you for this champions. I would generaly agree. However, think about it. As a bruiser your job is to deal damage, while taking almost none (thanks to your lifesteal for sustain or Critical strike for burst). Now lets take the special Fiora case: you are a bruiser (check), you are sustain type more then burst (check) and therefor use lifesteal , and you are squishy (while other bruisers have defensiv spells like tryndamere ulti or Kha Zix which gives invisibility). Therefor fiora is an exeption as a bruiser because she has almost NO defensiv spells (exept parry but honestly its nothing compared to invisibility or invincibility for a few sec). So fiora has this special philosophical play to her which is: kill or be killed. Now guardien angel CAN save you SOMETIMES , but will it really make a huge difference when most of the time if you die your team dies after (because they would have lost there main source of damage) , and you will end up being in the middle of enemy survivers and therefor die again and waste your guardien angel? Will it really help you when it gives you magic resist (which you don't need that much if you play fiora well) and a bit of armor (honestly 50 compared to 100 is nothing)? I believe it won't and that , as a fiora player, you should do your best to have the best KD and avoid dying at ALL TIMES. It might be something you do with evry champions, but honestly if a tank dies you won't care cause he would have done his job and even with a bad KD it doesn't mean he would play bad. However if you have a bad KD with fiora, it means two things: either you engage at the wrong time, or you arn't focusing the right enemy at the right time. So without having to use guardien angel (which doesn't garantee you a real chance of coming back and helping your team), it is way better to just increase your base durability and learn which champions to take out first with this durability (that doesn't have magic resist). Even if you die, you will have at least done your job as a bruiser and been more useful , then if you had died more quickly because you have less armor to just die again a few seconds later after Guardien Angel revival. So frozen heart is better then Guardien Angel and takes advantage of your bruiser stats and spells.

PS: Fnatic players don't use Guardian Angel on many characters either if you check out there builds on the official website. I believe it is for the reasons that I have stated.

Now I answered question number 1 and 4 (the hardest part to explain), so I'll move on to the easy remaining questions and answer them in one small swoop. During the late game, most of the players already have at least 3/4 items done and can burst you down easily after this point, getting a bit of armor , befor boosting your bruiser potential is a very good way of gaining durability to make yourself more useful by lasting a little bit longer. Notice that even the smallest extra seconds you stay alive are the only seconds you need to lifesteal your hp to max through the use of attack speed. Therefor BEFORE being able to use your attack speed , you need to have the time to use it , and thats why frozen heart should be bought before fantom danser. As for fantom danser as a last item pick: we already know guardien angel isn't THAT useful when you play fiora well, and durability is what you wanna aim for. Fantom danser, even though it seems like an attack type weapon, can also be seen from a defensiv point of view. You already have lifesteal, a bit of armor and a bit of attack speed , but the problem is that the attack speed you have before you take fantom danser, is only of 1.7 without your E (which means you are fast, but still have room to improve as the max is 2.5). As well as gaining attack speed, fantom danser also gives you a bit more burst as it allows you to do critical strikes (and you have to admit that can save you when you are low life as it stacks with lifesteal). It is also a great combo with your E as your dps increases and therefor the number of critical hits do too.