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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Fizz Build Guide by monkymine64

AP Carry fizz the shark man

AP Carry fizz the shark man

Updated on December 6, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author monkymine64 Build Guide By monkymine64 1,951 Views 0 Comments
1,951 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author monkymine64 Fizz Build Guide By monkymine64 Updated on December 6, 2012
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this is a fizz guide for those who have been playing him before and knows his abilities. it is really hard to try this as first time fizz. you may be able to succeed first time but then you are probably level 30. follow the instructions right and you should deal at least 500 dmg with your Q, 400 dmg with your W, 600-700 dmg with your E and 1000 dmg with your ulti!
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the runes i choose is flat ap just for the dammage. you can change them but the dammage cap wont be as high. something you really wont need is magic penetration! thats something good in early game but in late game this will be a waste of money!
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these masteries gives some magic resist just for the early game defense. they give you all the ap you need and some attack speed and magic penetration for early game. attack speed is important for late game it will give you allot of auto attacks for your W to do the dammage you need.
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the items are the most troll and most dammage and even some tanky stuff. the rod of ages is important to start with. start with a heart crystal and build up for a cataclyst the protector and after that you will start with building ap and stuff. the rabadons deathcap is for the 30% ap bonus. then you will be like why do i need a guardian angel when you clearly said no magic resist? well its so that you can get the respawn buff for the troll. you can replace it with the banshee veil or lich bane but i recomend the respawn buff just so that you can see their rage when you block a penta like i did. the hourglass is for the realy high ap you get and the fact that you can activate it to block evrything for 2 seconds but you cannot move so dont use it in the wrong timing. note that you shoud place it in a great spot not like in the 6th spot that is hard to get to with your finger. well the last item, malady... as i said before you need the attack speed for your W to take dammage. you can build nashor's tooth too but i like malady more because of the low cost and high attack speed.
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Skill Sequence

the first skill upgraded is something you choose! i like to upgrade my Q for harras and farm. the E is not recommended because it takes 90 mana and you only have like 200 base mana at level 1. thats the important things about the skills and just a summary so you dont need to check mobafire every time you upgrade just upgrade your W to level 4 and your Q to level 3 then the rest upgrade your E and ulti.
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Summoner Spells

i know that there is a ghost spell and that fizz already have the half flash built in but i dont recommend ghost because fizz passive is that he already can run through minions and monsters without activating ghost and his E takes allot of mana early game he cannot go through all walls with hes E either. the ignite spell is important for this build just because you do putt a point in the "ignite gives 5 extra ap and ad" mastery. try to use ignite before attacking just for the extra ap.
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farming is really important. try to activate your W when attacking super minions or cannonball minions so that you can go through the minion wave fast and push forward really fast.
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Team Work

do not play 1v1 or solo top with this build just because you wont be anything without your team. try to use your ulti when the whole enemy team is squished together just to get that AoE dammage. use your E late in team fights to get allot of kills and maybe pick up a multi kill. activate your W in team fights after your ulti and use your Q to engage or chase them down.
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Unique Skills

this is the most unique skill with fizz. he can doge everything even kaethus ulti! when you use your E and you stand on your spear you will become untargetable just like with the hourglass. another skill is first blood! when you get to lvl 3 activate your W then engage with Q and when you are low on life jump up on your stick and land on them and finish them of with a Q then you win get 100% first blood if you do it right. NOTE if they have heal dont keep attacking them just run away and attempt to kill them later.
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Pros / Cons

Pros: you will be REALLY strong late game
you will never die unless your guardian angel is not up
it is impossible to even hit you when you got the hourglass and your E
low cooldown on ulti

Cons: its hard to hit with ulti
E got high cooldown

there are more pros than cons so thats a BIG con
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