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Fizz Build Guide by Husoris

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Husoris

Fizz, the Phunky Phish(AP)

Husoris Last updated on June 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Centuries ago, an ancient water-dwelling race built a hidden city beneath a mountain in the sea. Though these creatures had their enemies, the city was an impenetrable fortress, and, in the safety it provided, they grew complacent. Fizz, however, harbored a curious spirit that could not be satisfied living so cushioned a life. Unable to resist the allure of danger, Fizz had a habit of sneaking out of the city to look for trouble. In his many adventures he grew to be a powerful fighter with a keen resourcefulness that let him skirt danger with clever ease. One day, Fizz returned to find the city abandoned: his people had vanished, leaving Fizz without a clue to explain their disappearance. With nothing left in the city to keep him, Fizz salvaged an enchanted trident from the ruins and set out alone.

For years, Fizz wandered the ocean, using the skills he'd learned during his adventures as a young boy to survive. Finally, Fizz discovered the port of Bilgewater. He was fascinated with the existence of life above the water and could not resist exploring the island. In his endless curiosity, Fizz inadverently meddled in the affairs of the humans who lived there and his presence did not go unnoticed. His mischief angered many residents who eventually sought to capture or kill him. Fizz found himself cornered, and he prepared to return to the sea despite the fondness he'd come to hold for Bilgewater. As he stood at the docks, a massive dragon-shark attacked the port. Fizz defeated the beast, using his resourcefulness and knowledge of the creatures' weaknesses to his advantage. Having earned the gratitude and respect of the humans, Fizz decided to stay in Bilgewater. He joined the League of Legends to further serve his new home.

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This is my first guide/build, and I hope you like it.

Fizz is a very versatile champion who is impossible to pin down, with the potential to dodge a killing blow from that sneaky Caitlyn ultimate, flip over a wall after a cheeky blue steal or just simply explode the enemy team in a fishy mess.

I play Fizz as an AP champion, due to all his abilities scaling with AP. I'm not going to go through AD or hybrid, because, frankly, it sucks.

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Pros / Cons

Can dodge abilities/attacks after they have been fired.
People underestimate the damage while on low health.
Can dive a tower, and escape leaving them dying to DoTs and dodging all the damage
Once fed, he is unstoppable

CC screws him, can't cast abilities
Can get zoned easily pre level 3.
If he doesn't snowball early, he can get stuck behind

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Summoner Spells

I take Ghost on Fizz, due to the lack of a need for Flash, as he has a potential of 3 gap closers, and taking Ghost can allow you to flip out and run off at high speeds :3

Flash is viable, but I think having 4 flashes is overkill.

Ignite because it works well with your Seastone Trident

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I take marks of Insight (Flat magic pen.) because I don't really build any in my guide, and it boosts your damage out put a fair bit.

I take Glyphs of Potency (Flat AP) because I don't get much AP until a bit later in the game, so this helps me to get first blood.

I take Quintessences of Potency to give Fizz a much bigger ability power at the start, allowing for an almost guaranteed First Blood

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I go heavily offensive due to Fizz being unable to pin down, so there is no need to any other way, in my opinion, I'm also taking those points in Utility for the mana regen, which I don't item until later game. If you don't spam you moves, or if you are laning with a Clarity user/Mana Manipulator, feel free to change the Utility to Defence and put two in MR two in Armour and 4 in health.

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Skill Sequence

Passive: Nimble Fighter
Allows you to walk through minions, allied or enemy, and take less damage from auto attacks. This means you can go through minions are not longer able to body block you, and being able to absorb more damage from auto attacks makes the minions do less damage, thus, you are able to stay in lane longer.

Q: Urchin Strike
You dive through the enemy, dealing any on hit effects. Works well with your passive from Seastone Trident, and the use from it as well. People get confused with this move, as when you use it the ability makes you go THROUGH the enemy. If you hover over the ability it shows the range, this is where you will end up, unless there is something in the way. I'm not sure if this can travel over walls yet, but I shall update when I find out.

W: Seastone Trident
Fizz's Trident causes rending wounds in his opponents, dealing magic damage to the target, based on missing health, on use increases the damage dealt by the auto attack and reduces healing done to the target by 50% This IS Fizz. It allows you to poke with a scary dot and watch the enemies die, you also can screw up people like Swain, or Alistar and reduce the healing they recieve.

