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Build Guide by Abounmie

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Abounmie

FireFlame Rumble

Abounmie Last updated on May 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Rumble The Fire Flame "I Say"
I like to keep him a little tanky, but I also love using ap items to keep his ap boosted up, later game but mostly keep him tanky for the early game and late game you can do some good damage.
"Note This is my first Build" Take it Easy on me.

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Masteries And Spells

For the Masteries i kept it tanky and also a little ap pen because I still think rumble is a good tank and damage output at the same time.

Ghost- Great for running and chasing the other team but I mostly use for chasing.

Exhaust- Great for chasing a person just slow them down and keep your fire going and you will kill them and plus you have ghost too so you will pretty much never lose touch of a person. Also great for slowing down a person and great for 1v1.

One more spell I use sometimes
Ignite is good for a little more damage output just in case a person can run away even tho you have exhaust just pop this out on them when they are low health and your good to go.

Clarity- Go ahead and use if u want to be a G and get no mana from it XD

Clairvoyance- You do not need this at all I mean seriously this is for your main support players to have

Rally- I have never used this and pretty sure i would not need all of it.

Flash- You can consider this if you want but i really do not think he needs this since ghost is much better in my opnion

Revive- You shouldn't Be dieing in the first part ahha

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I choose Health Runes- Just because I like having lots of health but mostly because to keep his survival rate up more.

Magic Pen runes- Well pretty much self it explains it self but for you guys that do not know it help you do your full amount of damage you need to do.

Ap Runes- These runes help rumble lots because personally i think hes need more ap to make his FireFlame "firespitter" do more damage and better 1v1.

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Skill Sequence

I Go for fire spitter first so for early game fights before even the minions spawn you can do tons of damage to other team and if you have a "good partner" pull off a good early kill.

Than i get shield so i can go in and out of minions kills and champions fight early game with a good amount of running speed and armor.

Than I get harpoon just to slow people down when they are trying to run and a good poke in the face once in a while.

"After the first three levels" you will than keep getting fire spitter for more damage input unless it does not let you get fire spitter you will get the shield for better defense. Than you upgrade your harpoon last because mostly i use them to poke and to chase down people.

Get ult when you can.
Use ult When a person is chasing you and if you have enough health try to keep them inside the fire and attack them."You will be surprise"

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Doran Shield- Use for having great defense early game Xd "You Will Sale this later"

Mercury thread- Less stuns and all that other bad stuff "Just Trust me"

"Edit"Sorcerers boots-Good magic pen for people that just want more damage

Force of nature- Great Magic res and Health Regen is nice Plus Great movement speed at That Xd

Sunfire cape - Just works great with Your Fire spitter

Abyssal Scepter- Great Magic Res and works great with fire spitter and great in team fights which
makes reduce magic res for the other team Ap Plus! Great slow item

Now These last items is up to you
zhonya's hourglass- Great item to have for the ap and its unique active to protect you

Void staff- Great Magic Pen and Ap

Will of the acients- I love this item for many reason it helps your teammates plus its work great with your flame spitter

Rabon Hat- You can get this too for even more damage output Xd

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Fighting lvl1- 5

Early game grab your Doran shield and instantly go to your lane and make sure your teammates is their too. Once that is done run in the first bush and get a few hits off of them with your fire and trust me this will work but also be aware if the other team has "heal". You can get a quick early kill for your teammates or even your self. But for a while it will be hard to farm because of the limit range of rumble agiasn't range people so just try to burn them all but if you are low health do not go in just wait til you hit lvl 3 and get harpoon and poke them to death with it. Also keep clicking w when you are going into a fight like for an example as soon you go in to burn minions click your w and than run back and do this constantly so you have a shield to go in with and back out with. The real fun starts when you hit lvl 6

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Fighting lvl 6- 10

Okay by now you should have boots and health potions if you want personally i do not get health potions but really doesn't matter. But now you are able to run back and ford easily in farming and attacking other champs in your lane. Now that you have your ult you can let a person think they can kill you and just easily run back and rape them. First off when you are low health and they have medium health you can kill them easily by letting them chase you and pop up your ult behind you and as soon you do this you run back with them with your shield and firespitter burning him and you will get a kill just trust me. But their are also other aspect that can affect this from happening. But try not to die now and try not to b back too early because you should farm enough to finish off force of nature and mercury thread at lvl 10.

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Fighting at the rest of the lvls

Now that you are level 10 and you have force of nature you have an increase movement and able to roam the place more better. Now do not be afraid of to go in and fight even tho you are a tank you do have a lot of damage capability to win 1v1 fights. Remember you must have a good partner enough to do a lot of damage or even a support that can help heal and stuns. Once you have Sunfire cape You can even kill mobs faster than you usually can and farm better and do much more damage to 1v1 fights and other team fights. Once you have your Scepter you can fight even better because of the reduce magic resistance they have with it and your firespitter will do much more damage and give you more defense. Once you have your Ryali scepter you can slow and help team fights better and chase other team for your teammates. Now usually your game never last this long for my rumble to get his last item but if it does you will usually wanna grab void staff or Rabon hat because of the extra damage.

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Pros / Cons

Great Tank
Great slower
Great at escaping
Great chaser
Good at getting the other team in their normal position

Hard to farm if you are not use to him
Cannot stun or taunt
Forgetting Heat meter
Jungle= fails Xd
Stuns and silenced = Greatest enemies

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Team Work

Early game Im always a little aggresive but also be smart enough not to go in without your teammate
People to lane with- Go with someone that has range "ashe" Or Someone that is good with damage output "Garen pretty good"
Usually you will have too much fun with flame spitter but be careful with people that have range in the other team because of you having to be near the minions to do some damage and get last hit you will have to have your teammate help you poke the other team.

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Unique Skills

No mana!!!
No Energy!!
NO health use!
Just worry about going to far in the meter but also if you get the hang of him you will find a way to keep his yellow bar up and from reaching the red bar.
O ya yellow bar= Moves have extra effect- such as fire spitter -Extra Damage Sheild- Extra speed Harpoon - Slows more

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Games Played

A few games playing with this build- Note I Am a tank with a good dmg output. I will be adding more soon Plus any game after my first set of games will be only ranked games

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One of the funnest champions to play and great tank and damage out put "early game" And little "late game" but enough to do damage Xd
Repeat use of shield when going back to turret if you have B. To go faster
Played a rank game with him and did great with early game kills and late game tank/support.

This is my first build Please go easy on me and let me know your suggestion on any other item you may think i should put. XD