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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Squall Kicks

First build, Level 15

Squall Kicks Last updated on May 23, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is the build I'm currently using. It will get better as I level up more, so please don't point out the obvious flaws. Since I started using this build I've won about 20 games out of 25. You may have also noticed that I only have 4 finished items on the list. That's because I almost never get past that point before the match ends, heck I almost never even finish the Phantom Dancer. Whatever is built after that is mostly situational.

I mostly play Twisted Treeline, so if you have any handy tips to help me improve my game in Summoner's Rift, PLEASE COMMENT! :)

I must say this before I go any further. If there is any one rule for playing as Master Yi, it's this: Have as little downtime as possible! If Yi does not level up quickly, he will die. A lot.
The most important part of this build is working onMalady first. Malady's 15% lifesteal and 50%(!!!) attack speed increase will give you a tremendous edge on your opponents early in the game and will allow you to stay in the lane for a much longer time.
I start a match by getting theVampiric Scepter. I used to get boots first, but the scepter allows me to push much longer, especially considering Yi's already good speed and pathetic health pool. I can usually last long enough to get the 1.4k gold needed to finish Malady. Once you have that gold, Recall and GET MALADY!!! Unless someone else has racked up a large kill streak, this makes you the baddest mother on the block.
At this point, work on theBerserker's Greaves. Considering that I either already have Highlander as well as Ghost, Yi doesn't need any more speed than that.
Malady and Berserker's Greaves are the core of my play style. IMO they are "must haves" for Master Yii.

By this time I am at least level 6, so now that I've established my foundation, I like to play what I believe is called "solo-mid" aka GANKTIME! If you have not yet racked up an impressive number of kills, it's time to go help your buddies solve their champion issues. That being said, make sure you still kill as many minions as possible. It'd make no sense for you to go to all that trouble building Yi into a killing machine for someone else to just pass you up in levels and tear you down.

By this time you should still be one of the fastest heroes in the match, so why not hit harder? I mean, you get 15% of that back as health so I like to capitalize on that by working on theInfinity Edge next! I like to get thePickaxe before theB.F. Sword because it's cheaper and I want more damage NOW. Once the B.F. Sword is in your hands, it's easy to finish the Infinity Edge.

Usually by this time, my team's taken down at least two structures. It's now time to push hard and try to wrap it up before the enemy knows what hit them. Tip: Highlander + Wuju Style = fast turret kills. Take advantage of that!
Tip 2: Don't go it alone! Make sure you at least have some minions to distract the turret, or some friends with you if the other team's waiting.

You may have noticed I get one point in Meditate early on, however, I only do this if the enemy champions even provide a challenge. Otherwise I just work on Wuju Style. I do not underestimate the power of Meditate though, the tougher the competition, the more points I put in this early on.

My ability priority is Highlander, Wuju Style, Alpha Strike, Meditate.

More to come soon!

Thank You's:

Cloudex; for getting me into this game and being all-around awesome.
bluearia; for showing me how the pro's play.
Darkening; for writing a kick-*** guide on Master Yii in the LoL forums.
Belenzor (DEWO); for posting possibly the best Yii build on mobafire ever.