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League of Legends Build Guide Author olo

First Blood Yi

olo Last updated on November 24, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Yi is a champion that has ridiculous power and speed to the point of absurdity if you can get him to that point successfully. However he has 2 major downsides that need to be addressed and not ignored like many builds do. The first downside is that he is terribly squishy. When I say squishy I mean he has less survivability than most casters while he is a melee. His other flaw is that he is very very weak early game. If Yi falls behind early game, he will stay there till late game, if your team lasts that long. If you balance out his cons and make it to the point where yi is magnificent, you will be absolutely reveling in the blood he spills as you cut down their entire team as they run back up the middle lane.

Yi is good at 3 things, and the absolute best at 2 of them:
He cuts buildings down faster than they do in Bleach.
Routing the enemy team
Killing the enemy teams more squishy killers

the following build gives a steady increase of speed,damage,crit,and armor pen. i feel high lifeleach isnt neccesary on yi. hes not a meant to stay there and fight them for a while,hes meant to dissapear people, or not engage them in the first place.

This item path will give you a CONSTANT increase in all things yi, there wont be a gap in damage with this plan as there are in so many builds:
1-first buy a doran blade and an hp potion.
2-buy a second doran blade and boots if you have the money
3-finish your berserker boots
4-buy the brutalizer
5-turn it into youmus ghostblade when you get the money
6-buy zeal
7-turn it into phantomdancer
8-buy bf sword
9-turn it into infinity edge.
10,sell dorans and get frozen mallet
11 get a bloodthirster

Early game is the MOST important part of the game for yi, even though he dominates lategame.

Okay, so let us get down to it. Yi has little hp, that needs to get adressed, and yi is even more fragile at the start. We want yi to be a beast right out of the cage, not a fast moving butterfly. instead of getting boots and an hp potion we go with doran blades and this gives you the chance to step into the fight with very good chances of winning. As soon as you get your gear, run to the bush and wait for someone to step in. DONT worry if it is a tank! tanks arent that heavy this early and you have a much stronger chance if you use the doran blade and wuju. you WILL surprise them with the fact that they just got overpowered by a champ that is suposed to be way squishy. you use wuju and bash them till they run off. you will let them run off unless they do something foolish. use your hp pot, and asuming you won the engagement, they are seriously injured and hanging out behind the creeps too close to their tower. let them push a bit, wuju, atack them, exhaust them,ignite them, and cut them in half and run off. If they have a way of getting hp back, i suggest waiting till you have alhpa strike at lvl 2 before doing the yi combo.

lvl 2-6 is all about getting the second doran, and berserker boots. the brutalizer will give you a very sizable damage boost this early and people will start dieing rather quickly. you want to have your ghostblade completed before they have their first expensive item completed. if you can do this successfully, things are downhill from here. I ALWAYS put ghostblade in the first item slot and press 1 when a fight is reaching that moment of they run or you run. Push the front side turrets if you can with e and r. run away as soon as a turret dies. regroup with your team and try to stay WITH them the vast majority of the game.

follow the item log as much as you can. This build mixes all the great things about yi. YI IS NOT MEANT TO BE BUILT AROUND LIFELEACH. I cry when i see builds that revolve around it. yi is a damagedealer, he doesnt need **** like that to stay in fights longer. he either wins hard or loses hard, and this all happens in that magical 2 second period.

for survability we have the 2 doran blades which we sell later. (replaced by mallet)
for movement/ ias we have berserker boots,phantom dancers,Highlander, and the youmu active
for damage we have youmus/wuju/infinity,mallet, and endgame bloodthirster
for crit we have phantom, youmus, and ie
for armor pen we have youmus
for slow we have exhaust and the mallet.