E: Playful / Trickster
Fizz jumps onto his Trident becoming untargetable for the duration. After 0.75 seconds Fizz slams down, cause damage and slowing enemies in an area. If activated Fizz jumps off his trident and slams down, causing damage and slowing, but in a smaller area. For each of the uses of this spell it moves towards the mouse cursor. This is easily my favourite move for Fizz. It makes him impossible to pin down. I only really use the extra jump on Trickster to chase/escape, as with the extra size on the normal slam it can catch more enemies.
I take W first for the awesome passive so I can harass people better than they can me, maxing this as soon as I can.

R: Chum the Waters
Fizz throws a magical fish that attaches to enemies, and slows them, or hover on the floor. After 1.5 seconds a massive shark shoots up, knocking back enemies and dealing damage. The fish travels in a straight line which has a pretty big range, but, if you miss it is still possible for the enemies to get sharked. I love this ultimate, the amount of times I've been able to 1v1 some one when I'm on low health due to a combo of Shark and Playful making me untouchable is countless. The damage is on a 1:1 scale with your AP, so its pretty damn powerful.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Basically If you can upgrade R, do so, if not W, if not E, if not Q

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Ionian Boots of Lucidity - so I am able to spam my abilities more often. It's surprising the amount of damage you can do due to the cdr, or if enemies think you're weak as you just used your E and it comes back in 10 seconds without them knowing, you can sucker them into turret diving you.

Rod of Ages - obvious reasons; health, mana, ability power. Get this ASAP, so you can benefit from the passive.

Lich Bane - I know I said previously that hybrid sux, but, technically, this isn't hybrid as Fizz. Your Q acts lays down on hit effects! So, you Q some one, doing about 500-600 damage AND get a lich bane proc. on the target. Watch them drop.

Morello's Evil Tome - I choose this for the mixture of stats it gives, a chunk of AP, mana regen and CDR. once I get this, I start pwning.

Rabadon's Deathcap - I choose this for the armour pen it g- Yea. I think it's obvious. MAH-HOO-SIVE boost in AP, even more damage to eat the enemies.

This last item is open to your choice. I've only tried it once, but I got a Mejai's Soulstealer (I went 29/5/6 in this game) but I got it a bit late for the stacks to count for much. I sometimes will get a Rylai's Sceptre, if I seem to take alot of damage, or I'll get a void staff if they are getting magic resist. Bascially choose what you think will have the best benefit for that peticular game.

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Game Play

Early game I concentrate on harassing the enemies in my lane, and last hitting minions. If you harass the enemies you'll eventually whittle them down enough to jump on them and make the dead-ed, and due to Fizz's lack of farming capabilities relying on minion farm will leave him with little money.

Don't be afraid to tower dive after you get your E. You can run in, kill the enemy(s) and just E away.

I would try to get blue at this stage, unless some one else needs it more, for the extra CDR and mana regen. During mid game, you almost stop farming minions completely. Try to gank as much as possible, E in and slam down, slowing them activate your W and Q so you end up in the fastest path to the turret and hit them too death. If you need to, use your ult before your Q, and wait until the enemy has landed before Q'ing. Use ghost to chase people down, and Ignite to last hit, unless the enemy is an annoying champ like swain in a minion wave, then use the -50% heal from it on him, and gain the mastery bonus from ignite on CD.

Late game.

TEAMFIGHTS. This is where Fizz becomes fun, not that he wasn't before hand.

All I do as Fizz is focus the squishies. They go down a treat and turn a team fight into a slaughter, especially if it was the AD carry who just got Suishied. It's pretty much the same as mid game, except, I save my E for an escape; the enemy team will realise you just ate their AD carry and will want revenge.

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Bait people into tower diving you, let them hit you, then press E. Free kill for you.
Ult, wait until the shark pops, E onto them, W and Q....Dead enemy.
Use your Qs "through" element to confuse enemies by practically using flash in another direction, then use your E back once they get to where you were.
Use your E to dodge ults like Brand/Sona, to escape, slow and chase.

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Me Showing off

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That about sums up my guide, I hope this persuades you to play Fizz as best as I think possible. I'm not saying this is the best guide out there, but it's my opinion on how Fizz should be played.

Express any disagreements with my build in the comments, so I may correct them =]