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Shyvana Build Guide by VeggieDealer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VeggieDealer

Fire Breathing *****

VeggieDealer Last updated on November 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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She's a beast. Probably the best thing about her is her speed. One of the biggest problems though is crowd control affects.

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She's a very offensive player and I choose to go 21/0/9 however you could go 9/21/0 if you wanted to play her tankier.

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Skill Sequence

You want to start with your ranged flame breath this will strip armor off of them and shock them to how much damage you do to them. Also good if you're facing a ranged opponent. Flame breath does a ton of damage so you want to level it first.

Honestly after you get to level 6-9 it doesn't matter which order you build your skills. It's mostly situational anyway. If you need to be running around ganking then get your W maxed. If you find you are clearing lanes a lot max W and E. If you are doing a lot of hand to hand max E and Q.

You then want your escape and initiate, Burnout. Getting this second will do a couple things it will allow you to be very mobile without getting boots and will keep melee champs from engaging you hand to hand because you're burning the **** out of them.

Basic combo skill order is W, E, Q. Sometimes you might want to go E, W, Q depending on if you have clear shot for your E or not.

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Try not to use the Burnout early to farm it will do area damage to minions but your minions will get a lot of kills. Try for last hits and use your Q.

The best way to use your Q is to hit and directly after hitting press Q it resets your attack so you can strike again right away.

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Filler text to get me to the character limit. Mainly I wanted to get my build out there. I'm hoping to add jungling to it soon and fill in the vague parts. I know i just put a bunch of CDR runes on there. This is mainly a personal preference. If you're used to attack damage casters then you can feel free to use their rune page you have set up.

Happy Summoning.

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